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  • A Thing Called Patience
    44 19 7

    Chrissofia Patience Banks is the first to wake up on her space pod. The first human to discover she wasn't on Earth and instead heading to some strange planet. The only one who suffered going through Earth's toxic atmosphere was Clana Lilly Allecs and no one else. As their space pod travels through space with a ship f...

  • Bïrthmark (☆COMPLETED☆)
    1.9K 103 40

    "My unicorn. I'll love you forever." ~love, Cardinal I felt this overwhelming feeling that someone was watching me. My gut rumbled like my stomach with the kiss of anticipation. Cardinal had found me. "I even remember sometimes that she would joke that it was her birthmark." "Somewhere underneath that caring, goal-rea...

  • ᵀᴴᴱ ᴬᴿᵀᴵˢᴬᴺ (ˢᵀᴱᴹˣˢᵀᵁᴰ)
    745 35 16

    Don Green was a shallow, cocky volleyball player until she met Heaven Jardins, who changed her entire perspective on life. When the bully and victim date, what relationship will arise? Read more to find out and pay attention to switched POV's. **I found these pictures online, not mine, nor do they represent anything...

  • I'm Hers (StudxStud)
    225K 11K 34

    "I'm tired of you being so difficult. I've been trying so hard to be your friend and you just fucking push me away. We'd be talking good One day and the next day you don't even wanna look at me. Every time I think we're making progress you come harder with your bullshit. I ain't never had no female treat me like this...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's Mine (StudxStud)
    8.5K 373 2

    She's mine is the sequel to 'I'm Hers' It has been approximately 5 years since the two, Ronnie and Jasmine have crossed paths . What happens when the two ex lovers meet on a faithful Day? Will they mend their unforgettable Love or move on? WARNING ! Ronnie comes back harsher than ever.

  • Loving you (complete)
    36.5K 1K 12

    Can you fuck yo friends and remains friends? Well hang out with these 3 friends and let's find out 😎

  • TRU Life: Freshman Year (Lesbian)
    17.3K 858 48

    Look out, folks-- there's a new freshman in town. That's right, Gwen Galley has made it to her freshman year of college. With the daunting memories of her past constantly looming in her mind, she must find a way to get through this new chapter in her life. Naturally, this means she's gonna run into all kinds of people...

  • Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL)
    3.1M 93.1K 31

    girlxgirl HIGHEST RANKING(S): #1 IN GIRLONGIRL #1 IN GIRLS #1 IN TEACHER #5 IN GXG An emotionally battered woman with a craving for a attention and a high-school senior who has been more through more than her fair share of trying events. What happens when these two are put right next door to one another? Lexi is a yo...

  • Acting Out [Student/Teacher, GxG]
    1.1M 32.3K 42

    Eighteen year old Rowan Harris has it all; the brains, the looks, the charm, and a coveted spot in the world's most exclusive film school. There's just one problem: Rowan's life might not be as perfect as she'd like you to think, and her glamorous new teacher is no stranger to secrets. With everything on the line, thi...

  • The Principle
    81K 1.6K 14

    Sometimes you wonder if you should take life for granted or not. And I myself always took life for granted. I never ONCE cared about anyone until that one special woman walked into my life. Hello, my name is Isabella Wilson and this is the story of how I fell in love with my principle and a lot of other shit that's fu...

  • My Unexpected Mate (GxG)*EDITING*
    2.2M 83.5K 34

    "What's a mate?" *************** Eclipse is what you would call an innocent girl. Ever since her parents both died in a rogue attack when she was younger she has never had anyone to teach her about the world. Her pack blamed her for her parents death and made her slave around for them. She wasn't all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Family I Made
    464K 17.1K 74

    She just wanted a family. She just wanted to be accepted. Well let's see what fate has planned

  • Amerissa
    98.6K 2.4K 33

    Read! Completed. Sequel coming soon. Main character Ig: itsmykea

  • Let Me Hold You
    231K 6.1K 31

    Love is can be a beautiful thing. Everyone deserves it. Kelcey finds herself loving many women and she manages to keep everything balance. That is until a tragedy hits and she struggles to keep her love balanced out for all her women. Will she be left to hold herself down or will she find the one and spend the rest of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tears
    596 59 12

    A girl named Randy quickly leaves her abusive relationship to find new love. After her mother and father beg her to stop living with her uncle in Cleveland because they terribly miss her, she finally caves in. Having never been in this new town, it's time for Randy to find her some new friends and enemies, and maybe e...

