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  • The reincarnated boy. UNDER MAYJOR EDITING.
    140K 4.7K 31

    Yury berlot. My name before I died. Yury berlot. My second name was still the same. I died due to kung cancer, for 16 years i lived nearly half of my life in the same hospital, the same room, the same nurse, and the same medical assistant. I'm tired. I'm so glad my last moments with my friends was laugher and happines...

  • Reincarnated as the Villain?
    314K 14.4K 18

    Edward Jones was a pretty average guy he ran a fairly popular bakery and had a love of otome games but other than that he was completely average then one day after saving a young girl from a truck he gets reincarnated as the villain in an otome game he recently finished Oh and did I mention he's gay?

  • I got reincarnated as a villain!
    926K 45K 27

    Haruka was an adorable ball of fluff and a scientist in his past life, studying CRISPR. However, when an 'accident' causes him to die and take the soul of a fictional villain in a fictional otome game, he realises that all of his research is gone, and everyone hates him for some reason! Read along as the lazy boy atte...

  • A Good Wife (COMPLETE)
    1.2M 54.1K 34

    The protagonist is a homosexual guy who is handsome, thick(muscular), and tall. But all of his relationship failed because of one reason.....they thought he wants to be the top but he never wants to top, he is a loyal bottom! Dying as virgin saving a little girl's life. When he opens his eyes, its blurred with blood...

  • Don't Yawn, My Lazy King
    249K 11.3K 19

    Dying at the age of 30 due to a natural calamity accident, transmigrated in a world with more high tech mech and a body of a handsome rich kid, receiving a space full of natural resources one country will drool over, this Lazy guy is not move even a bit. Yawning as if it is painful to even move. "Let's sleep." As he h...

  • The Synthetic Victim [BL]
    113K 5.8K 19

    Seraph's death was sudden. Though, she couldn't recall how or why it happened. All she know is that she's dead, and that's much what it left in her. Yet she vaguely remember how she lived her life, or how she was being a girl, even how she was still human regardless the pain and sorrow she felt in the pit of her heart...

  • Transmigration of an adorable Little Host
    259K 11K 15

    After being betrayed, kidnapped and sold of to a brothel by his own lover, Su Yi Kai tried to escape from this sick scheme. But unfortunately, He Got caught and been shot in the head while running. Laying there while blood seeps out from the gun shot that's been created. His Last Final Wish was just to have a normal...

  • Being Reborn As Royalty
    198K 6.1K 16

    Louise died now hes reborn as a Crown Prince of a kingdom. Now what will happen to him? Being a crown prince isn't easy, with a super clingy siblings, a closet pervert for a butler, a knight that stays by your side 24/7, and a lot of admirers. "Nii-sama teach me" "Nii-chan lets go outside!!" "O..o.nii-chan c-can yo-u...

  • The Heroine Died!? Did The Plot Armor Fail? (Hiatus)
    108K 4.7K 18

    A teenage boy gets reincarnated into an otome game. He became a minor character but something unexpected happened. The heroine that was supposed to save the world died!? This wasn't in the script! While he figures out how to bring a happy ending, the capture targets turn their attention to him. "Haha...ha... I'm in da...

  • Psychotic Love [bl]
    216K 9.2K 19

    Lucia Mooncrest died because of a mistake by truck-sama. But fate had already decided for him to die soon. But the goddess had other plans for him and reincarnated him into an otome game for her own amusement. But it not was not your average otome game. It was a yandere otome game. Lucia had once played this game but...

  • Reincarnated as the Heroine's Brother
    109K 3.9K 23

    "Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being starts a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence." - Wikipedia Reincarnated only...

  • I don't want to marry the Emperor!
    90.6K 3.9K 9

    Yu Jiang handed himself over to Kan Bujian's rival group Eryu to settle the blood vengeance his brother created and was torture to death. Just as Yu Jiang thought that he can finally rest in peace and crossover, a dim bright blue light caught his attention and he stupidly walked towards it and then fell into a seeming...