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  • Coming Together ༄ Sirius Black
    1.2M 48.4K 73

    A muggle-born Slytherin whose parents are terrified of her. A pureblood Gryffindor whose parents are disappointed in him. The arrival of her Hogwarts letter was meant to make everything better. Asteria Halloway finally had an explanation for her parents as to why she didn't fit in no matter how hard she tried. She...

  • The Locker Exchange
    26.4M 1M 52

    When Brynn finds herself accidentally sharing a locker with a misunderstood and popular bad boy, she can't help being pulled into a high-stakes mystery. ***** After discovering her newly assigned gym locker has no back wall -- so she's stuck staring...

  • The Jump That Left Me Stranded
    19.4K 835 18

    When Grace Ballard jumped to her death from Mercury Overpass, the whole town halted to a stunned silence. They halted to a stunned silence for all of a few weeks, before things picked up as normal. It's not the same for Natalie, one month in and she doesn't have a clue what drove her sister to do it. When Jenny and O...

  • Running With Scissors
    270K 15.9K 44

    Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Peter Katz hires a hitman to take him out. But when a cure is discovered, Peter's got to outrun the assassin to stay alive! ***** When douchebag lawyer Peter Katz gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, he wants to die painlessly. Still, death seems to elude his every attempt, so he hir...

  • Sweet Epiphany
    420K 23.9K 53

    Eighteen year-old Zach Curtis has lost everything: his girlfriend, his job and his scholarship. Nothing in the world matters anymore, until he receives a rude awakening from a stranger. Petite and awkward, Terra Quinn is living the life with her best friend in college, or so it seems. Beneath the bubbly exterior is a...

  • Suicide Helpline
    2.1M 173K 173

    ❝In which a celebrity dials a random number in hope of finding one last thing to make him smile before he commits suicide at the end of the month.❞ "I'm going to commit suicide in one months time." "I think you have the wrong number." "It can't be the wrong number Princess. I picked a random number from the catalog." ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Begin Again (On Hold) [1st Edition]
    7.3M 2K 1

    "What if the one that got away came back?" Sometimes, a second chance at a perfectly imperfect love presents itself when you are at your most vulnerable state, and you can't help but remember that nothing worth keeping comes without a price. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...

  • Queen of Thieves
    5.6M 310K 61

    A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Rags to riches. Pauper to princess. Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's most notorious thief. But that's what she is - a con artist, a thief, a criminal. It's what she's be...

  • Crimson
    862 317 9

    Being ill & impoverished is nothing new to Skye Palmner- the upsurge in a radioactive wasteland made sure of that. Seventeen Years Ago, more than half of Tier Three's Newborn population were killed by a volatile radioactive wasteland. Those who survived were affected severely. Their cellular make-ups rapidly changed a...