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  • A Trading of Hearts: Cold becomes Warm, and Warm becomes Cold Vol. 1
    266K 2.8K 30

    A male reader x Cheater Weiss Schnee book. DISCLAIMER: RWBY BELONGS TO ROOSTER TEETH YOU BELONG TO YOURSELF STORY PLOT BELONGS TO ME(past volume 3) Why did she do this?........ How long has she been doing this?...... Did I fuck up?....... I thought I was making her happy....... I thought she was satisfied with me...

  • Harem Cheater Rwby x Prototype (On hold For Now)
    164K 1.3K 19

    This story is On Hold For now. Well here goes nothing.

  • The String You've Cut (Cheater RWBY X Male Reader)
    602K 5.4K 51

    Y/n, one of the strongest and the most valuable hunter in Beacon. Almost nobody have surpassed his ability except his brother. And with his RWBY team girlfriend, they're unstoppable. What will happen when Y/n found out that they've been cheating behind him? I do not own RWBY. I just own this story

  • cheater NDGO x male reader x RWBY
    315K 2.2K 16

    This was a story idea that popped in me and my friends heads and if you want to read his, feel free to. So, there will be a bio of what you will wear, what your weapon and semblance is and as always the prologue will explain how everything begins, And I had to reupload this cause the previous one was messing up and it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cheater Blake X Male!Reader
    104K 966 9

    Broken, cold, angry and uncontrollable. How does it feel to have your heart ripped out and stomped on. Someone has betrayed you, someone will help you and someone will risk everything for you, but no one can choose your path for you. Disclaimer:I do not own RWBY. All credit goes to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum (R.I.P)...

  • The Winds of Change (Cheater Ruby Rose x Male reader)
    183K 1.7K 8

    You felt like you were one of the luckiest guys in Vale since you were dating the Genius Ruby Rose, but those feelings turned to hatred when she did something you never thought she was capable of doing.

  • Cheaters never wins (Cheater Weiss x Male reader x Blake) (Revised/Reworked)
    22.1K 159 25

    This is an extended and fix story from another in deviantart and dont worry i got permision to do this. Here is the original story: