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  • From Rags to Royalty [Jellal x Erza]
    103K 4K 26

    A story with a modern setting. What happens when Erza captures the heart of Prince Jellal? "We are gathered here today," the Minister begins, "to wed our very own Prince Jellal and the soon-to-be Princess Erza." In the vast Kingdom of Fiore, the daughter of a weaponry shop owner becomes the Queen of War!

  • Let the Rain Fall (Gale, Nalu, Jerza )
    900K 27.8K 42

    A Delinquent and a Bookworm. A Teacher and a Student. A Boy with an Unforgettable Past and Girl with no Past. This is not a simple love story. Each couple will face sadness, anger, grief that will follow up to their love. People think love is so easy? Well, not in this story. A NatsuxLucy, JellalxErza, and a Gajeelx...

  • Dealing with My Mafia Hubby (NaLu Fanfic)
    79.5K 1.7K 18

    Lucy Heartfilia is a writer at Fiore Magazines. . Natsu Dragneel is the big boss at his Mafia org. . . . They have different worlds right, but let's just say Lucy and Natsu we're in a relationship when they were in high school, they we're just seperated because of Natsu is the heir to a mafia org. , while Lucy's dad b...

  • We're Totally Opposite [Nalu]
    87 9 3

    Lucy Heartifila is your average 14 year old girl who attend to Fairy Tail High . Lucy is known as a goodie two shoes and a nerd. People think she is to boring but at least the blonde have some great friends . Erza Scarlet , Juvia Lockser , Wendy Dragneel , Mira Strauss and of course her bookworm bff Levy Mcgarden...

  • The Love Band (NaLu, GaLe, JeRza, GrUvia Fan Fic.)
    146K 5.1K 16

    The Famous Boy Band: Fairy Tail The Famous Girl Band: Lovely Fairies Are they friendly to each other? Nope. Why? They both hate each other especially the two main vocals. Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia. Main Singer and Vocals. They both hate each other. Especially when they were young. What did happened to them...

  • The Baby Project ( a Fairy Tail [Natsu x Lucy] fanfiction ) [AU] *nalu*
    319K 9.1K 12

    "And so, partner up ! It's time for our annual baby project !" Natsu instantly turns to the dozing blonde. "Luce ! Let's be partners alright ?" Lucy looks up with a dazed expression. "Sure, I'm always partners with you anyway !" She responds enthusiastically. "Yeah!" Lucy smiles at Natsu, and Natsu smiles back. Th...

  • My Real Girlfriend BOOK 2 ( A Gruvia Fanfic ) ✔
    224K 8.9K 65

    [A/N: You might see some grammatical errors in this book and I apologize for that because English is not my first language.] 2ռɖ ɮօօҡ օʄ 'Mʏ Gɨʀʟʄʀɨɛռɖ ʄօʀ a Mօռtɦ'. It all started with a "fake" dating, "fake" acting and "fake" feelings. But, after thinking it through, what if everything becomes "REAL"? Finally, Gray...

  • She's my Personal Assistant ( A Gruvia Fanfic ) ✓
    711K 28.5K 92

    She cares for him.. She loves him... She helps him... She's the one who changed his entire life into a fun one... She's his Personal Assistant... #62 in Fanfiction ♥ (072317) #67 in Fanfiction ♥ (071617) #73 in Fanfiction ♥ (071117) #85 in Fanfiction ♥ (070717) #93 in Fanfiction ♥ (062817) #99 in Fanfictio...

  • My Girlfriend for a Month (Gruvia Fanfic) ✔ [First place at FTWattyAwards]
    600K 23.1K 52

    (STORY CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING) You might see some grammatical errors and I'm fixing all of them. I'm sorry for having a bad grammar back then. Take note that this was made in between 2014-2015. #8 in Paranormal (6/15/17) #13 in Paranormal (6/12/17) #15 in Paranormal (6/11/17) #117 in Paranormal (060917) Gray Fullbust...

  • Geekishly Perfect | Nalu
    169K 4.4K 24

    Lucy Heartfilia is a straight A student,with her IQ up in the satisfactory; she is elegant yet, intelligent. Lucy tends to hang out with the 'misfits' or 'nerds' even though, she could pick which group she wanted to be in. Lucy is referred to as a 'geek' since, she lacks confidence and, ignores those who attempt to as...

  • Just My Luck [NALU]
    45.6K 1.6K 19

    #1 IN LUCKYFRIYAY #7 IN LUCK. #7 IN UNLUCKY. #5 IN NOTORIOUS. #63 IN NOT CLICHE. I LOVE YOU ALL ~ <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ I scoffed, turning to face him, my arms crossed. "I don't need you to help me with it." I insisted. He chuckled, raising an eyebrow at me. "From what I see, you're only done with the first and you've g...

  • His Heart's Key | nalu
    109K 4.8K 27

    He stared at her impassively. From her spot on the ground, it wasn't hard to see his unapologetic face. "W-why would you do that?" She shivered from the cold, the snow soaking into the back of her uniform. She glared up at him, mad at the injustice of his actions. "You're annoying." "Well I'm clearly not the on...

  • The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ]
    74.8K 2.9K 27

    TW: depression, self harm, abuse With Lucy's new view on life and her new plan to stay in this world will everything fall in place? Or will things just get worse? PART TWO OF A FANFIC. READ "The Red Balloon" FIRST :) School AU Ships: Nalu (with some Jerza, Gruvia, Gajevy) Cover art not by me (can't find original arti...

  • Maybe this Time [[ NaLu: Fanfiction ]]
    251K 9.1K 43

    When I was a child I dream to have my own happy ending just like what I've watched in Disney movies. I had been reading lots of romance books, and I even listen to my relatives how they find their own the 'one'. I imagined how their life is written in paper with black and white suddenly get splashed on by the beauty o...

