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Suicide Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Story) by Loserfaceinlove
Suicide Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Jadey Rage
Shu gets more than he bargains for when he saves the life of a girl in his class who attempts to jump off the roof of their school. A strange relationship forms between...
Shiro: Yui's Step-sister by Zecha13
Shiro: Yui's Step-sisterby Zecha
➡Highest rank #248 in fanfiction (not updated) ➡Highest rank#2 in diabolik lovers (not updated) Shiro is adopted by Seiji Komori She is kind, thoughtful, and considerate...
Tori: The Better Bride by Zecha13
Tori: The Better Brideby Zecha
➡Highest rank #343 in fanfiction (not updated) ➡Highest rank #1 in Diabolik lovers (not updated) A woman named Tori, went with Yui to the Sakamaki mansion. There, they r...
Laito Has Friends? (DL X Reader!Various) by Lunathe_Wolf135
Laito Has Friends? (DL X Reader! Luna Moon
"I think were missing the point here...Laito can make friends?"
Lil' Sister (Sakamaki x Reader) by YufiSera
Lil' Sister (Sakamaki x Reader)by Yufina
You are the Sakamaki brothers' little sister, and I create short fluff scenarios between you and your brothers! Enjoy!
The New Girl (A Diabolik Lovers X reader) by Brixi99
The New Girl (A Diabolik Lovers Brixi.99.
(Y/n)(L/n) is anything but ordinary. She's the new girl at Ryoutei High school Academy who has a huge secret. (Y/n) is a Nephilim, the daughter of a fallen angel and a m...
Yui's Musical Sister. by Neko020105
Yui's Musical Neko020105
Yui's Sister AU. What if (like all Sister stories) Yui didn't come to the mansion alone? What if she has a sister who came along with her? What if that sister has a lot...
Shu's Love (Shu x reader) by Diabolik-Writer213
Shu's Love (Shu x reader)by Diabolik-writer
Falling for the eldest brother of a family of vampires is complicated, especially if he doesn't like you back.... or does he? When you find out he does, it puts you in a...
Diabolik Cats (diabolik lovers cast x oc) slight yandere  by Joanna09876543216
Diabolik Cats (diabolik lovers Joanna09876543216
As a punishment for letting a certain blond have the opportunity to run away and leave the country the diaboys are in for a rough ride, even more so when they find out t...
The Warm Kind Vampire Princess (Diabolik lovers x Vampire knight) by Kamaru_chan
The Warm Kind Vampire Princess ( Kamaru-Snow
People knows that the Kuran family only have 2 children, but they were wrong. The Kuran have two daughters or could I say twins. They show love and happiness towards the...
The Shy One (Second Book To The Quiet One) by Kp0p_K1ller
The Shy One (Second Book To The Kpop_Killer
After what happened between Yuki and Subaru, Yuki has been shutting everyone out and hiding herself from Society. What will happen when four handsome boys come across he...
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Free Rent (One Diabolik Punch) by codzzuken
Free Rent (One Diabolik Punch)by Mah_Burrito
(Diabolik Lovers x One Punch Man Crossover) Various! Diabolik Lovers x OPM! Reader "What do we have here? Plain-chan~?" "Tch, what are you staring at, Sho...
Albino Squad by TheBestRobin1
Albino Squadby Ultimate Memelord
Shu Kurenai has returned to Beigoma at age fifteen, after fighting through the Red Eye incident. Ever since taking up ownership of the Raging Bulls, he hasn't had a mome...
Diabolik Lovers - Mira Komori (Yui's Sister) by Miyako-san2521
Diabolik Lovers - Mira Komori ( Miyako-san
Mira Komori was no ordinary child ever since she was born, for she was gifted with having beauty, radiant power and sweet blood, which is more sweeter than Yui's. Ever...
Headphones | Shuu Sakamaki x Reader by -angstchild
Headphones | Shuu Sakamaki x Readerby 50
Waking up in the morning as usual, the sun is shining, music is playing through your headphones and the three complete strangers looming over you. Wait... What? Yes, tha...
Alexandra's Trip into Diabolik Lovers by AlexandraLeshae
Alexandra's Trip into Diabolik AlexandraLeshae
Alexandra had just finished Diabolik Lovers season two when she felt her eyes getting heavy. She fell fast asleep, and when she woke up...she was in a whole new world!
Diabolik Lovers x Reader by QueenOfDarkness8888
Diabolik Lovers x Readerby Queen Of Darkness
(Y/n) was a maid for the Sakamaki's for their whole childhood. Karlheinz found her and took her in and she became a maid. She became a maid for them at the age of 5. She...
Yui's Neko Sister  by uushipushi
Yui's Neko Sister by leeshawn0425
Kimiko Hisakawa, the adopted younger sister of Yui Komori. One day, her so called 'father', Seiji, had called Yui and Kimiko to his office. He told them that they'd hav...
A Century Since ♡~Shu Sakamaki~♡ by Travelling_Army_
A Century Since ♡~Shu Sakamaki~♡by Mo
It's been a century since his first and last encounter with the girl- the only girl he has ever taken much notice. Unfortunately, she had died from a tragic accident and...
My Lazy Partner (Shu X Oc)  by Rubi-Chan0679m
My Lazy Partner (Shu X Oc) by Rubi-Chan0679m
Coral Komori is Yui's adoptive sister. When I say they hate each other, it would be little. They can't hold each other. Yui is a slut while Coral is a girl that loves to...