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Crimson C.S.C & Y.J.H ✓ by cheolcherryhearteu
Crimson C.S.C & Y.J.H ✓by Cherry
"I think I like him." "Seungcheol,have you gone nuts?He's literally your cousin sister's fiancé." Choi Seungcheol is an accountant in Canada living o...
Son's of Gods by CherryCoups91
Son's of Godsby 🍒Dandy🍒
All the sons of the most famous greek gods team up, will they become friends or is luck not on their side
convenience store || kwon soonyoung ✔ by dinofedorawr
convenience store || kwon johan ¹⁷ jo / han
"sir, i won't hesitate to hit you with a carat bong!" a fangirl working in a convenience store because she's jobless lowercase intended
I rather choose for myself | Seungcheol x Reader by reminie_lilacs_bloom
I rather choose for myself | reminiscent.dreams
You didn't believe in the idea of destiny or fate. You wanted to believe it was your choice and yours alone to decide. The thoughts of soulmates and a soul mark just tro...
Quiet Romance || Xu Minghao by xutaytay
Quiet Romance || Xu Minghaoby XuTayTay
Taylor just got her heart broken and decided to move to Korea to live with her best friend. She didn't know that her best friend is working with one of the biggest boy...
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stranded // yoon jeonghan by simplyhyunjin
stranded // yoon jeonghanby mikayla <3
Twenty five students. One island. And of course, one dramatic love story. Started: February 6th, 2019 Ended: June 10, 2019 {achievements: #1 in pledis, #99 in joshua, #1...
I-Doll | Choi Seungcheol by PariWritesFfns
I-Doll | Choi Seungcheolby Pari
"We're both idols yet you look like a doll come to life and I, the child that desperately wants you." Lee Yuri has been composing B-side tracks for hit boy gro...
Lost & Found || Jeonghan  by xutaytay
Lost & Found || Jeonghan by XuTayTay
An unexpected encounter in Paris with a girl that caught his attention but.... Turns out she works at HYBE and doesn't remember Jeonghan. How's that possible? Their re...
number neighbor | junhao by yooheols
number neighbor | junhaoby shay !
"you're my number neighbor!" "what the fuck is that?" - in which junhui decides to texts his number neighbor.
'Maybe I'll Wait' || Seventeen Wonwoo by MinScarlet
'Maybe I'll Wait' || Seventeen Scarlet Lee
Choi MinJung, Jeon Wonwoo, Jang Yumi. Yes, the 10 years old fat ugly boy named Jeon Wonwoo loves the ever cutie girl named Jang Yumi. But she doesn't like him. More like...
harmony // lee jihoon x reader [FINISHED] by liahasgems
harmony // lee jihoon x reader [ gemma
Woozi is known as a genius composer but even he has times of weakness. And that's what happened after their new album 'Director's Cut' as released. Woozi spent more and...
Going Seventeen | 14th Member by going_teuha
Going Seventeen | 14th Memberby going_teuha
What if Seventeen has a female 14th member? A compilation of my favorite Seventeen episodes. As I recently just got to know them, will add other contents from my delulu...
Rhythm of Her Heart-Seventeen X Reader by junjoonjune
Rhythm of Her Heart-Seventeen X Cara🌸
#85 in jihoon #78 in dk Becoming a manager of 13 boys is already no easy task. But what to do when feelings start to evolve? Drama, love and crossovers?! 13 boys. 1 gir...
Lost and found by seventeen by badwithnames
Lost and found by seventeenby badwithnames
Ara is a nine year old who is traumatized after spending years with her parents. What happens m when she finds 13 boys to adopt her? Will she open up or will she shut do...
Raining Bullets And Roses YJH by multifandomhardships
Raining Bullets And Roses YJHby Wonton Soup- 17
24 year old Lee Dauen only meant to help an injured man when she patches up Choi Seungcheol on that one dark and stormy night. Little did she know that he was the mafia...
Vampire Brothers by foreverinfinite96
Vampire Brothersby Izzy_96
|| C O M P L E T E D || [NO TRANSLATIONS | NO REPOST IN ANY FORM WITHOUT PERMISSION] Kim Haneul was still a baby when a group of vampire adopted her. She grew up with th...
lee chan project ✔ by dinonaraz
lee chan project ✔by 💌
vernon introduces chan to his friends. things instantly go wrong from there. - started: 22.02.19 - completed: 22.04.21 #1 in Dino ; 22.03.04 #1 in Dokyeom ; 22.03.19 #3...
The Mafia's Mistake (Seventeen Mafia AU) by Zensho_Lu
The Mafia's Mistake (Seventeen Zensho
What happens when a mafia group makes a dreadful mistake where they accidentally confuse an innocent girl for someone trying to spy on their group. To deal with the supp...
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What Should I Do?|Seventeen| by swweetpeach_
What Should I Do?|Seventeen|by (´・ω・`)
Younghee who believes that she have been living with her real parents have finally know the truth, she wasn't their real daughter and she found out her own real father s...
Drink it || A Junhao Vampire Au by Whoskebin
Drink it || A Junhao Vampire Auby 𝑱𝒂𝒛♡︎
"...I believe he's the one"