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home away from home away from home (Rwby chibi harem x male reader) by hillpupils
home away from home away from Robot Cupcake cat 61
Our weapon summoning y/n was sent parallel world of his but cuter and smaller (I do not own anything the art and the dialogue what I do own is the creativity *wink*)
only if it weren't for 'that' (chibi creepypastas x reader) by ShapeshifterIceQueen
only if it weren't for 'that' ( jake rose
Y/n is a young adult discovering difficulties of the adult world. y/n's parents got them a house, it was originally supposed to be a small two bedroom house but y/n's...
male OC reader X chibi RWBY harem by DragoWolf226
male OC reader X chibi RWBY haremby DragoWolf226
you are Drago Wolf and you are having some fun in the RWBY chibi world
Lovable Pets (Pet Faunus RWBY Harem X Male Reader) by sonicunleashed12
Lovable Pets (Pet Faunus RWBY sonicunleashed12
(An AU and I was bored) (Y/N) was a 18 year old teenager who recently moved out of his parents home and still attend high school who started off as a junior, one day as...
Yandere! Creepypasta x Reader 『Package』 by A_V_E_X
Yandere! Creepypasta x Reader 『 Avex Yu
〔YANDERE! CutiePasta x Reader〕 You were alone but safe。 * ˚ ✦ What if a box can change your loneliness。 #1 in creepypastaxreader || Oct/3/2021 #1 in xre...
Chibi Rwby x Male Reader by Hybrid900
Chibi Rwby x Male Readerby Hybrid900
Y/n is a nine tails faunes and the boyfriend of the females of the show as Y/n goes on crazy adventures, have fun, and being loved by his girlfriends.
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[DISCONTINUED] RWBY CHIBI: The Misadventures by the_winter_weeb69
[DISCONTINUED] RWBY CHIBI: The the_winter_weeb69
Y/N was a normal boy living a normal life. Until one day he finds the RWBY CHIBI cast and now he has to find a way to live with the cute lovable chibis. join him on this...
 ✔ Mini us? Behind The Scenes! • [BTS] by KSBBAA18
✔ Mini us? Behind The Scenes! • [ ❛ ᵈᵒⁱˡᵒᵒᵏⁿᵒʳᵐᵃˡ ❜
Behind the scenes of the original story line 'Mini Us?' © KSBBAA18 Do not copy or remake it. Thank you. Started : 6 September 2020 Ended : 24 June 2021
Dolls (Haikyuu) by bOnJUru_08tw
Dolls (Haikyuu)by Viene Aragon
After receiving a pile of boxes from an unknown person, (Name) opened the box only to find cute little figurine-like dolls. But then the same night something impossible...
𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐊𝐨𝐨𝐤 || 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐬 by aKookieForMyTae07
𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐊𝐨𝐨𝐤 || 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐬by 𝐑𝐢𝐒
Soft, fluffy, sweet, romantic fanarts for yah!! Cover Credits: taya95_
Isekai Quartet with the boy who commands by Okdhcvng
Isekai Quartet with the boy who Ok dhcvng
Y/N: this is a button Everyone nods Y/N: what ever you do. DO NOT-! ME: nope your doing it Y/N: FUUU-! This uses the characters from the cannon Re:Zero book I do n...
Saro's Album by MidoriMir
Saro's Albumby MidoriMir Ame
In an AU omegaverse, Zoro(beta) and Sanji(omega) live with their cute little son Saro. This story will contain accounts of different days and happenings in the life of t...
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The Boy Who Loved Candy by KillerAkuma
The Boy Who Loved Candyby KillerAkuma
Growing up was strange, especially when it was with villains that didn't act as villainous as you would assume them to be. They were very caring, however odd they were s...
JJBA Chibi villains x reader ~(Slow updates)~ by Christall77
JJBA Chibi villains x reader ~( Christall77
What happens when your normal boring life changes for the better?.... Or worse? When a bunch of little devils from your favorite show suddenly appear in your home? Reade...
His Bloodied Blossom by Blue_Twinkly_Lights
His Bloodied Blossomby It’s Matsumura
Kakashi Hatake wasn't really a patient man, and everyone knew that. So shocked faces were seen all around Konoha when he was given a genin team. Consisting of Naruto Uzu...
The Tiny's Job. [KHR Fanfic] by UchihaYuki15
The Tiny's Job. [KHR Fanfic]by Fiona Lin
Hinami Shoya is a 16 year old girl. However, despite her age, she's only 120 cm tall! Often teased by her friends as a 'chibi', Hinami always find comfort in reading. Th...
no ❤️ by hawksisachickenstrip
no ❤️by your little SINnamon roll <3
--no quirks-- "I-i can't, unlike you I c-can't just l-leave my family behind" "I'm sorry I just have to" "I-i understand, we wont hold you back...
Rwby Chibi: Silver sharingan edition  by Ninjacomix
Rwby Chibi: Silver sharingan Ninjacomix
A mysterious danger has overtaken the rwby chibi world so comix dumps the chibi cast into there Silver sharingan counterpart.........what could possibly go wrong [nothin...
The Job In East Yokohama (Dazai x Chuuya) by crestiecrab
The Job In East Yokohama (Dazai crestie
Mori assigns Dazai and Chuuya to go scout out east Yokohama. How will the two crazy teenagers work together? And will they realize the feelings they share for one anothe...