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Wrong Person by PullOut_Hatake
Wrong Personby Charu_The_Meow
He ruled the school. She wasn't that important. She mistyped one number. He got a text. ~SasuSaku Modern AU
Daylight by RezuuRoar
Daylightby RezuuRoar
Sasuke has long forgotten his quest for revenge thanks to Naruto. He can now finally move on to accept what life has to offer. Follow Sasuke's thoughts as he navigates h...
A Journey With You ♡SasuSaku♡ by LilyUchihaHaruno
A Journey With You ♡SasuSaku♡by Lily Uchiha-Haruno
This is a FanFiction about the SasuSaku blank period. I will try to follow connon timeline, but I will add a year to when Sarada and the new generation would be born so...
Soul Searching by jackiekrystine
Soul Searchingby jackiekrystine
Sasuke begins his journey of atonement and begins traveling the world. His mind often wonders back to the pink haired Kunoichi he left behind so they begin to exchange l...
Switch flip || Naruto/Team 7/Sasusaku by Sasusaku4ever__
Switch flip || Naruto/Team 7/ Oikawa's baka
An accident switches Sakura's inner with her outer personality when team7 is training. Completely surprised by Sakura's sudden change in behaviour, team 7 struggles to r...
Unplanned by KuriQuinn
Unplannedby KuriQuinn
"Pregnant?" Sakura Uchiha speaks the word as if it's a foreign concept; as if she isn't a fully qualified medical professional who has not only studied the va...
New Girl- A Konoha High School Story by anazing__gracie
New Girl- A Konoha High School gracie448
Tenten is the new girl at the most prestigious boarding school in Japan. She expects to absolutely hate it, but when she meets her roommate and a mysterious boy, will sh...
Changing Fate by jackiekrystine
Changing Fateby jackiekrystine
Kakashi has sent Sasuke and Sakura on their first mission together since their daughter was born. The mission goes awry when Sasuke discovers he wasn't given all the det...
Future and Past by R5andMaxangel
Future and Pastby Taylor
Wanting to learn more about their parents Boruto and Sarada are snooping around and they come across Karasuki the time travel turtle artifact from the Otsutsuki clan. Wh...
Welcome Home, Anata by trvpicalk
Welcome Home, Anataby 𝘒𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢
WARNING THIS STORY IS VERY LEMONY - - - Sasuke has been on his mission for years now and comes home to a surprise by Sakura. Something they both were craving for, while...
Alternative versions - SasuSaku One-shots  by Mari_Soph
Alternative versions - SasuSaku Mari
A series of SasuSaku one-shots, most playing in shippuden era or before that. ||| Around 1000 words per chapter. The povs switch between Sasuke and Sakura in every chapt...
Secrets by Yasekoki
Secretsby Unknown
Sasuke and Sakura have been dating for a pretty long time SECRETLY.What would happen if Sasuke fan girls and friend group find out.What if the people who have had a lon...
To The Future by 4RANDOM
To The Futureby Random_Unknown
On their journey to locate Itachi, team hebi is faced with an anomaly and mind-blowing discoveries. A/N- I don't know how to write descriptions, so...
my vampire Husband¤[[sasusaku]]¤vampire AU COMPELETED  by TomokoTamura
my vampire Husband¤[[sasusaku]]¤ ١ ❣ you
"sa..sasuke kun.." her eyes couldn't belive it
Forgiveness (SasuSaku AU) by enoemosqawsed
Forgiveness (SasuSaku AU)by not someone
Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno truly were a perfect couple. But things happen and change occurs, the same goes for their relationship. See how both of them fend their w...
Uchiha Prophechy by poetriy
Uchiha Prophechyby poetriy
"Uchiha Prophecy : before you walk to the future, you have to know the past" Your name is not Haruno Sakura, your name is Uchiha Sakura, emerald eyes of your...
SasuSaku One Shots by jackiekrystine
SasuSaku One Shotsby jackiekrystine
Random collection of one shots I have written. These will not be regularly updated but will continually be worked on and posted.
A new member to the uchiha family. by daiskidsui
A new member to the uchiha daiskidsuki
Sakura noticed she was showing signs of pregnancy. when she finds out she's pregnant she goes crazy!! she doesn't know how everyone is gonna react. since she already has...
what if sakura lived with the cursed mark? Comeplet
Home (Sasusaku Fanfic) by amethyst_73
Home (Sasusaku Fanfic)by Samreen
Sakura is sent on a mission as a doctor to visit the small village of Shimogakure outside Fire country in order to aid the villagers with medical treatment. Naruto, as w...