  • Professor Rose
    262K 8K 64

    Teacher x Student An artist/writer takes interest into her Professor, but will the Professor take the bait. Will she give into temptation or will her student persuade, tease and seduces her teacher into being with her.

  • Sold to Her
    1.1M 44.8K 99

    Iman Martial has a troubled past, and being sold and auctioned doesn't make it any better. Being used and sold for other enjoyment, she gets sent back to the place that once sold her. Now, a new woman buys her, so what could happen next.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Addiction Is You:Lesbian Story
    45.7K 1.2K 33

    "A-awh fuck Papi,dont stop!! Give it to me!! Aw god!! I'm gonna cover ur face in my cum! Fuck! Here it comes! Ah ah ahhhhhh!" Tina screamed out loud gushin tuggin at my hair. I lick'd that pussy clean n wiped my face before givin ha a shower wit me n then gettin dressed,tellin ha to get out. I'on let nobody stay at ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • CHANCES ? ( StudxStud) [ON PAUSE]
    19.1K 817 23

    Read to find out ...

  • stable-ish
    11.5K 616 23

    you think after 4 years you'll be over everything and move on. but what happens when your past comes back?

  • Light Brown 😩
    2K 73 6

    Sani (@whitegirl.jay) recently moved from Houston to Atl and has eyes on her neighbor across the street Kj (@kodieshane) but will Kj's ex KoKo (@kovrtney) let them be together? Kj's best friends twin (@laashxrtie) might also have eyes on Sani THIS IS MY FIRST STORY #studxstud s4s #plottwist

  • Dreams (Studxstud)
    15.6K 1K 9

    Slow updates A studxstud story with a twist

  • wreckless
    39.6K 1.3K 34

    in which kodie falls in love with kehlani- but kehlani uncovers her darkest of secrets that could end things for them both. - could contain content that is triggering for sensitive readers.

  • Shawty from the Block
    39.9K 1.3K 11

    Koi , a 20 year old student at Texas Southern , finally tries to give love a chance after someone catches her attention.

  • Hard To Love
    118K 3.5K 37

    Stud for stud story. No hate allowed.

  • Two Bonnie's Underneath
    1.5K 61 6

    Two Bonnie's Underneath is a stud for stud story about Aileema and Romyla. Two studs who meet on a Regular every day jobs. neither one claim to be stud4stud. neither one want anything to do with one another. but things take a turn when they meet Malaysia. the two then figures talks.

  • Virgin Games.[s4s]
    11.9K 483 3

    Faith, 16 year old virgin, keeps to herself dresses in boy clothes to keep attention away from herself. Raven...the complete opposite 17 year old virgin, loud and rowdy attention seeker, she's the typical highschool player, who tricks females out of their v-card but what happens when these two meet...?

  • Beautiful wreck colorful mess GxG
    3.7K 149 6

    "No fucking body needs to know what happened last night!" Ky growled at me "keep it like that". I was filled with hurt and confusion and frustration and jealousy. Why does she get to walk away from this without catching any feelings ?! I kissed my best friend. One kiss was all it took and now I can't get us spending...

  • Thug-ish (Book 1)
    18.2K 1K 39

    Leticia swore to never associate herself with any drug dealer after growing up with one for a father, but when West walks into her life everything changes. Jamiyah has never felt free until meeting Malo, but when Malo wants to start a family when Jamiyah is just nineteen years old she starts to feel a bit out of cont...