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This Isn't Your World by _Amethyx_
This Isn't Your Worldby scar
❝Petir's in a coma, Cahaya's sucked into a black hole, and Tanah went missing... I don't see how we can turn things back to the way we were.❞ [sᴇϙᴜᴇʟ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴍʏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ]
Taking Care of My Sick Eldest Brother |BoBoiBoy|. [END]✔. by FuyuIcy01
Taking Care of My Sick Eldest HaNiCy123
Status : COMPLETED✔. [3RD ACC : NON-ROMANCE + BROTHERHOOD (SIBLINGS)]. <ENGLISH VERSION> Halilintar who came home drenched in the rain,and Gempa who took care of h...
Please Don't Hide Anything From Us by Syira_Moonlight
Please Don't Hide Anything From Usby Syira
English Version!!! It's just a normal day when the elemental brothers were doing they're own usual stuff. Ice the polar bear who sleeps all the time, the trio trouble ma...
students with unknow powers by ice_whale_plush
students with unknow powersby ❄ice_polarbear❄
boboiboy elements au! blaze and ice were new at school, how will they survive till vacation starts? But wat if horribol things happend? Wat if sombody ran awey from pres...
protecting the fire boy  by ice_whale_plush
protecting the fire boy by ❄ice_polarbear❄
"I- im a monster!" "Hes alive again!" "Take my hand and you will get peace forever" "Im....sorry"
Boboiboy Oneshots by yukiharumarian
Boboiboy Oneshotsby Marian
Because I can't keep up with any long stories or my own au, may as well put all the random ideas in a book, and make it into a one-shot collection. * ...
The Void by ZelZen_
The Voidby Senesky
7 people 1 Spaceship Survival is a must Keep your insanity check Can you survive until helps arrive? ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ SHORT CHAPTERS This is my first bbb story so, apologies th...
You Matter Too! | Elemental story | 💖 by AngelCercan
You Matter Too! | Elemental AngelCercan
after another success mission boboiboy watch was hit by a machine gun and his watch suddenly glowed and all the elementals where out and but then a mysterious person cam...
wanting to die by ice_whale_plush
wanting to dieby ❄ice_polarbear❄
wat if blaze din't wanne tell his brothers on how much he hated living and wanded to die. even tho there were happy moments in life blaze just wanded to die. how many tr...
Random Boboiboy Oneshots by crazyrainbow1512
Random Boboiboy Oneshotsby Star Blank
Just some random BBB oneshots uwu Contains mostly angst- (im not sorry) Just a reminder that the oneshots are not related with each other If the oneshot involved element...
lost my memory by ice_whale_plush
lost my memoryby ❄ice_polarbear❄
wat if an accident happend and blaze was unable to remmember his brothers, he only remmembers himself. but he sees blurry people, maybe he will find out there's somthing...
In Search of Him! by GoldDragonKnight
In Search of Him!by ~~
A new enemy appeared when Boboiboy was resting after his fight with Retak'ka. In the middle of the battle, Boboiboy made a foolish decision and now it's up to his friend...
𖤓ཌ【 ☪︎ ꜰɪxɪɴɢ ᴀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇ ☪︎ 】ད𖤓 by Aiko_Darc95
𖤓ཌ【 ☪︎ ꜰɪxɪɴɢ ᴀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇ ☪︎ 】ད𖤓by ON HIATUS
"I'll make sure to do the right things....... this time. " Rewind AU. Ever thought of traveling back in time, just to correct things? Solar made a mistake th...
the young elemental hero by multi-fandom-person-
the young elemental heroby ₯Nathalie
boboiboy and his friend are on a vacation then suddenly boboiboy got sucked into the portal and is now trapped in another dimension here 80% of the population have super...
Boboiboy x mha but different  by pydark
Boboiboy x mha but different by Py_dark
Okay, I know you'll think this is a series like the others when Boboiboy is transported to the world of the Mha universe right? But this will be different, what if inste...
Collection of short stories, AUs, and random stuff. Mainly about BBB!
unforgiven ➽ a Halilintar-centric fic by _Amethyx_
unforgiven ➽ a scar
Halilintar hasn't spoken to either Gempa or Taufan in years - and for good reason. They've left Earth long ago, choosing to focus on their careers in outer space. Leavin...
Trouble Battle 3: The Elementals by Shinichi2504
Trouble Battle 3: The Elementalsby Shinichi2504
This fanfiction take place after Boboiboy Movie 2! After getting through the consequences, now Boboiboy and his elementals are together. How long will it lasts? Read to...
Similar Popularities, Different Personalities [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
Similar Popularities, Different ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Two popular students of Stanford High School namely, Halilintar- the bad boy and the most fearsome student in school- and Solar- the smartest and well-known alchemist in...
Inside by Shinichi2504
Insideby Shinichi2504
After that one mission, it change Boboiboy's life to a whole new world. He was force to face the greatest enemy of his life, himself. Commission: @fuyuchino (Prologue s...