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  • Sonic Boys X Reader (REQUESTS: CLOSED)
    983K 19.7K 142


  • Life Behind Bars
    2.5K 139 22

    Everyone knows how Scourge felt during his time in the No Zone Prison, but no one knows the full story. After being defeated by Sonic, he was taken to the No Zone Prison where he went through abuse, humiliation, and a series of mixed emotions. In this story, you will truly understand Scourge's pain and hard times he e...

  • Sonic ships rp
    32.1K 206 43

    RP any Sonic ships you want. Also smut/lemon and requests are allowed

  • - sonic boys x reader -
    408K 7K 62

    Have fun reading cute little story's with your favourite sonic boys! ☺️ I do not own any of the characters, they all belong to SEGA...

  • Sonic Half-Lemons: Roles Reversed
    48.3K 606 5

    You know how with some ships, there's one that's almost always the uke? Well, not this time! (Sonic, Silver, and Manic are male. Shadow, Mephiles, Scourge, and Fleetway are hermaphrodites) I own nothing from SEGA.

  • Sonic Oneshots
    52K 720 12

    Give me a ship, a prompt, and I'll write it! Feel free to request OC's! Yaoi, yuri, and hetero are all written here! I also must add: THESE ARE NOT LEMONS. Lol im not underage anymore, but lemons will be a seperate book if there's enough demand.

  • Sonic Boyfriend Preferences (DISCONTINUED)
    28.9K 306 12

    Just some preferences that a couple of Sonic Boys have if you wanna date them! ^^

  • Sonic Oneshots [REQUESTS PAUSED]
    2.5K 37 12

    Request anything BUT smut cause I'm still learning that. OCS ARE ALLOWED

  • ~If Sonic had Facebook~
    19.6K 614 40

    Tons of stuff happens, mostly random things anyways. So it's simply a joke book, just to be clear. Inspired by @lushiboom. (If Sonic has chat rooms) This is just a book where I can just let loose and let my funny side take over.