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Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me! by Khushi_KK_20
Book Transmigration: I Wanted to KK
(Book 1) Synopsis Audrey woke up and found that she had transmigrated into a book. As a mediocre actress, Audrey was satisfied with her income. Even though her parents f...
Felicity: Fairytale Of A Villainess by peachesandpinks
Felicity: Fairytale Of A Villainessby Varsha (V)
Felicity woke up and found out that she had transmigerated in a novel as a villianess. The novel has a young and naive female lead who falls for an overbearing CEO, who...
Married To The Protagonist ✓ by maimaxima
Married To The Protagonist ✓by maxine
SYNOPSIS: "Let's get a divorce," Chen Jinyao said. She knew that she was only a supporting character in this novel world. The male lead only married her as a b...
The Devillish Mafia's Kept Woman by butterflyoreo
The Devillish Mafia's Kept Womanby Bubbles
Can you imagine just lying in the hospital bed waiting for death to welcome you to suddenly wake up to being a kept woman? Not just any kept woman, but for the mafia...
I'll Leave This Story Behind! by CrimsonThorn56
I'll Leave This Story Behind!by CrimsonThorn56
Lilith was just an average 30-year-old adult, living a normal day to day life before she died. Now she's reincarnated as an Omega in a R-18 Book, and if that wasn't bad...
THE TRUTH UNTOLD by __A_ssassin__
THE TRUTH UNTOLDby __A_ssassin__
" ......I think you did a mistake by ignoring the 'ruthless' mafia part, babygirl." A fateful reincarnation. Some unsolved mysteries The consequences of love. ...
Puffed-up after Giving Birth to a Wealthy Man's Heir ( Rebirth ) by kimrokso_o
Puffed-up after Giving Birth to ally
COMPLETED EDITED MTL Author: Tangerine Boat Status: Completed ( 94 Chapters + 1 Extra ) Raw Link: DESCRIPTIO...
Substitute and White Moonlight Ditto Divorce Variety Show [MTL] by LunarBunnee
Substitute and White Moonlight LunarBunnee
UNEDITED MTL Title : 替身和白月光同上离婚综艺 Author : 小山亭 After Qiao Dai woke up one day, she found that she was actually a dog-blooded cannon fodder 18th line actress of ten years...
Just a Cannon Fodder by gelainess
Just a Cannon Fodderby 🪦rip🪦
Moriana Allisson. A female side character who loves to befriend and follow the heroine wherever she goes enough to die for her sake. She simply took the sword in the he...
Quick Transmigration Female Lead Counterattack(Book 1) by seirrasoffy
Quick Transmigration Female Lead seirra soffy
This is the beginning of QUick transmigration female lead counterattack. I am translating it since many people request me. But don't be mad if every world was too short...
I'm Pregnant With a Wealthy Old Man's Child by Kessho_Yuki
I'm Pregnant With a Wealthy Old Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Original title : 怀上豪门老男人的孩子[穿书] Author : Sweet And Greasy Millet Porridge When he woke up, Zu Qi miraculously found himself transmigrated into a strange novel...
The VILLAIN's online Lover by VictoricVal
The VILLAIN's online Loverby VictoricVal
Titania was a transmigrator. Well... to be more precise, she was cannon fodder transmigrator. She was sucked inside the novel called 'The crimson Hero of the West', and...
The Original Heroine of "70s Cannon Fodder" Is Reborn by jeffelyncosme
The Original Heroine of "70s jeffelynC
Not My Story. an MTL. For communication and learning purposes only. Genre: Through Rebirth Author: Two Treasures of Study Action: Join the bookshelf , vote for recommend...
Gu Li-Juan your name? by Idlelayn
Gu Li-Juan your name?by Idlelayn
He used his hand fan to raise her head so he can see clearly her reaction. he chuckle when he saw rage and resentment on her big dark eyes,her face is turning red but no...
Being Spoiled by the Villain after Rebirth by Xiaoshuo_
Being Spoiled by the Villain 中国小说
Little cannon fodder Lin Nuan finally came to her senses after experiencing: liking the male protagonist and being used, confronting the female protagonist and being sla...
(MTL)Showing affection with the villain in the abuse [Rebirth by Darkknight123457
(MTL)Showing affection with the Darkknight123457 Author: Grapefruit 99 Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2022-06-12 Latest: Chapter 42 rebirth finished 209,000   Yunjing acc...
Coupon collecting villain x reincarnated cannon fodder by Genguin
Coupon collecting villain x Genguin
"I've been saving this for myself, b-but if you're willing to come with me to my brother's wedding reception I can give it to you." He shakily held out a flims...
A Teacher in a Highschool Romance Novel?! by tmazumder05
A Teacher in a Highschool tmazumder05
She is the Homeroom Teacher of class 2-A of Paradise High School Academy. Of a romance novel, that is. That homeroom teacher of the male lead, female lead, second-male...
✔After Becoming the Alpha Protagonist, I Snatched the Cannon Fodder Omega by afeeler
✔After Becoming the Alpha afeeler
After Becoming the Alpha Protagonist, I Snatched the Cannon Fodder Omega (穿成主角A后把炮灰O扛跑了) FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY (MTL - Machine Translated) 96 chapters + 4 extras Desc...
The Leisurely Life of Farming and Raising Cubs After Time Travel by jiyantav
The Leisurely Life of Farming Jeanne
[NOT MY STORY!! FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY] When she woke up, Song Zhizhi found that she crossed over a book she have read before and was found by the hero in the...