  • HE IS MY DOCTOR NALU (FT) *Currently under grammar editing*
    167K 4K 35

    AU NALU FANFICTION IS HERE!!! ~~ What'll happen when a patient and a doctor fell in love with each other? Or rather, what happen that makes them head over heels with each other? NATSU, a charming billionaire doctor that had finally found his important someone, but love had never been easy right?

  • Fairy Tail: My Trainer (Nastu x Lucy)
    177K 4.4K 19

    Lucy Heartfilia has had a rough time in life. Her first marriage was a failure due to Laxus' unfaithfulness, they divorce on bad terms and guilt fills Lucy once she finds out of his death. Her father is the only person she can say is the most important to her, so she listens to his advice. "Go out more, Lucy." And win...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Little Secret.
    238K 5.6K 35

    What if Mira-Jane Strauss, Fairytail matchmaker, was right ? What if Natsu and Lucy liked each other ? What if they were dating in secret ? Will she ever know ? What if there's more to Lucy and her family than she thought ? What if there are more secrets to Celestial Magic then you thought ? How far will Natsu go fo...

  • NaLu College Pregnancy (Nalu fanfic)
    86.9K 1.5K 25

    It's the middle of the year at Fairy Tail University, and Lucy Heartfillia, finds out that she is pregnant at 21 years old by the star basketball player Natsu Dragneel. How will things turn out? Will Natsu be happy or sad about becoming a father? Find out in the story!! (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL OR ANY OF...

  • The Singer & The Bad Boy (NaLu)
    360K 10.3K 41

    Lucy Heartfilla was once a famous singer until her mother died. The only reason she would sing was for her mother as it made her happy. Since she passed Lucy stopped singing and went to Fairy Tail an academy for the gifted. There her brother Gray was in a band with Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus and Jellal. Lucy only had her be...

  • [NaLu AU] The Kingdom's Crown
    24.4K 1K 19

    Lucy Heartfilia, Princess of Celestia. Her life is perfect...she's well taken care of, not to mention extremely beautiful. However, Lucy is overly spoiled, being used to get everything she desires. One day, her kingdom gets attacked due to her people's uprising against her father's horrible treatment and ruling of the...

  • Falling for the Hot-Head [NaLu]
    493 29 14

    Lucy Heartfilia, 19, is an innocent yet clever girl and a new student at Fairy Tail Academy, a prestigious college she had always hoped to attend. Natsu Dragneel, 20, is a trouble making, pink haired boy with a fiery personality who Lucy meets on her first day. The two immediately become close friends, and despite the...

  • The Distance We Create(Nalu)
    7.3K 260 15

    (Our Distorted Perspectives Updated Version) Misunderstandings. One misunderstanding leads to another and then another and another... With one misunderstanding an endless cycle has begun to which there is no going back...only forward. Forward in a direction that you will not go. And as the cycle continues, the distanc...

  • ✔How To Catch A Girlfriend✔
    170K 5.7K 25

    ♡ "A dare is a dare, man. Go do it." ♡ ♡ Natsu gets dared to be the nerdy sweetheart, Lucy Heartfilia's boyfriend for one month, and in that time, Natsu falls in love with her. But, unfortunately, Lucy finds out about how he had been dared to date her, so she stops talking to him. Now it's Natsu's job to get her back...

  • The policeman and the high schooler(NaLu Fanfiction)
    29.6K 888 30

    Lucy is a 17 years old and in her senior year in High School. She's about to turn 18, but before that happens she meets a very Hot guy with pink hair. She falls in love with him with out even realizing that he is a cop until she sees him one day in a cop uniform. Natsu Dragneel is a 23 year old policeman. He has never...

  • The fairy house
    47.5K 1K 13

    16 beautiful or handsome, yet not so rich or famous teens sign up for the fairy house, thinking they would be working as an intern or something like that to earn some cash, the big surprise is when they realized that they just signed up to be on a some what arrange marriage reality tv show! And get this, they each hav...

  • Married at Eighteen [NaLu] ✓
    3.6M 130K 57

    Highest ranking: #100 in fanfiction [051317] » who knew two strangers getting married from an arrangement could eventually fall in love for real ? started : Apr.16, 2015 ended : Mar.04, 2016 (for book 1) ended : Dec. 19, 2018 (for book 2) √ 1M √ 2M [ jul.15.17 ]

  • Life Undercover
    19.3K 702 6

    Lucy Heartfilia is the best assassin in the world. She is known to be sneaky and seductive when it comes to killing. But no one in the world knows what Ms. Heartfilia looks like, except the organization she's in. She works for the best organization in Magnolia, Fairy Tail. Lucy comes back from every mission she goes...

  • The Dragon in the Cave
    88.5K 2.5K 17

    Lucy slowly becomes attached to the dragon in the cave. The dragon has secrets and someone finds out about Lucy's secret meetings. Will Lucy and the dragon still meet? And what is Lucy's secret?

  • Mermaid Tail {A NaLu AU}
    272K 11.1K 16

    In a world of magic, legends, pirates, and mythical beings, Fiore is a kingdom long forgotten. Within the deep blue of its ocean, the Obsidian, lies a lone mermaid by the name of Lucy Heartfilia. She has run from home, a home overrun by her corrupt father, and now roams the seas with her best friend Plue, a shapeshift...

    Completed   Mature
    105K 1.8K 13

    (Y/N) (L/N) a very mysterious girl. She is a Fairy Tail member, but not just any Fairy Tail member, no she's a triple S-Class wizard, a Shadow God Slayer. She always wears a black cloak and hoodie, so nobody can see her face. Most people think she is a boy. She doesn't talk to other guild members or uses her magic, u...