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Forbidden Love | Jake Peralta by BailyJackson
Forbidden Love | Jake Peraltaby b a i l y
A relationship would never work out between a criminal and a cop, much less a hitwoman. However, when she finds herself helping out a precinct in exchange for a reduced...
Badass Luna by humanitis
Badass Lunaby Human
Elisabeth Walker, NYPD detective. Ryan Barnes, Alpha of the Red Steele Pack. Elisabeth never expected to run into a creature that was yet to be discovered when she too...
You Missed Your Chance by tala_S
You Missed Your Chanceby tala_S
Sara Overstreet wanted nothing more than Hayden's Love, but in high school nothing every turns out the way you want it to. What happens when they come face to face again...
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Cops & Robbers by lilvampirequeen00
Cops & Robbersby Reginee Sephus
Book THREE- The Lazzaratti Boys series Mariano Lazzaratti had to grow up fast. After his parents died in a car crash, ironic in his family's line of work, he had to tak...
MY LADY LOVE (Completed) by manumystery
MY LADY LOVE (Completed)by manumystery
love story of manan......a typical and unique ....come join me to explore it ......
A Team by rexsci
A Teamby rexsci
In which two officers who hate each other are assigned as partners. top tae bottom guk
Sukoon 2 by Angry_Bird_AM
Sukoon 2by Angry Bird
Khud hi padh lo
His obsession  by eommalol
His obsession by eommalol
Tae : I love you. kook : You.. You are sick and c-crazy! Tae : Oh Bun, So what if I'm crazy? The best people are! Kook : Huh? You are freaking i-insane, let me go! Tae...
Hermitcraft One-Shots by Phantom_Nightz
Hermitcraft One-Shotsby Phantom_Nightz
One shots that are mostly Grian angst. This is where I will post small stories, there will be warnings on 'chapters' that will require them.
Dope Boy Ambitions 2 by laila_duhh
Dope Boy Ambitions 2by Laila
The Henderson family is back! Through all the struggles will they still manage to be a perfect family? Will King and Monica put there differences aside and be together...
Protecting and Healing You by rachel_dulay
Protecting and Healing Youby rachel
{completed} On the one of the craziest nights in New York, a fire had taken place that afternoon, a riot at night and the hospital was overflowing. An arrogant, self cen...
LIGHT MY FIRE ━ EVAN BUCKLEY by villainobrien
LIGHT MY FIRE ━ EVAN BUCKLEYby ˗ˏˋ raven ˎˊ˗
❝c'mon baby light my fire.❞ ━━━ light my fire. book one | slow updates. ( season 1 - 2 ) ( oc x evan buckley ) ( extended summary inside )
Because of the Falling Rain (ManxBoy) by Lolaxwatt27
Because of the Falling Rain ( Lola Fried
Calen is bored and quite disappointed in life, the obstacles he took to become a cop wasn't really worth it when he thought about it. He just wanted to rebel against his...
Anchor - Christopher Herrmann [1] by Christoph3rH3rrmanz
Anchor - Christopher Herrmann [1]by BETH 🐍
Melissa Jordan is a third year resident at Chicago Med after a rough start in life believing her father had died only to learn he was a crooked cop in the Chicago PD she...
TOO ICY by Bretaughtyou
TOO ICYby SabreaMarie
Part 2 of 'Icy'. Follow Yuko, formerly known as Isis as she navigates her life with those in her past trying to bring her down. How long will she have to run from past...
Doctor for the Mafia [original] by aTouchOfRomance
Doctor for the Mafia [original]by A Touch Of Romance
~This is the original version of the story. Check out "The Mafia's Doctor" for the edited version. --- Kimberly Stratus was a doctor working at one of the bes...
Trained One ✓ by xsnickerss
Trained One ✓by J.S. Christine
[Melkin City Series book #2. Make sure to check the first one out before reading this one!] Three years after leaving Melkin, Lacey has been working to get her life back...
Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho (Part-2) by Kirtika202
Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho (Part-2)by Kirti
"I am pregnant Anu", Haseena spoke with little bead like tears in the corner of her eyes. The last few months of their life had been a tussle. It was definitel...
Bringing You Back✔ by Kirtika202
Bringing You Back✔by Kirti
(AnuSeena FanFic) Haseena is hurt after knowing Qayamat's truth, Karishma And Anubhav are trying to win back her trust. Anubhav Realizes and Accepts his feelings for Has...