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    My name is Isana. I am what you would call a fujoshi and otaku(the ultimate trash). Recently, I got addicted to this manga/anime called Black Clover. I loved it because i ship the protagonists AKA YUNOXASTA together!! I mean they could go more than just rivals right??? I really want them to have a yaoi scene >~~< P...

  • The Mafia Teacher
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    "Maybe, in some parallel universe...we are still together...and so very happy." - Anonymous

  • Journey Back In Time
    201K 7.3K 20

    How did mama and papa meet? What's the Uchiha massacre? ..Who's Itachi? When curiosity gets to the best of the Uchiha heiress, she's presented with an opportunity to travel back in time to meet her parent's younger selves- only to discover that Sasuke and Sakura had been keeping a lot from her. What will Sarada do wit...

  • Follow the Sun (Naruto fan-fiction)
    204K 7.8K 16

    Years of peace finally achieved after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. But once again, our Hero was dragged into times of war when a certain snake betrayed them. Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru almost lose faith when all is lost. But what happens when they have a second chance to return and make a difference? ...

  • Traitors -BNHA- (Bakudeku)
    124K 4K 30

    Izuku Midoryia and Katsuki Bakugo, were best friends when they were younger then Katsuki started bullying Izuku. That's their cover story, not the truth. They were in fact best friends when they were younger but they were recruited by the League of Villains, after their quirks manifested. Katsuki had an explosion q...

  • Undercover [Completed] [Under Editing]
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    (Highest Ranking: #4 in anbu) *Edited summary* Uzumaki Naruto is an enigma, he is quiet, orders random people around expecting them to follow those orders, and they do! He enters the academy as part of a mission and soon reveals the truth of himself to his team. As the new kid, he turned everything upside down, Sasuk...

  • Foxs gift
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    When naruto was 4 he stumbled onto the path of an enemy shinobe and ended up injured. He ends up meeting the kyuubi and instead of the evil fox he expected he found his first friend. - i dont own naruto. Sorry for the slow start. I promise itll be better in the later chapters. Oh and please leave comments! I wanna kn...

  • Fairy Tail: E.N.D Awaken
    97.8K 2.1K 41

    E.N.D is about to be awoken, making Natsu aggressive toward everyone except Lucy. Zeref is getting closer and war is about to begin. How is Natsu going to get out of this one or is E.N.D going to takeover Nastu forever? Hey everyone I suggest you read this story first and to people who read my other stories that I too...

  • When It All Began
    177K 5.8K 31

    It is a normal day at Fairy Tail and everyone is going through their normal routines while Lucy and Natsu look for a job. But what happens when they are asked to go on a job, requested by the Magic Council, with several of their friends to face Zeref? What will happen to the Fairy Tail mages while on this mission? Rea...

  • In exchange of a quirk ( BNHA )
    319K 13.7K 35

    In a world where everyone develops a quirk and two marks at the age of four, one representing them, and one representing their soulmate How come Kirishima, Bakugou and Todoroki all share the same one? Who was their mate? Surely they already know, so why haven't they appeared yet? ( Non-canon compliant on most of the...

  • Kids Can Keep Bigger Secrets Than Adults
    262K 4.9K 25

    Naruto is a kid that you would think would be spoiled and strong, considering who his parents were. His father was the Hokage of the Village hidden in the leaves and was also known as 'Konoha's Yellow Flash'. Our protagonists mother was known as the 'Red Death'. Most people would think he would become a child prodigy...

  • The part of me I could never show you
    88.4K 2.5K 12

    "Itachi you don't have to do this, we can find another way!" I yelled. "I'm sorry naruto but this is the only way." He took a deep breath and looked at me. "My final order as your Captain is to protect my brother Sasuke, when he goes into the academy, I want you to look after him." "Who is going to be captain?!" Itac...

  • The Anbu's Mask (Discontinued- Anyone Can Adopt)
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    Sometimes a mask can slip. Sometimes a smile can frown. And sometimes a lie can be found. Naruto is a boy of a smile. He laughs through the pain and grins through the lies. The mask slips and his team notices it all. An ambu on a mission. Another mask to hide behind. Another mask falls. Another truth found. This is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Naruto the hidden ANBU
    90.3K 2K 15

    Naruto was almost 4 years old when he lost his sight. He was tortured since he was a baby and that changed him from the happy and excited kid that loved everything and everyone into the fearless captain that everyone feared and respected. He is still very kind and helps the villagers even thou they were torturing and...

  • Naruto: The Best ANBU
    997K 23.5K 39

    What if Naruto Uzumaki was smarter than he let on? What if Naruto was the smartest of his generation? What if Naruto was stronger than he seemed? What if Naruto was the famous ANBU Captain Killer Fox? What if these are not 'what if's'? I do not own any pics/videos used, and I do not own Naruto and any other character...

