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  • The Amazing Spider-Deku
    18.3K 292 18

    In a world of superheroes, Izuku Midoryia was born of the 20 percent born "quirkless" shattering his dreams of becoming the next Number 1 hero. Followed by the disappearance of his parents, and constant bullying, Izuku's life just keeps getting worse by the day. But one eventful trip to Oscorp changed Izuku's destiny...

  • IzuOcha ꨄ OneShots
    13.1K 323 13

    A bunch of OneShots of Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka, enjoy the many antics I put them through! >:)

  • "Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place" (A BNHA Fanfic)
    72K 874 11

    This is the masterpiece for my wonderful return. I just recently binged My Hero Academia and this has been on my mind ever since I made it to the second season. What really got me going was season 3 episode 14, or chapter 100 in the manga.

  • Don't Touch What's Mine
    88.6K 2.1K 21

    "I'm not jealous, I'm just territorial. Because when you're jealous, you want something that's not yours." When Uraraka gets hit with a quirk that amplifies certain emotions, she becomes distant from her usual self. Midoriya notice this, and attempts to help her. But when the two get closer, the feelings of attachment...

  • Learning to be the best (Izuocha)
    47.6K 866 66

    "A true hero saves not only their lives, but also their hearts." The words of his master were words that he lived by. Deku wanted to try and save as many people as possible, no matter the cost. But what happens when he finds someone a lot closer to him in need of desperate help. This is a story about Izuku Midoriya's...

  • I remember you || Izuocha ||
    58.9K 903 18

    Unfortunate timing leads to Deku moving to america on his own much like all might . When he returns class 1A gives him death glares... Was it because of Ochako ..... (MHA IS OWNED BY HORIKOSHI) Started: 15th of may 2021 Ended : 25th of July

  • A Villains Bright Side (IzukuxOchaco)
    170K 3.2K 21

    "I've never met someone like you, but i'm glad I did" "Pray you'll have a quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof." And so Izuku did, but instead of dying he got saved by the villains. Izuku is now known to the public as Deku. And for the past 2 years Deku has been the worlds most dangerous and viol...

  • The beach (finished and has a sequel)
    70.6K 1.3K 13

    A story I made bc why not >:) This is an AU where Camie transfers to UA It'll have Bakucamie, Izuocha, Todomomo, Kamijirou, TetsuKendo, EraserJoke, Tokotsuyu, Kirimina, and Ojitooru Lots of The's in the title, idk what I'm doing guys WAWWWWW Promise most of the chapters are longer than 1000 words #rare ships lol Also...

  • In a Hero's Arms {Completed} | Deku x Ochaco
    83.5K 1.8K 18

    Ochaco Uraraka has liked a certain dark haired boy ever since she first met him at the gates. But hero training is NOT about romance. Uraraka has resolved to shut it all out for the greater good. But when things start to happen, they are likely to keep on happening. Has Uraraka really put her feelings away? ♡♡♡♡ War...

  • Zero
    33.6K 702 10

    Izuku Midorya does not attend U.A. Ochako Uraraka is the succesor of One for All Oh, and the two have bean dateing for four years. Updates will be every Monday.

  • Complete with You
    173K 4K 57

    Izuku Midoryia has never had time for a love life.His day job keeps him busy and his weekends are filled with recovery,but what if Ochaco never went to U.A and instead worked a secretary at Midoryia's agency.Join in for some laughs,smiles,and tears as we watch the pair grow and mature.

  • Izuocha Villain Rehab *DISCONTINUED*
    17.5K 445 14

    So this is an Izuocha story where they're both villains. It's basically if Deku has taken a different route home in the first episode and was never attacked. And if Uraraka was a villain. Not the best description and definitely not the best writing. (THE COVER ART IS NOT MINE! I REPEAT, THE COVER ART IS NOT MINE)

  • The Double-Agent family (Quirkless AU)
    19.6K 605 60

    Ochako Uraraka is a 21-year-old lady who works hard, earning money from the dojo she inherited from her parents, who moved away to find new jobs. The brunette believed that's how her life would remain... her working non-stop to get little food...but, she is kidnapped and taken hostage by a mysterious young man, who g...

  • Heart of a hero and parent
    215K 4.3K 64

    Izuku Midoriya and his wife Ochako (Uraraka) Midoriya have been married for 2 years and have 3 kids. 6 year old Eri Midoriya who was saved by Izuku on a way home, 5 year old Kota Izumi Midoriya who was saved by the couple and pushed to stay with them after the death of his parents, and their youngest 11 month old Izum...

  • Can This Be Just You and Me ✔️
    5.9K 347 39

    [Complated] I just want you to know that you are very precious to me, I just want you to know that I really want you to be mine, I want you to know that I can deserve your calling as your lover, don't you understand about me who loves you so much? Don't you understand that I really want to be beside you not as a frien...

