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  • Eddsworld NSFW
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  • • Eddsworld Zodiacs •
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    You already know what it is

  • TOMTORD smut (nope nope nope im sry every1 but this is discontinued :,0)
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    This, is gonna contain SMUT. It's Tomtord only tho don't worry- Sub: Tord Dom: Tom (wowowowwowow that rhymes) what

    Completed   Mature
  • tomtord smut (sin)
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    Warning smut and also no sub Tom aloud

  • Transgender AU (TomTord) FanFiction
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    Trans! Tord Tord is Trans. This is just AU. I just wanna do, Nothing bad. Mostly fluff..Alot. I don't like hate or critism. Warning: A little bit Transphobic Cursing Also, Shit chapters. Cringe at me books yall. I did fuckin mofo here..

  • Eddsworld X reader one shots and lemons
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    *WARNING* THIS WILL CONTAIN SMUT! So if you have a problem. .... get over it.

  • Tomtord pics
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    hello none of this art is mine cridets to the artists and will I continue my other story IDK OK bye

  • my alpha boyfriend (tomtord omegaverse story)
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    this is a tomtord omegaverse story so if you dont like it i dont care

  • •HER• - Tom x reader x Tord - Fem reader [DISCONTINUED]
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    [can I delete this now, I can't stand looking at this again] - Late 2019 -------------------------- Hello! This is my first fanfic so it might be a little dodgy so please don't blame me. (y/n) - your name (L/n) - last name (f/?) - favourite something POV - point of view I honestly don't know why I made this, I was j...

  • Eddsworld Tord X Reader Lemon
    180K 1.7K 5

    This takes place after Tord betrayed all his friends. Soon after, you move in and become friends with them. You help Tord get back with the crew, but build something a bit stronger than friendship along the way.

    Completed   Mature
  • Eddsworld X Reader (GIRLS ONLY!) (Why Are Y'all Still Reading This!)
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    I like Eddsworld it made me happy and has helped me with art. So thank u Eddsworld.(GIRLS ONLY!) Cover was made by my friend child-rue. 2021 This book was made soooo long ago. Like why y'all still reading it 😂😂 it sucks! I have better books. If you wanna read mine. I hate this book it's so cringe

  • Stuck In The middle(Tom X reader X Tord)
    71.5K 1.7K 12

    Stuck in the middle explores more of your past, and how it effects your life living next door to four guys. But of course one catches your eye, as the other one falls for you. Who will you choose?

  • Stuck In A Bad Situation (Tom X Reader)
    98.6K 2.2K 12

    (Sequel to stuck in the middle) Set two years after the incident with Tord, you and your fiance Tom try to have a normal life. But you never expected your past to come back, let alone meet the red leader. (Mostly Tom X reader)

  • ~Black Eyed Love~ [Tom X Reader]
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    So... I don't think people will ever read this... That's my doubt. It's also not really Canon on the storyline. 9/18/2017 UPDATE: I TAKE IT BACC I HAVE 800+ READS HOLY SHI-

  • Lives On The Line (Eddsworld) Tord x reader
    165K 4.5K 40

    So this story is about you (the reader duh) and your life in the red army! You are a red army soldier living the life of war accompanied by your best friend, Lyra. I might be slow at updating but I'll try my hardest to update quickly! •﹏• ~Starboi

  • cringe tomtord fanfic
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    i am going to kill myself why did any1 read this

  • Rough Treatment (TomTord Smut/Lemon ONESHOT)
    8K 94 1

    (Not claiming ownership of anything but the story itself. Also yeah, the smut is legit, dont worry.) "G-get the fuck off me, Tord!" He stumbles me across the room. Reckless and hitting almost everything on the way there. "Tom, I fucking hate you!" He grits under his teeth as he pushes me with force onto the room. I'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eddsworld Tord x Reader (Maybe Lemon?)
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    just a short tord x reader maybe a lemon may not dont know

  • Edd X Reader
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    This is mainly for my best friend who loves edd but ya know enjoy

  • Tom x Reader
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    so before I start, I wanted to say it contains 'small' hints of smut soooo I would advise not to read if under...lets say 11 or 12? whatever just dont do this irl, k? ok on to teh fanfics :3

  • EddsWorld Tom X Reader
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  • Love? Eddsworld Tord x reader
    36.7K 830 13

    When your brother, Edd dies of cancer who will help You? Your enemy or best friend?

  • Devils love (Tord x Reader) (Lemon)
    42.5K 651 17

    Home in your apartment. You are an 18 year old girl (sorry boys ;-;) and you had your own flat, your mum and dad had both died recently, your mum from cancer and dad from a bullet to the heart. one person on the news that you did not want to see, is the one person that shows up to your door. (Art Is mine please don't...

  • The Doot Doot Chronicles
    35.9K 993 10

    Welcome to Fuck The X reader to end all X readers

  • Eddsworld Tom x Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    27.6K 461 6

    Read if you want, but I'm not going to finish it.

  • Eddsworld Tom x Reader
    230K 3.2K 47

    Your parents died in an accident and you had no place to go except your brothers house with his friends. You fall in love with one of them but what happens next is... DUN DUN DUNNN [Book: Finished] |2017|

  • Eddsworld Oneshots, Fluff, Lemons, and Smut
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    what the title says :3 ~ (HIGHEST RANKINGS) #1 in Tordedd #1 in hehe (idk why I put that lol) #34 in Eddsworld #16 in Tord #28 in Tomtord