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  • Contronym
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    "I know I'm hot, but keep your legs closed, Mason." *** "Fuck you." I panted out at him. His mouth moved to my ear, sending a chill down my spine as he whispered. "I think the correct phrase is 'fuck me'." **** Contronym: Opposites in the same mold That's what Sylvia Mason and Finn Riley are. After moving to the hig...

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  • Synonym
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    "I'd much rather have my head between her legs than yours." *** SEQUEL TO CONTRONYM Life is never kind to the broken. Then again, aren't we all broken? I've faced the sexists, the egotistics, the rapists, the catalysts; everyone is an asshole in their own right. Sadly, I'm maxing out on how much more hardship I can t...

  • Antagonym
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    "You have yourself convinced you don't want me, but that changes as soon as my head's between your legs." "Not everything is about sex, no matter how much I like you between my legs." "Says the girl who sleeps in my arms every night to feel safe." *** Danielle Riley has big shoes to fill. Between the expectations impo...

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  • Heteronym
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    The broken can never be healed. The same weak cracks will always be there no matter how hard you wish for them to fade. I am facing more grief than I can handle at the moment. Then add on my new professional hockey career and the fact that my biggest nightmare might walk free in a few months, and you get a piece of g...