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  • The Happy Birthday Song ✓
    2.6M 123K 14

    ❝You and me,❞ he whispered, ❝until the end of time.❞ // A chronicle of Junie Bennett's birthdays from the ages of ten to twenty one.

  • The Twelve Kingdoms
    37.7K 1.9K 12

    "It's a lose-lose situation. Only one of them is a little less lose than the other one. Your call." Twelve kingdoms. Twelve powers. Twelve lives intertwined in a dark vortex of insanity. A dark twist on different fairy tales. [contains some graphic violence/torture]

  • Remember ✓
    30.2K 2.3K 1

    A young man and a woman sit on a hilltop, doomed to watch the same scene play out before their eyes again and again. For how long? Until they remember. {Written 2013.}

  • Iridescent
    202K 10.5K 15

    They weren't supposed to meet. But life does that sometimes; it throws in a couple of new faces that bring you the utmost of joys in the most unlikeliest of places, and every now and then, you'll come across someone who changes you - someone who's genuine and wonderful and full of hope; someone who changes your perspe...

  • annihilate
    29.5K 3K 12

    and god, i love you. // inspired by "art class" by rhiannon mcgavin // #68 in poetry

  • Time ✓
    25.8K 2.2K 1

    A quiet afternoon is infinitely more interesting when you add a young man who claims to be a time-traveler, a half-completed shopping list, and an unhealthy amount of sarcasm. {Written 2014}

  • Door To Door
    601K 37.3K 10

    Hudson Ellis is good at his job. Somehow, he manages not to annoy people when he knocks at their doors and asks them to contribute to the charity he works for - instead, he gets them to sign up for sponsoring programmes and fish whatever spare change they have out of their pockets. Even the infamously tough residents...

    11K 359 3

    When nineteen-year-old American university student James Bradford finds himself abandoned abroad, broke, and within 12-hours of being homeless, a last minute email from a selfless stranger seems to be his saving grace. James leaves his hostel and heads to the outskirts of London where a free room, board, and kind eld...

  • Kiss Me
    110K 3.5K 2

    They weren't supposed to kiss. But they did.

  • Pink Skies
    192K 15.3K 24

    Sometimes it snows, and sometimes you meet beautiful boys with cameras, and sometimes it snows and you meet beautiful boys with cameras. // #20 in short story //

  • Paris in the Rain ✓
    36.8K 2.6K 1

    "Every fairytale begins in the rain." When you run into an old bookshop in the middle of Paris to escape a storm, who knows who you might meet there. {Written 2014.}

  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
    3.3M 198K 4

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • Million Dollar Woman ✓
    24.4K 2.1K 1

    She was invincible and unfixable. She was the woman you'd been warned about since you could walk. She was the smile that robbed a million dollars, and twice as many hearts. {Written 2013.}

  • Snapshot ✓
    30.6K 2.5K 1

    This woman could have been a spy, a duchess and the lover of a young cameraman all at once. She was a conjurer of a thousand stories, each unique to every observer; the elusive face behind any tale you put to her. {Written 2013.}

  • The Reaper
    115K 8K 5

    As far as lazy roommates go, Death is probably as bad as they come. Rosa Delgada only wants a nice, ordinary weekend. When some guy claiming to be the Reaper comes knocking on her door, any plans of normality are thrown straight out of the window. Now she's got to worry about Death sleeping on her sofa, the forces of...

  • Beast of America
    195K 7.4K 8

    Abominations. Atrocities. Disgraces. Werewolves are the monsters that God cursed the world with, according to Hale's Valley and Samantha Bureau. But Sam is a glitch. Humans don't survive transformations, but after being bitten by a rogue, she wakes up as a wolf. She's forced to leave her puritanical town behind until...

  • Fear of Flying ✓
    71.7K 4.7K 1

    A fear of flying is one thing. Being seated next to a Tetris-addict who claims to be the Reaper is quite another. "He pulled out a business card. Where his profession should have been stated, the card read 'Destroyer of Worlds'. Nodding slowly, I pocketed the card." [check out the new spin off: http://www.wattpa...

  • boy
    164K 14.7K 12

    "i remember." © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2015. N. A. The sequel to 'Boy' is 'Funnybones' and is available to read on my profile.

  • Sea Glass
    26.3K 1.7K 7

    It was a piece of sea glass.

  • The People On The Plane
    8.8K 854 7

    Aspen Klaremonte's last day is no more interesting or much more eventful than any other. And when the plane she is on malfunctions, it doesn't seem to change much. It doesn't seem to change her or any of the other passengers, save for their hysterical panic and the fact that soon they will probably be dead. They will...

  • Liar, Liar
    127K 7K 43

    all we were are teenagers; blind, and in love.

  • Rooftop Loving
    14.4K 803 27

    ~~ okay so this is a terrible story written a V long time ago by a 15 year old me. 10/10 do not recommend as it's only kept up bc it was my first book on this user that got higher than 5,000 (back when I first got it lmfao). Ily all ~~ ❝ and in the end we're only human drunk on the idea of love, because only love, cou...

  • Bedmate
    760K 13.5K 23

    » all he wanted was sex, but instead he got a friend « cover by my honey @Flowerboys ❤

  • mis-dialled
    5.5K 338 19

  • Bubblegum Boy
    175K 13K 14

    12 Thursdays, 1 bitchy Walmart worker, and 1 bubblegum boy. [Short Story #25 // Humor #153] // don't read this, iT SUCKS ASS //

  • The Bucket List
    163K 10.5K 14

    [a story] in which an ailing girl checks off everything on her bucket list with a little help from her weirdly attractive neighbor. [spiritual #8 // short story #41] WARNING: this shit is cheesy as hell i wanna gouge my eyes out

  • The Fan
    535K 15.2K 12

    Things have changed since Kyle Donovan was a kid. When you happen to be a famous rockstar, what you ate for breakfast has already been broadcast to the world before you've even had a chance to digest it. The hashtag gangs own Twitter and the fans have all the power. And now, unfortunately for Kyle he's trapped in a...

  • Jesse's Girl
    116K 3.9K 7

    Emma is a professional clown. Which is just perfect, because she thinks she's falling in love with a guy who never smiles. Emma is willing to do anything to change Jesse's life to make him happy. Except, Jesse already has a family and too many dark secrets to count. Can the girl with the happy soul change the guy with...

  • Cold Coffee {COMPLETED}
    20.3K 1.2K 16

    ❝I’ll tell you about my demons and you tell me about yours. Maybe they’ll get along well enough to fall in love and leave us alone.❞