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  • The Witching Hour
    3.5K 709 43

    She went missing a year ago. Her friends, unable to find her. Now, she haunts their dreams, begging to be found. Welcome to Malachi Peak, where not everything is as it seems. - Buried in the cemeteries on the outskirts of Malachi Peak are more than the bodies of past residents. With them rest hundreds of years worth o...

  • In Love and Diplomacy
    37.8K 2.9K 55

    She was never scared of heights. Avery Woodsen has spent years clawing her way up the political ladder. She's fought and sacrificed to get where she is; she's more than ready to see the fruits of her labor. Finally, it's her chance to get one step closer to her dream - one step closer to D.C., a shiny city just waiti...

  • Damnation Of Devotion ✔
    1.8K 367 33

    "I would've prayed for Them to go easy on you too." He moves and his eyes are on me, eyes where they are brimming with tears, but his soft smile confuses me. Gently caressing my temple, he gazes at me as if I'm the most delicate treasure. His lips kiss my fingers. "They did. A few years late but They did. Their mercy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nobody Like You
    123K 7.3K 36

    Yeju Hwarng no longer believes in love. After breaking up with her long-term girlfriend and watching her parents divorce over the summer, all her passion disappeared, including her passion for science that got her into her microbiology Ph.D. program. When a new roommate moves into the apartment, Yeju recognizes her as...

    Completed   Mature
  • House of Zale - Book 1
    937 60 6

    Kaleb is the lone Paladin of the House Zale and the justiciar of Angelspree, tasked with rooting out heresy and corruption amongst the ranks of the most powerful and dangerous warriors. When he has a neophyte thrust upon him, a great evil reveals itself to make its final play. Kaleb must learn to protect himself and...

  • Pon! Ron! Tsumo! (boyxboy)
    5 1 1

    Theo Allen, a young, shy high school student and extraordinary mahjong player meets Jake Porter, a bubbly and positive student with a passion for art. As the years pass, they grow farther and farther apart. Yet, a drastic loss reunites them. Will this newfound friendship blossom into something more?

  • Royally Bumped
    20.4K 2.2K 36

    When Mila finds out she's pregnant from a one-night stand with a reluctant prince, she is thrust into a fake romance with him; are her feelings that grow for him genuine or for his way of life that ensures her baby stability?|| Down-on-her-luck Mila Kennedy had been looking forward to a quiet life on the southern Engl...

  • These Friends
    24 5 20

    Daniel, Masamune, Ji-Yeon, SF, Tansy. Five friends, millions of bonds. One romantic comedy that you will enjoy. (This novel is written in British English so some words are spelled differently.)