  • Hidden Away [R27]
    106K 4.8K 25

    [R27(main)/Arcobaleno27] {BxB} "I'm intrigued. So I'm going to stick around. Try not to bore me to much." He said with the silent feeling of teasing in the undertone of his voice. "Whatever, do as you please, but I'm not in anyways exciting." The demon only followed behind the human. Trailing closely as they walked b...

  • Melodia Del Cielo [ON HIATUS]
    184K 5.4K 39

    After being killed by the enemy, Tsunayoshi Sawada also known as Vongola Decimo, Byakuran transfer his soul to the parallel world, there he isn't the vongola decimo instead his so called 'perfect brother' know as Yoshiro Sawada. He acts like an angel in front of many people but when he's inside of their living househo...

  • Hidden Sky [KHR Twinfic]
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    A Sky hidden in the dark Hoping to be found Hoping to be accepted Hoping to be acknowledged by many Despite his attitude towards them He had no choice but to But when he was coming out He was dragged back Still he was hoping Hoping to be taken away from the dark Even if he would no longer be the same Rated as T (for s...

  • The Summoning Pact
    103K 3.6K 22

    Tsuna wasn't sure what would come out of this summoning lesson. He didn't expect having powerful demons scrambling to contract to him, much less having them determined to be more than just contracts. Arcobaleno27 Disclaimer: Stories not mine original author is fruitpastilles from

  • What now?
    269K 10.2K 44

    Tsuna is sent to a parallel world where he isn't the Decimo. Apparently he is hated by his family because of his horrible crimes, so he gets the blame for all their problems. He has a twin and younger brother now so his life is pretty much a train wreck now. He has to hide his secret and pretend to be Dame. He hates...

  • The little sky has a big flame
    127K 5.1K 18

    Tsuna got hit by the ten year bazooka, unfortunately.... A certain mechanic had previously decided to 'upgrade it' Now Tsuna is stuck in his five year old body, however his flame is the same. Such a huge flame within a tiny body that isn't built to handle it, what will happen to our beloved sky? Will he burn? Or will...

  • Mujitsu No Sora [ KHR Fanfiction ]
    180K 5.7K 32

    Tsuna wanted to make a surprise for his friends, but yet it all became a tragedy. They keep accusing him; no one believes in him with the single exception of his mother. And when he's sent to the future, his happiness finally comes back. The days are not always bright, bad things happens and the consequence this time...

  • Frozen Hearts - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    85.4K 3.2K 22

    Always so cold. Always pretending. He never once allowed others past his barriors. Sawada Tsunayoshi has constantly allowed himself to be controlled like a puppet. Satisfying his friends, trying to live up to expectations. Nobody thought that it was all a lie. Nobody saw through that endearing smile. To them, he was t...

    164K 4.8K 38

    Lemitsu gone for 8 years along with his older son,Sawada Leyasu or Giotto for his beloved work.He left his wife and younger son without any money or anything.Leave them hanging without rope.To gained money,Nana almost get raped by his boss,make her traumatized to go outside anymore.For his mother,Tsuna will do anythin...

  • Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《COMPLETED》
    145K 5.9K 48

    「Sequel of Cursed Sky-Katekyo Hitman Reborn」 --- They were twins. Yet why was it that one was depicted as a failure while the other as a genius? People said that Sawada Tsunayoshi would be doomed to fail while Sawada Ienari would be far ahead in life. Yet when a certain spartan hitman barges into their lives to train...

  • KHR: Lost sky
    80.2K 2.6K 19

    Tsunayoshi Sawada, right... that was his name. Tsuna was abused, because he was useless.. he really was. He knew he deserve this things he got. He hated everything, including the world. Even his smart, perfect, brother hated him. He was content with it. Not really serving a thing. Except, as a sacrifice. Yes, he was...

  • Cursed Sky - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《COMPLETED》
    186K 6.6K 33

    After the arcobaleno curse was broken, all had seemed well. Tsuna didn't think that he would have been chosen to be the new holder of the sky pacifier. Fated by a prophecy, he is destined to be the last to bear the curse. He lets go of bonds, for other's sake. And when they're gone, loneliness comes. That is until whe...

  • The Sky Arcobaleno Duo
    18.2K 660 13

    "What?!" Checkerface's eyes widen. "This has never happened before. It's impossible. How can the sky pacifier split into half on its own? Why there are two sky pacifier bearers? And what's more, they are just kids." In which Xanxus and Tsuna was chosen to be the sky arcobalenos but no one know about this until much la...

  • Alternate Universe: The Accepting Sky (KHR)
    101K 3.5K 16

    In a alternate universe a certain Brunette anti-gravity defying teen lived his life as the Greatest Hacker, and 'second' in the ranking of greatest hitman in the mafia world. He was ignored by his parents since birth because of a certain younger twin that they loved more that him. What happens when a certain sadist...