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(Un) Forced - Sairat by Mystery_id2
(Un) Forced - Sairatby Ace_
This story is based on serial track of GHKkPM .. When Bhavani kaku asked or better say ordered or forced Sairat to give the heir to the family.. So lets see their reacti...
Dust settles... I don't by lawofannesa
Dust settles... I don'tby prideofworkmanship
This is my take on Sai and Virat's marriage and Pakhi vada thing. Show has made things way too complicated between love and duty let it be. Nobody has ever said about Sa...
The Sairat Wala Love II by HarshitaVishwakarma2
The Sairat Wala Love IIby Harshita Vishwakarma
After Virat's big misunderstanding, he broke all the relation with the one person he loves the most. After few years, they again crossed the paths when Virat come to kn...
Naruto boyfriend scenarios  by naruto-bitch
Naruto boyfriend scenarios by Draken
naruto🍥. Shisui🗡. Izuna⚔️ sasuke ❤️. Madara🖤. Suigetsu 🦈 Shikamaru ☁️. Sasori⌛️. Pain🧡 Gaara 🐼. Deidara💥 Kakashi📖. Hashirama🪵 Neji🤍. Minato⚡️ Itachi🍡...
The Psychology Of Love by PennedByZoha
The Psychology Of Loveby PennedByZoha
Ft. Abir Rajvansh and Sai Joshi Due to Virat's illogical behaviours, Sai and Virat gets separated. This story moves forward showing Sai's life after her divorce. Then...
sairat OS by saiviratos
sairat OSby saiviratos
sairat os based on some episodes of gum hai kisi ke pyar mai.
deal marriage by Rishika7880
deal marriageby Ritwika
peep inside to know the story
Their children  by SunshineCj9
Their children by SunshineCj9
On Naruto's eighteenth birthday he ends up sleeping with Shikamaru, Neji, Garra, Kiba, Sasuke, Rock Lee, Kakashi, Asuma and Sai. What if Naruto finds out that it was jus...
My Dear Mr.Husband❤️ by Shreena_Manat21
My Dear Mr.Husband❤️by _Shree_
Mere is chehre pe muskurahat lana chahta tha, Mere is tute dil ko woh jodna chahata tha, Humdard toh woh apne aap hi ban gaya, Bas mera humsafar banana chahta tha..!💖 P...
Naruto father-son scenarios by Dreaming__Illusions
Naruto father-son scenariosby Dreaming__Illusions
Guess What. Reader-chan will get to be Naruto son. If your a girl then your a boy in this book. And it will be in the Boruto timeline. Following characters: Naruto Sasu...
SaiRat- The Accidental Wife    by ArJ463
SaiRat- The Accidental Wife by M. Dubey
What would have happened if Virat wouldn't have agreed to get married to Sai. How their life would be? If there wasn't any third angle. This story will explore all the...
Unexpected but Wanted by AVIATION_Geek
Unexpected but Wantedby DevilQueen👑😈
That night after holi, Unexpectedly Sairat consummated their marriage since they were not in there sense. Few months passed and Sai is Pregnant. Virat was coming to the...
SAIRAT - ABSOLUTE BLISS (  PART 2 ) by jaskirat111
SAIRAT - ABSOLUTE BLISS ( PART 2 )by jaskirat111
This book is the continuation of my Os book "Absolute bliss " ...
Naruto Yaoi Pics And Memes😘 by Yaoixanimexlover
Naruto Yaoi Pics And Memes😘by @Yaoixlover
So basically it has a bunch of SasuNaru pics and other gay naruto ships Warning ⚠️ this may include some smutty and mpreg pics you have been warned 😘😏😁😄✌️ ⚠️By the...
Fidaa- sairat by Baby_potato_14
Fidaa- sairatby 🙃
sai a vivacious village girl and virat a amiable new York residential boy came in India they both fall in love with each other due to some complications they deny it...
Do you still love me? by sundrop_naruto
Do you still love me?by sundrop_naruto
Naruto uzumaki is dating Sasuke Uchiha, Neji Hyuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Sai Kankuro and Gaara. Everythi...
STRANGERS TO LOVERS!!??  by chill_in_life
STRANGERS TO LOVERS!!?? by Why_lovestories_aren't_ with_...
After being cheated on by her boyfriend and married to a stranger on her marriage day, will Sai be able to live her life overcoming all the internal and external trouble...
Total Siyapaa Hai Tera Pyaar  by the_aromer
Total Siyapaa Hai Tera Pyaar by "Seri"
Two best friends.... Really?? Best friends for family And lovers for friends and some of the family members... What if one is getting married to someone else?? Let's...
Naruto x Reader Boyfriend Scenarios by Obicat3
Naruto x Reader Boyfriend Scenariosby Obicat3
Hi I got into the Naruto anime a while ago and I'm swiftly bingeing threw the series I'v started watching Naruto Shippūden and I'v fallen head over heals for some of the...