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Mystery Of Love l Taekook FF  by Purple_drop3112
Mystery Of Love l Taekook FF by Purple_drop3112
For the last few months some gruesome murders are taking place in the city of Seoul.The stern officer Jeon Jungkook, has been asked to investigate the case. But what ha...
His Mistake  by luvvzay
His Mistake by ♡♡♡♡♡.
officer marq makes a mistake by sleeping with one of his inmates
LOVE OR REVENGE by aryasid
LOVE OR REVENGEby arya sid
Hi Guys, This is a story of an IPS officer named Vivek Menon and a Doctor named Gayathri Nair.For Vivek, it was a mere revenge against her. But for Gayathri, Vivek...
midnight fantasies by TheLibrariaan
midnight fantasiesby The Librarian
my fantasies, deep and dark. to be deleted again I'm sure. so much for freedom to write.
Pelli Pusthakam by sattvika98
Pelli Pusthakamby varsha
arranged Marriage is a magical bond where 2 unknown people are tied in a knot.Pelli pusthakam is a story about 2 people who are tied in a knot by their families.Both are...
Deputy Hutton by gypsyboy3426
Deputy Huttonby Skyler
Being the son of the sheriff puts a huge target on Liam's back. Innocent, shy, Liam Rawley is a victim of harassment by some of the older boys in town. It wouldn't be a...
Family: Always There For You 2 by kahaani191
Family: Always There For You 2by kahaani191
Second season of my story " Family: Always there for you"
Secrets Worth Killing For by AbbyRoseTyler
Secrets Worth Killing Forby a.r. tyler
While investigating the mysterious deaths of three girls in the remote town of Briarwood, Detective Evan O'Riley tries to solve a cold case of the town's serial killer f...
It's Called A Hustle {Diane X Mr.Wolf AU} by bigscarr12
It's Called A Hustle {Diane X Mr.W...by ₜₕₑ ₘₒₒₙₖₙᵢgₕₜ
Being a cop is hard, being the first fox cop is even harder. You see, ever since Diane was a kid, her dream was to make the world a better place, what better way to do t...
Report book by Baddy_2022
Report bookby Ms Karma❤️🖤~
For people who are disturbing the peace on Wattpad
Labarin mace da namiji masu bincike, binciko abinda yake a boye da kuma hukunta masu laifi. Zakuji cases da dama da yanda suke warwaresu....
...Comes From Some Other Beginnings End (Chris Evans A/U) by belleofmarvel
...Comes From Some Other Beginning...by belleofmarvel
Second Book to "Every New Beginning..." Opal finds herself back in Atlanta, following the request of Pop's Will. The question remains if Opal and Chris' s...
You Are My Saviour  by ladyli1987
You Are My Saviour by ladyli1987
"Please I don't want to sleep alone tonight! "You will never have to sleep alone again!" Chanyeol isn't normally the right police officer to handle stalki...
To Protect and To Serve by Fantasyandromance516
To Protect and To Serveby Fantasyandromance516
Natsu and Touka Dragneel seemingly have the perfect marriage but behind close doors Touka abuses Natsu but he's too ashamed to say anything and is fearful for the life o...
Rejected Male Reader x Marika Tachibana by Rugged_Noodle
Rejected Male Reader x Marika Tach...by Senpai Noodle
Rejection hurts. Especially if your name is Y/n L/n. He was a victim to this awful condition as his emotions spiraled down into nothing but an endless hole of hopeless...
Abaddon by Army4ever3112
Abaddonby just a random fan
She had been waiting for him since she could work, but the moment she saw him, she understood the man could vanish from her sight if she took a step further. But if she...
Endlessly Lit || Stranger Things Billy Hargrove Fanfiction by thepinkkitten16
Endlessly Lit || Stranger Things B...by Pink Kitty
Highest rankings- #2 in BoyPOV & #11 in BillyHargrove After what happened at the Byers house Billy realizes somethings about himself, Max, and overall life. Billy start...
Resident Evil: Raccoon City  by Lirix123
Resident Evil: Raccoon City by Lirix
Leon S. Kennedy is heading to Raccoon City for his first day when he ends up at a gas station filled with zombies. when he kills all of them he tries to knave he gets ta...
The Monastery Sequel: Escape To The Philippines by PigDog31
The Monastery Sequel: Escape To Th...by mooshroom
2 years after the murder of Brother Raja Theeravit and the kidnapping and rescuing of Mei-Ling Zhou, Somchai and Ping Ping Dantanavanawong had been vanquished and incarc...