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  • I Talk To A Camera ((Kellic))
    54.3K 4.3K 22

    While living in a world full of rainbow pens, fat pigeons, sarcastic mothers, and Tumblr, the drama surrounding Vic Fuentes is just the icing on the cake for YouTuber Kellin Quinn. Can this flamboyant high school student survive it all while striving for the cute guy who secretly watches his videos? (Originally writte...

  • Locket |kellic; boyxboy|
    390K 23.9K 41

    We were enemies by birth. We were in love by choice. [trigger warning for like three chapters]

  • Call It What You Want (Kellic)
    39.1K 2.2K 29

    Vic Fuentes has been living a pretty normal and subtle life as a writer in his peaceful home. However, he's been in a horrible case of writer's block for almost a year. Putting his brother's idea into consideration, he has gotten his entire world shaken up by visiting a gay strip club one night.

  • Jokes [Kellic]
    22.9K 2.6K 18

    This kid tells another depressed kid some jokes, and he secretly likes them {discontinued}

  • texting kellic
    75.2K 5.4K 103

    a series of different kellic texting scenarios (& groupchats)

  • BADLANDS → kellic
    997 75 3

    ❝ if this were a movie, i would ride off in some blood red sunset down a stretch of desert road into the wasteland that keeps us captive here. but this isn't a movie. these are the badlands. ❞ Kellin Quinn lives in an urban wasteland. At the tender age of twenty-one, they deal drugs to get by and spend their nights ru...

  • The Kids are Fine | Kellic (boyxboy)
    26.6K 1.5K 18

    Kellin wants to die. Vic wants him to live. It seems simple, but nothing about the way he stopped him from ending his life is simple. Kellin had a plan. Vic complicated things by forcing a breath of life back into him. He didn't think he wanted it. But something about the way Vic is standing there, with his heart in h...

  • Instagram «kellic»
    12.2K 1.2K 27

    It kind of started with a picture » Vic Fuentes, in the age of 17, instantly sparked intrest in the media; mainly on one of the most popular social media app, Instagram. In no time he became well known to most people and was quick to become certified. Kellin Quinn, in the age of 16, was one of Vic's followers who woul...

  • princess ♡ kellic [indefinite hiatus]
    4.9K 278 4

    kellin just wants a daddy to love him for him. vic just wants someone to spoil and baby. { © princesskellin }

  • vicsboner
    23.6K 2K 12

    Kellin is in love with the famous singer Vic Fuentes. He however sees no hope in meeting him and instead expresses his love through the Internet. He meets a strange Internet friend, who is unusually keen to learn more about Kellin's love for Vic Cover by: @221stvrdis

  • Wrong Number
    63.5K 4.6K 21

    Kellin gets a number from the waitress from the restaurant he went to. He want to let her down easy but she gave him the wrong number. What if that number is Vic Fuentes? Collab with: @Acutually_Kellah2 Cover: @AnonymoulyBeautiful

  • Take control ❅ Kellic
    107K 5.2K 22

    Vic doesn't care about school, all he cares about is his reputation; which includes sleeping around, drinking, smoking, etc... Kellin cares about his grades, friends, family; He has big dreams. After kellin attends his first ever party - hosted by Vic - he experiences many things he hasn't before. (edited on May 1...

  • You're My King (A Kellic FanFic)
    4.9K 89 7

    A short Kellic with smut

  • Kik {boyxboy}
    97.6K 9.4K 64

    [Updates are everyday] A conversation throughout kik between the famous Kellin (Bostwick) Quinn and a high school sleeping with sirens fanboy. !completed¡

    Completed   Mature
  • Positive
    263K 8.8K 28

    Kellin and Vic have been happily married for two years. Kellin wants to further their family, and relationship, by having a baby, but there's only one problem- Vic is the leader of a notorious gang.

