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Stream of past by Crazycousins202
Stream of pastby Crazycousins202
When the village gets destroyed by Pain, Sakura must travel to the past in order to fix everything/ Time Travel Au. Yeah...I have read too many time travel ff, so I dec...
enlightening past by juvia_redvelvet
enlightening pastby juvia🪩
where adult sasuke and sakura are mysteriously transported to the past! they need to wait out 4 days with their genin selves until they are able to go back to their time...
The Wrong Dimension (Naruto X HP) by shiroishio
The Wrong Dimension (Naruto X HP)by InactivePotterhead
Obito's Kamui malfunctioned, sending the 'Rookie 9' of Konoha to a entirely new place, one shinobis hadn't stepped on since centuries ago. As they reintroduce themselves...
Weaker & Weak by dragonbro2025
Weaker & Weakby MidNightWolf
This story is about how Sakura hears her team mates calling her weak and soon leaves the village with a mysterious woman. This will lead Sakura to meet a familiar black...
Falling For You by uzumakigk
Falling For Youby gk
Naruhina. When Naruto is sent to Konaha to learn the value of money by his father, he thinks his life is ruined and boring for the next six months. However things take...
Back To The Old Days  (Naruto Time-Travel Fanfiction) by Serenity9042
Back To The Old Days (Naruto Cherry🌸
After an invasion that kills all and destroys the village of Konoha; Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura travel back in time to unveil their new future.
SASUSAKU SMUT  by gobbledegock
SASUSAKU SMUT by gobbledegock
You have been warned. I just don't feel comfortable with writing smut right now since I had some life changes. I don't know when I'll feel ready again. Until then, this...
if by Silverwolf735
ifby ➳ 𝐣𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐚
Ugh, I'm actually doing this again? Y'all know descriptions aren't my thing. ▪《▪》《¤》《▪》《¤》《▪》《¤》▪ Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto know that they are the only ones who...
To The Future by 4RANDOM
To The Futureby Khea_random
On their journey to locate Itachi, team hebi is faced with an anomaly and mind-blowing discoveries. A/N- I don't know how to write descriptions, so...
Sakura's Letter by ANerdInAllHerGlory
Sakura's Letterby ANerdInAllHerGlory
Sarada discovers an old love letter addressed to her mother and asks her father about it.
The Uchiha Family by LittleBrownBean
The Uchiha Familyby 𝙶𝚞𝚌𝚌𝚒𝙱𝚘𝚢☕️🥀
For a long time, it had been just the three of them. Sakura and Sasuke never thought they would have another child but hey, never say never. • • • Credits to the artist...
This is my future?! (DISCONTINUED) by Scarlet_wind_2101
This is my future?! (DISCONTINUED)by Scarlet_Wind
Naruto is 13 and it has only been A couple of weeks since he left with Jiraiya. On his travel he quickly meet a old man that gives him a scroll. When naruto opens the sc...
Going Back in Time to Fuck With Kakashi and Save The World in The Process by writer2655
Going Back in Time to Fuck With writer2655
Team Seven goes back in time to fuck with Kakashi and save the world. WIP- cross-posted on Ao3
Welcome back you... three? || Sasusaku (DISCONTENUED) by ya_yEet771
Welcome back you... three? || ya_yEet771
Sasuke and Sakura had left Konoha for 3 years and have decided to return and surprise their friends, with a slight edition to the family ❤️ Ships: Sasusaku / Naruhina S...
Uchiha's Pride [Complete] by FarihaTariq62
Uchiha's Pride [Complete]by Fariha Tariq
Sasuke meets a girl who called him her father. How would Itachi react and most of all How would Konoha react,?
Chibi Sakura  *Re-Edit* by OtakuNinjaPayne
Chibi Sakura *Re-Edit*by OtakuNinjaPayne
Naruto pulls a prank and now Sakura is stuck as an eight year old. Sasuke somehow ends up taking care of her and craziness happens, along with cuteness overload.
Travel Through Timelines by KebasisS
Travel Through Timelinesby animelover
When Sakura and Sasuke were returning to Konohagakure from their long journey, with their new born daughter, Sarada Uchiha, rogue ninjas started to attack them. In order...
Sometida by denuskull93
Sometidaby denuskull93
Me duele el corazón, mi desilusión es tan grande que solo la muerte podra terminar con mi dolor...el amor que me profesaba no fue real. Enamorarme fue el primer error...
SasuSaku(High School) by summer0candy
SasuSaku(High School)by Mars
[COMPLETED] Sakura finally came back from America. She chose to stay in Japan and continue studing at high school. Her friends: Ino, Hinata and Tenten are waiting for he...
We are from the future! (On Hold) by MoonWolfie1
We are from the future! (On Hold)by MoonWolfie1
"Wow your future selves are awesome!" Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi are targeted by an evil shinobi who sends them back in time. He thought there was nobo...