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  • Trying to adapt
    10 7 2

    The seven deathly sins, known as ageless beings landing in the deepest, and darkest part of a wood in a, for them, unknown country. Seeing on how the world changes the seven boys are trying to adapt themselves in their new environment. But still being the sins they where since ever, they can't stop on infiltrating man...

  • Lift. [ A NaruHina Fanfiction ]
    17.3K 443 5

    Hinata Hyuga has always been an obedient daughter and gifted scholar, but what happens when she meets a young man who makes her question her future? The answer is nothing short of complicated, as the young woman must decide to stick to the safe path that she is currently following or to veer off and take a chance with...

  • Konoha High's Bad Boy {A NaruHina Modern Tale}
    610K 19.5K 28

    Hinata Hyuga, a shy, nerd, athletic junior in high school who likes to keep everything on the down low. Her four best girl-friends, however, are Konoha High School's most popular cheerleaders. Her best boy-friends are Konoha's greatest soccer and basketball players to ever roam the school's halls. One day, a mysteriou...

  • Peppermint Mocha《A NaruHina Fanfiction》
    529K 21.7K 31

    A small café two blocks from the university. A jock/bad boy who everybody knows and love. A quiet, shy pre-med nerd who nobody knows. Except for the bad boy... who always wants that Peppermint Mocha made only by the quiet nerd.