  • Pray The Gay Away | Kellic (boyxboy)
    15.2K 936 5

    Kellin had always hidden the fact that he likes boys from his parents, and for good reason. After accidentally being outed in the worse possible way, he is sent to a religious, all boys boarding school where they truly believe God, himself is going to scare Kellin straight again. Of course it's a great idea to be sen...

  • The Story Of Us ▸▸ Kellic
    289K 21K 46

    While cleaning out his room to leave for college, Kellin Quinn discovers a mysterious book which holds his whole life story. Past, present, and future. So what happens when Kellin discovers Vic Fuentes, fellow student, in his future? Many things. Many good and bad things to be exact.

  • Apathy ▸▸ Kellic
    73.5K 4.6K 24

    Three years. that's all it's taken for Vic Fuentes to lose hope in the guy he once loved. Kellin Quinn, now 24, is pursuing his dream and love of music, but times are hard for them both. Vic, who still does therapy has not moved on since that morning he awoke to find no Kellin in his bed. Kellin though, he was long go...

  • Dammit ❀Kellic❀ (BoyxBoy)
    13.1K 904 16

    Kellin Quinn moves to San Diego with his family for a fresh start. New school means new friendships and potential boyfriends? Vic starts to fall for Kellin, but does he feel the same way? With the help of his longtime best friend Tyler Carter, Vic may land the boy of his dreams. Title credit: Blink-182

  • The ballad of Kellic Quentes (A squeal.)
    2.7K 104 6

    2nd half of I didnt have choice

  • Counting Down The Days For Christmas (Kellic)
    6.3K 346 13

    "Promise me that no matter how hard times and things will get, you will stay strong. Stay strong for me. Promise me that you won't do anything drastic because I know how bad you can get. Okay?" "Okay." ---- Kellin and Vic are best friends, and ever since they were young, they spent every Christmas togethe...

  • Let's Just Give It Time: In The End (Sequel to Let's Just Give It Time)
    50.3K 1.5K 24

    A sequel to Let's Just Give It Time. School is starting and Kellin is dealing with a heartbreak because of Vic's sexual indiscretions. He's trying to stay strong while also balance his parents split because of his father's indiscretions as well and school. Going through all of this will Kellin be able to survive in th...

  • Undress to Impress (Kellic)
    297K 17.8K 41

    Vic Fuentes has a strict policy against having anything to do with people such as strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars. He also has a raging crush on the quiet, mysterious Kellin Quinn. So for Vic’s eighteenth birthday, his friends decide to throw him a party with a special guest: a male stripper. Named Kellin Quinn.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why Can't We Just Be Friends? {Kellic • Completed}
    92.1K 5.2K 27

    [TRIGGER WARNING] Involves scenes of domestic abuse and panic attacks. Kellin Quinn is happy being alone at school, but he dreads whats waiting for him at home: his father. He is struggling in a society strongly divided by religion, when a certain mexican turns his life upside down. Can they be together? Or will thei...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't You Worry About The Distance
    35.3K 1.6K 43

    "The scariest thing about distance is that you don't know wether they'll miss you or forget you." -Nicholas Spark Kellin and Vic have been dating for a little over two years. Both of them students at law school, working hard to be come successful, even landing a nice job at a big law firm. When Vic is presented with a...

  • Darling You'll Be Okay (Kellic Fanfiction)
    143K 5.1K 17

    WARNING: SELF-HARM AND ANOREXIA On tour, Kellin battles his demons. He thinks he has no one, but when he and Vic rekindle their friendship, he'll discover he's not as alone as he previously thought.

  • I've Been Saving Myself For You (Kellic)
    204K 10.4K 20

    Kellin's parents are doing a horrible job... at being parents. They ignore him and Kellin's friends are practically non-existent. So he draws; people, nature, anything. Anything to just escape the reality for a little while and lose himself in the world of sharpened pencils and smudged lines. He loves drawing and no o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bleachless ▸▸ Kellic
    67.2K 3.5K 11

    you're the blood in my veins.

  • Assistants and Dearest ▸▸ Kellic
    426K 23.7K 47