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Technically Yours by -euthanasia-
Technically Yoursby ♀︎
The one with the cheating Fiancé, irresistible employee and a lot of smut (pretty much 100% stereotypical) Kellic • Koli • Vaimellin
One More Night With You [BoyXBoy] by shorterguyistops
One More Night With You [BoyXBoy]by just gay fanfics lol
[Kellic] It's hard being trans, but it's even harder being trans and pregnant. [WARNING: Contains, mature language, bullying, harmful thoughts and transphobic opinions]
Anywhere But Here by helloreality
Anywhere But Hereby Ray
Kellin Quinn is new to this side of town after his parents spiral out of a divorce. Kellin has to make his way in a new school dealing with bullies, drug dealers, and al...
Darling You'll Be Okay (Kellic Fanfiction) by theboywhocouldfly31
Darling You'll Be Okay (Kellic Maye
WARNING: SELF-HARM AND ANOREXIA On tour, Kellin battles his demons. He thinks he has no one, but when he and Vic rekindle their friendship, he'll discover he's not as...
Free Now // Kellic by collidewiththxkellic
Free Now // Kellicby krizz ❃
Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens are on tour together. Vic and Kellin are best friends, but what happens when Vic reveals Kellin his biggest secret? Will everyth...
It's Harder Breathing Next To You // KELLIC by reminiscingptv
It's Harder Breathing Next To idk what im doin
Kellin moves from Michigan to California with his abusive drunk of a father. He was bullied at his old school and wants to fly under the radar at his new one, unfortunat...
The Stray and the Divine |Kellic| by Gabisnotfab
The Stray and the Divine |Kellic|by Weirdo
Victor Fuentes Senior was the alpha of the Pierced Veils pack but when he suddenly is murdered by a rogue werewolf his son, Vic has to come back from his nomadic life to...
Murder The Moment [BoyXBoy] by shorterguyistops
Murder The Moment [BoyXBoy]by just gay fanfics lol
[Kellic] Kellin Quinn is sentenced to 15 years of jail after being wrongfully accused of rape. Even though he seems harmless, Vic Fuentes is feared by everyone at Ironga...
One Hundred Sleepless Nights (Kellic Mpreg) by trashyalexx
One Hundred Sleepless Nights ( Alex
(Kellic) (boyxboy) When Kellin is made to wear a princess costume to a college Halloween Party by his best friend, Tay, he starts talking to the most popular boy on scho...
Overrated by rbheauhc
Overratedby rbheauhc
"How long have you got until you get out of school?" I sighed, gripping his shoulder as I bit on his neck. "Two days, then graduation, then the graduation...
It All Started On Tour by Kellictrash3000
It All Started On Tourby Trash
Everyone noticed but them, they noticed the way the boys looked at each other, the way they'd always be touching some how, but they didn't see it themselves, even the fa...
Falling For The Help [A Kellic] by Driftwood_Heart
Falling For The Help [A Kellic]by Ginger Princess 👑
Once your family is at a certain level in society it is considered degrading and disgraceful to have a conversation with the help that doesn't include an order. Well wha...
Little Pink Boy | Kellic by x-PrettySleeper-x
Little Pink Boy | Kellicby Baby™
What Happens when punk meets pastel? pastel+punk usually has two outcomes: trouble or a hybrid of the two. But for Pop Punk Vic and Pastel Princess Kellin it was rather...
Yeah Boy and Doll Face by fanbam
Yeah Boy and Doll Faceby fanbam
Kellic in the teenage years.
Differences || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
Differences || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Vic didn't think he could love. Kellin didn't think anyone would love him. They proved each other terribly wrong in a beautiful messy way. Can a relationship between a s...
About to miss everything (Kellic) by JustThePlanets
About to miss everything (Kellic)by Ray ✨
Kellin is a mess. He's sad, tired, and swears too much. He copes by making self deprecating jokes and with his loud sarcastic humour. Vic is new and has no idea what he...
;kik↠ peterick[COMPLETED] by maxthesmolbean
;kik↠ peterick[COMPLETED]by max💘
SoulPunk: Heyyyyy Pete: Hi... Do I know u? ((Cover credit goes to @Elliedearest)) ((Smut is present & is warned throughout the story))
Band Smut  by mikesdrugdealer
Band Smut by piercetheveilTRASH
HAITUS Filthy smut for you horny pieces of trash
They Never Tell the Truth by NikkieSmiles16
They Never Tell the Truthby Nikkie :) Smiles
Kellin has always had the ability to know when people were lying. He could read and hear things and it was like a little line of text went across his brain with the trut...
The Aftermath Of Music Class (Kellic) by greenday182fob
The Aftermath Of Music Class ( Fedora Hayley
Student/Teacher AU because why the hell not? Kellic • • I've been obsessed with Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens for about a month now and I've read over 15 stud...