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  • South Park: The Four Marks Of Hope. A OCs & Soulmate AU. Season 1 (Discontinued)
    2.9K 58 30

    They are called The Four Marks Of Hope due to them possibly shifting the others fate from their original, and bring the ones around them hope.

  • Barbaric (18+)
    559K 7.5K 26

    "Well-behaved women seldom make history." Not just as pretty face, she's a smart one too.

  • My Vulnerability
    84.3K 7.8K 22

    las vulnerabilidades de los chicos de south park

  • How To Seduce Your Best Friend 101
    5.5K 175 5

    Hello! My name is Stan Marsh, and I'll teach you on how to seduce your best friend! I've had a crush on mine ever since and he still hasn't noticed! *sniff* WHY CAN'T YOU NOTICE ME?! Anyways, let's get going, shall we?

  • ʜᴀᴄᴋᴇʀʜᴀᴄᴋᴇʀʜᴀᴄᴋᴇʀ
    132 7 4

    ᴜᴠᴜ ʙʏ; @-DRUNKBBY

  • 135 Random Things to Do in Public
    2.4M 116K 135

    WARNING: I SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY STUPID THINGS YOU DO BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK. I DO NOT PERSONALLY OWN ALL OF THESE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS MOST DEFINITELY ADVISED. When you're bored, you go do something to make you "un-bored". I suggest Netflix, Youtube, or if you're a bookworm, reading. Personally, I'm mo...

  • Heavenly Art Book
    2.1K 480 125

    Wow look, more art!

  • Risky Business 。 Stranger Things
    2.7M 95.1K 58

    RISKY BUSINESS. ❝ Don't cry, don't raise your eye. It's only teenage wasteland. ❞ A 'STRANGER WORLDS' NOVEL Billy Hargrove & Eddie Muson / Stranger Things Season 2 - 4 © lookingforlucy 2022 cover by brieIarson HIGHEST RANKING IN FANFICTION #18 - 26/11/2017 FEATURED STORY (iOS devices) - 06/12/2017

  • ♡Wakfu x reader oneshots♡
    29.5K 495 18

    this book will be filled with a lot of wakfu fluff between you and the brotherhood of the tofu! also this book contains spoilers for the entire series of wakfu so watch it before you read plz! also here we support LGBTQ+ and I will be doing some oneshots that involve that btw this book gets updated every 6 months if y...

  • Chasing Red
    261M 3.9M 72

    It started on Wattpad but now is EVERYWHERE! with a published book, a captivating Webcomic on WEBTOON, and an upcoming film adaptation by Wattpad WEBTOON studios in Partnership with Stampede. Read, scroll, or watch - Enjoy this romance in any way you like. Stay tuned for film release updates! Basketball star Caleb Loc...

  • The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse (sample)
    322K 12.6K 16

    When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ***** In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring... their coffee, that is...

  • Eddsworld Tom x Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    27.6K 461 6

    Read if you want, but I'm not going to finish it.

  • Chase me(Monster!Tom x Reader)
    11K 299 4

    You lived in your apartment for awhile, Edd always loved to hang out to relax from his friends. One day, you offer Edd help, however you didn't realize what you were getting into, and ended up with a 20 foot monster on your hands. COVER ART BY:

  • Eddsworld comics
    37.8K 794 18

    Just some Eddsworld comics

  • Tom x reader
    69.5K 1.7K 22

    Eddsworld lel Warning!! Cursing and possible lemon!! You have been warned!!

  • taste of blood remains
    1.4K 35 6

    if you can guess the quote I'll give you oral. art by hot-boiled-tea on Tumblr Tom and tord hate each other but they both have a fucked up secret. tords a maschost and toms a sadist. bum bum buuuummm! Also I don't condone dealing with sadism in this way. There is always a way to do stuff healthy.

  • Loveless Flowers [TomTord]
    140K 5.2K 17

    Love is a dangerous emotion. Well, in Tom's opinion at least. Years after college and living with his friends for a few years, things were alright until he started loving someone he knew would not return his feelings. He kept quiet but his silence punished him. Who knew one sided love could make him cough up flowers?

  • Dear Starboy {TomTord Neighbourhood AU, COMPLETE REUPLOAD}
    277K 6.4K 15

    tom is an introvert. a blank sheet. tord is an enigma. a mystery. what happens when the two become neighbours? pastel!tord x tom. disclaimer: this is not my fanfic, it is a reupload, the original author left and deleted their account.

  • UnHealthy...(TomTord)
    84.8K 3.4K 25

    (This is kind of like Harley Quinn and Joker...Moving on) (Insane Asylum AU) Mr.Rocklynn is a Therapist for the Psycho's in the Insane Asylum in America...One day Mr.Rocklynn was assigned a Psychopath named Tord Clain...As they both take a seat...Its like a connection was made...

  • Strawberry Panic {TomTord}
    279K 11.6K 68

    Tom wasn't good at a lot of things; keeping friends, being nice, staying sober? Nah, forget it. But dressing up and pretending to be a girl? Now that might be something he can do. [Maidcafe fic] Featuring- * Tom's non-existing gag reflex * Tord's hentai fetish * Edd's unwavering patience * Matt's vanilla ass NOT fe...

  • Winning the world and you
    327K 13.6K 107

    Imagine Tord hitting his head a little to hard on the fall down from the top Imagine his heart falling on whom he thought he hated Imagine what he'd do for them

  • tomtord (discontinued)
    4.6K 73 7


  • 💙tomtord pictures❤️
    125K 2.8K 11

    I ship it,enjoy and stuff!

  • Bird Eyes || Tomtord
    89.2K 4K 15

    Sequel to "Cat Eyes". Tord's leaving was difficult for both himself and Tom. Tord must trek the road that Tom once strolled down, now with more bumps and turns, along with an always present sense of danger. Tom must do everything that he can to rescue his lover, and find a way to get him back to his old self. Highest...

  • War Over You (TomTord)
    162K 5.4K 19

    TomxTord After the incident with Tord, Tom realizes just how much he misses him. But when Tord comes back to apologize, he starts acting strangely. I hate this book so much. It's absolute garbage.