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  • Im just a Sweet Transvestite
    4.7K 143 21

    This is going to be a story about Frank n Furter's brother. Kevin. He goes through a lot while Frank is visiting. Frank brings back a beautiful girl and... I can't tell you!! You'll just have to read and find out ;D

  • The Lorax- Trees Point Of View
    59 1 1

    **PLEASE READ** YES, I AM AWARE THAT TREES CANT MOVE. BUT THIS IS THE LORAX FOR FUCKS SAKE. IF THE FISH CAN WALK, SO CAN THE MOTHER FLIPPIN' TREES. Oh and this book has violent death scenes so if your easily grossed out, dont read this. And all respect to Dr. Seuss. He will be missed. This story is not attemting to ma...

  • The Lorax 2
    2.5K 65 5

    The Lorax sequel everyone's been demanding

  • Physically Touchable - Onceler x Reader Fanfiction
    94.6K 1.1K 9

    [Finished] This is a newer story that will have much more logic and not just newbie fanfiction Onceler trash on it. lots of Adventure! I feel its more enjoyable and he's in your world! LOVE HIM TO PIECES! ❤❤❤😭😍

  • jeff fucking kills megamind
    1.2K 77 3

    the title explains it all -co-written by @ratatoing_fan_69

  • The Lorax
    32.3K 1K 5

    It's about the life of the Lorax

  • Next Level Scissoring (Ironman x Edward Scissorhands)
    952 14 1

    Tony and Edward get it on.

  • The Lone Scoob- A Scooby-Doo Fanfiction
    867 20 6

    This is a joke and should be treated like a joke.