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  • A Pretty Girl Next To A Pretty Girl
    26.2K 1K 20

    A pretty girl next to a pretty girl. (Maybe occasionally next to a third pretty girl!) Twice one-shot collection. Mostly fluffy, occasionally angsty, and always full of feels.

    2.2K 96 3

    A peek into the world of God and Goddesses.

  • Ghost [Kim Taehyung/Jeon Jungkook]
    139K 8.7K 16

    There is something in Jeon Jungkook's apartment, and it might not be alive. Rankings #9 in taehyungxjungkook as of 5/24/18 #804 in taekook as of 5/24/18 #951 in vkook as of 5/24/18

  • i the moon
    4.7K 333 15

    i am like the moon in many ways.

  • Sweater Weather~Im Nayoung X Joo Kyulkyung [NaPink]
    3.8K 196 9

    "Can I borrow your sweater?" She said awkwardly, rubbing the nape of her neck. "Uh, sure," I said as I started taking off my sweater, not understanding her. "I meant one from you're wardrobe!" She screamed, covering her eyes.