  • Izuku the Vampire
    95.3K 1.7K 19

    this takes place in Izuku's dorm room suddenly waking up from a dream and finding out that he's a vampire and needs to control it will Izuku be able to not only handle One for All but also his dormant power that are now unleashed find out in Izuku the Vampire also this will be a Izuku x Ochako I might add in more gi...

  • Sick Days
    13.9K 325 12

    When Deku gets sick Uraraka swoops in to the rescue!! But then more and more things go right and wrong.

  • Our Journey Starts Here (Izuku X Ochako) (BNHA Fanfic)
    11.5K 116 8

    After graduating from UA,the entire third grade soon became successful pro heroes,including Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. After hiding their feelings for years,they both finally decide to confess to one another. However,their first date doesn't go as planned...

  • Living with the Midoriyas
    146K 2.7K 30

    Izuku, Ochako, and Eri have been happily living as a family for the past 5 years, but when they encounter an unexpected surprise, will this family of 3 be able to balance the upcoming changes and progression as pro heroes? All character rights go to Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academi...

  • What if Deku was trained by The Green Arrow
    2.9K 63 13

    Synopsis: The life of Izuku Midoriya was about to change... What if instead of being saved by All Might Izuku was saved by something else? Someone else? What if he was saved by a mysterious emerald archer in that underpass? In this story, Izuku was found by none other than the Green Arrow himself. Oliver Queen, recent...

  • What if Deku had the Speed Force
    5.7K 67 13

    Synopsis: Izuku Midoriya has just discovered that he doesn't possess any quirk at the age of 4. This caused him to be bullied by his childhood bully Katsuki Bakugo. Sometimes he'd escape, other times he didn't. Living with a single loving mother Inko. She cared about her son every day. It wasn't until one night where...

  • At What Cost? - IzuOcha
    125K 2.8K 26

    *BEST RANKING* Izuocha - #2 "How can you protect me, if you can't even protect yourself?..." Ochako always spoke her mind. She was kind, honest and loving towards everyone. Especially a certain green-haired boy, who always makes her heart go crazy when she's around him. She feels like she can tell him anything... exce...

  • Didn't Expect To Be Expecting (Adopted)
    92.2K 1.3K 12

    Original by @Ratki69 With Eri being rescued from the Eight Precepts of Death all was seeming to be getting better for the five year old girl who had lost too much in her short life. Now she even has new parental figues in Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. Unfortunately one evening at the UA dorms her dreams are plag...

  • Fear Him, The Monster Of UA
    16.9K 648 3

    A monster. That's all anybody ever saw. Izuku's quirk never let anyone see his real face. Even photographs made people see horrific creatures, demons and Eldrich beings in place of the greenette. Because of this, Izuku almost never went outside. Until UA.

  • The Slugsling Hero,Shane. (MHA X SLUGTERRA Fanfiction) (ON HOLD)
    68.8K 891 24

    This is about the quirkless boy with his infurnus slug friend. On his way home, Midoriya discovered a strange slug-like creature unconsciously after a stray cat attacked him.Then,he decided to take care of that creature. Then Midoriya found out about that creature he had saved.He called it Burpy because that's it's...

  • Ghost | Hacker Deku | Quirk Deku AU
    1.1K 42 3

    Midoriya Izuku, born with a "weak" quirk in society's standards. He was bullied and harassed, and attempted to run away several times. But when a tragic event happened, his oppurtunity arrived. From that day forward, Midoriya was "dead". And a new Vigilante rose instead, nicknamed Ghost. (Izuocha moment, Watchdogs I...

  • BnhaxRdr2 Gunslinger Hero
    2.2K 40 5

    Izuku Midoriya Morgan The Son Of Inko Midoriya And John Morgan And The Grandson Of Arthur Morgan Retired Gunslinger Hero when he got a quirk that's from his grandfather and his Dad But When His Grandpa Arthur Morgan Came To Visit His Daughter In Law Inko And His Son John When John Told His Dad that He Was Quirkless Ar...

  • Izuku Yagi: The Green Ranger
    383K 5.6K 53

    Izuku Yagi had a great life. His Dad was the number one hero All Might, his Mom was the number 5 hero Green Magnet, and his twin sister Izumi Yagi was his best friend. But then when they went to the quirk doctor everything changed. Izumi got a super powerful quirk, while Izuku was diagnosed quirkless. After that his...

  • Awkward love ~a IzuOcha fanfiction
    107 6 1

    Hey y'all, this is just a cute one shot of our awkward little munchkins from class 1A in my hero academia, I hope you enjoy! Art is not mine

  • what He Deserves ( an izuocha fanfic )
    9.4K 101 6

    ( Spoilers ) Bakugo likes uraraka , but Uraraka likes Deku :) and deku have feelings for her as well , one day bakugo trying to confess uraraka but BOOM CLIFFHANGER HAHAHA this is my first time making a fanfic so pls no hate!