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Cat Eyes || Tomtord by Smugegg
Cat Eyes || Tomtordby Smugegg
~After the end~ Tom drank heavily in "celebration" of shooting Tord with a harpoon. Unfortunately, he overdosed and died. The afterlife wasn't what he thought...
"I Love Her..." • [Tord x reader] {COMPLETED} by LB5538
"I Love Her..." • [Tord x reader]...by LB5538
Y/n has known Tord for a very long time. She has known him sense they were baby's and immediately came close friends. Over the years growing up and becoming adults you g...
-Discontinued-Eddsworld x reader oneshots by DaybreakDares
-Discontinued-Eddsworld x reader o...by Jellyfish Brigade
Requests are always open! While this isn't my first story/fanfic ever, it IS the first I've ever posted anywhere! I will write lemons/smut, or at least try to. Anyway re...
"Musician's Charm" ( Tom X  F!Reader ) COMPLETED by Bootsectorinfector
"Musician's Charm" ( Tom X F!Read...by bootsectorinfector
{OLD BOOK} I'm only leaving this up for the people who use this as a comfort. This book is painfully bad and old. You take a stroll through your small town in England o...
Tord X Reader oneshots by WIOILIF
Tord X Reader oneshotsby Disgusting
(This Book is intended to be gender neutral, anyone can read.) Just something I could possibly use to distress from school and all that bullshit. Feel free to request o...
Eddsworld Preferences by ThatNationalLoser
Eddsworld Preferencesby Maddie The Daddie
im trash and couldnt get this idea out of my head so yea enjoy! includes Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, Eduardo, Mark , and Jon :3 Also I'm using She/Her for this sorry everyone...
(Eddsworld) | Matt x Reader by inactiveaccount912
(Eddsworld) | Matt x Readerby No Longer in Use
!!Female readers only (sorry ;-;)!! What happens when an introvert makes friends? I really dunno why don't you read it... (I will promise to actually put effort, time an...
Eddsworld body swap by LuciferDevilDemon
Eddsworld body swapby Idon’treallycare
How would the end have been if Matt bought a magic amulet? And what would have happened if this amulet had the power to swap bodies? I read two comics on deviantart abo...
•EddsWorld X Reader • Imagines• by Tordorito
•EddsWorld X Reader • Imagines•by mrow
Hello, people. Mod Jay here~ So here's what you'll need to know: •Most stories will be gender-neutral (unless different for requests) •Request any genre. Literally any...
Possession(TomTord Future Au) by DrunkenTomyBoi
Possession(TomTord Future Au)by DrunkenTomyBoi
Tom sat in the darkness coughing up blood, the taste of it metallic and bitter his tounge... [Conitue reading for more~]
Tord Returns : TomXTord  •{completed}• by _dragon_lord_
Tord Returns : TomXTord •{complet...by _dragon_lord_
This is a tom x tord story :3 if you want another book of a different ship. Then just ask me
Eddsworld X ChildReader by Skyrek
Eddsworld X ChildReaderby That One Weirdo
Oh, what's this!? Yet another Eddsworld x ChildReader. I honestly love these stories but you see so many of them and yet almost none are finished. So I'm gonna make my o...
Crossdressing EdJon Fic by 8MelancholicEntity8
Crossdressing EdJon Ficby 8MelancholicEntity8
Jon crossdresses, Eduardo likes the way he looks. Need I say more? Cover is not mine.
Tainted Tord x Reader by Ein_Durcheinander27
Tainted Tord x Readerby Sky Yuliana
You are the leader of the Black Army and have been ambushed by the Red Army. You manage to beat them but before you actually can claim the glory, you were kidnapped. Mom...
Neighbours ; EDDSWORLD y/n insert  by coolzombie_
Neighbours ; EDDSWORLD y/n insert by Zombie Boy
You're Eduardo's younger sibling and you're moving in with him after an event that happened at your apartment complex. A robbery happened at your complex and once your...
Tord x Reader by Watermelon1Arts
Tord x Readerby Niya<3
Y/n moves into the groups house to be a new roommate, but what happens when she begins to crush on Tord? Will he have mutual feelings? How long will it last? Please reme...
Eddsworld x Reader - Oneshots by Camix4
Eddsworld x Reader - Oneshotsby archive
This is a series of oneshots written by me.. obviously. I'm not writing this anymore, but still, enjoy. These are made a while ago and do not reflect how I currently wr...
Why Me? |EDDSWORLD X READER |FF| H...by TomatoKlutz
« The Best Thing I ever did was that I met you. » « The Best Thing I never did was that I never left you and that I'm still with you. » (Y/N) (L/N). Born wealthy, raised...
The new neighbor  (Tom x reader) by Robin_The_Hufflepuff
The new neighbor (Tom x reader)by Dumbass
You move in to a new house, you meet great neighbors and become very close to them. But the one in the blue hoodie catches your attention. New friends, new adventures, n...
Rule with Me | TordTom by mescalinen
Rule with Me | TordTomby adolph
Tom craves adventure, yet he always figured the rest of his life would be dull and boring, such as the post-apocalypse he's living in. Tom thought nothing could ever cha...