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  • I'm a hidden boss in the duel city (yugioh fanfiction)
    144K 5.7K 76

    Note: This story is a fanfiction of a Yugioh Fanfiction. Summary: One night he suddenly found himself waking up in a familiar but fictional world. Later, he found out that he was in a Yugioh fanfic featuring a virtual reality game with dimension-hopping players. He just wanted a salted fish life and watch from the si...

  • yu-gi-oh! x reader oneshots
    206K 4.1K 57

    gahhh i caught you simping over yugioh boys didn't i!! currently undergoing MAJOR editing

  • Love Will Find A Way (Sequel To Sands of Time) ~Complete~
    5.2K 322 17

    After Atsuko awakes from being in a coma-like state for one week, she is confused about the very real dream she experienced during that time. The day after her release from the hospital, she is invited to one of the residence's of the Egyptian President by his son who has an idea for a new duelling tournament. When At...

  • His Mistress... Vampire 🦇 Yami and Oc Reader
    14K 460 33

    Having being alone for centuries.... Yami finds a way to stumble in the human world..... Seeing an enchanting beauty..... He is head over heels.... Will she love him back........ Find out!

  • The King's Maze (Yami x Reader)
    86.9K 2.2K 32

    *All images are paid commissions created by the artist Less_End. Please do not copy or use in your own work* A turn here. A turn there. No wait! Don't go there! Now you're lost and must find your way out of the Demon's King's Maze before it's too late. Will you make it out or be forced to stay? *Cover art commissioned...

  • My Crazy Lover Boys (Yandere Yugi x reader x Yandere Yami)
    102K 1.6K 43

    Yugi and Yami are just two regular high school boys living regular lives. Famous duelers who shared the same title, "King of Games". Even though, they're both famous, these two wanted something else; Love. But what if they come across this girl and become deeply obsessed with her; by the name of (Y/n)? What if everyon...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists x Reader Oneshots
    98K 1.3K 27

    I'm deciding to write another book. This story will be all about your life... with all the Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists, so enjoy and have fun with them! Only for Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist oneshots Different stories Enjoy! P.S. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or the images, they all belong to their rightful owners

  • Virtual Reality Comes to Life! "Dating Sim 💜 The King of Games" (Yami x Reader)
    14.7K 363 7

    Dating Simulators are fun but what would you say about meeting the king of games himself through a video game? Your one of Yami's fangirls and in this case you get to choose from various versions of him! Create your own Yami! Book Cover was made by my friend Joonie_Lover_33! They write Yugioh fanfiction too! Please ch...

  • Season Zero Yami X Reader
    52.2K 994 13

    Hi a female yami I hope we can be friends! *smiles* this stories about season zero Yami X Reader story based off some episodes and I don't own yugioh the pictures,or song's.

  • Duel Magic
    155K 3.7K 57

    (Yami Yugi/AtemXOC and YugiXOC Love Story) ( Under editing) (Female OC) In an orphanage in America, there lives three siblings. one is a sixteen year old girl who has won several dueling competitions. One day the Kaibas decide to pay a visit and decide to adopt the siblings. Strange things start happening when the Bat...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: A Pharaoh's Destiny
    2.7K 36 14

    ~Completed!~ Chloe is the most talented magician the royal court of Egypt has ever seen, and is ordered never to reveal her magic unless needed be... even though she has a tendency to use it only when getting into trouble. Her powers include past visions, which soon project to be of a similar look alike's life, extra...

    Completed   Mature
  • Power of the Heart Season 3 ~Yami Yugi Love Story~
    59.5K 1K 22

    Continuing in the series, Power of the Hearts, Sera Kaiba and her group of friends are on their way to the semi finals for Battle City Tournament. But as usual, they bump into trouble along the way. First a Virtual world and having to deal with Noah and once again, the Big Five. And Second, Marik during the tournament...

  • Snow White & the Seven Princes (Yu-Gi-Oh)
    91.6K 2.6K 37

    We all know about the Show White good old story... ...But this story is different... This is story about one girl named y/n who will meet seven boys...

  • Yugioh Pharaoh Atem X Oc Reader .The Egyptian goddess.
    42.2K 918 29

    A young girl was born in ancient Egypt. Having the power fit for a goddess. But she's captured and was sold the the Pharaoh as a slave. Atem falls for such a mystic beauty but swore to protect her but Bakura has other plans for the female fighter. COMPLETED!

  • Colliding Dimensions
    47K 1.3K 40

    Reader insert. You dwell in a world where yugioh is just a few movies and a tv series, during a field trip to Egypt in your world, you end up in ancient Egypt in the world of yugioh where you meet Pharaoh Atem, but your time is cute short and you get sucked into modern day yugioh.

  • Lion's Mouth: Part I (Yu-Gi-Oh)
    28.1K 639 16

    Samia inherited her mother's intuition and empathy, and along with that comes the ability to sense magic and spirits. Her best friend Bakura has promised to protect her from the dangerous magic that took her parents from her, but when the Spirit of the Millennium Ring threatens her, he passes on the job to her new fri...

  • Yugioh season 0 ( oc insert)
    1.6K 25 6

    This is just a random oc-insert of my character Rose. Sorry for the cringe Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh or any of the characters I also do not own any art that I may put in the story

  • Rosario Vampire : Yu-gi-oh Edition (Reverse Harem x Reader)
    163K 3.6K 60

    This book is a retelling of the Rosario Vampire story but with the Yugioh characters taking the roles of the Rosario vampire cast! Your the female lead of this harem story. I read a really cool Rosario Vampire reader insert with Yugioh characters and want to do a version of my own. I'm in love with the Rosario Vampire...

  • Power of the Heart Season 2 ~Yami Yugi Love Story~
    100K 1.6K 21

    Duelist Kingdom is now behind Sera and the gang. More mysteries about to unlock for Yami and Sera as Battle City arrives.

  • A Mystic Queen (Atem x Reader)
    55.5K 1.6K 18

    I do not own Yu Gi Oh or the picture it belongs to the incredible show and those who made it. A Mystic only gives her heart to one. Two sisters that work for the Bandit King have an incredible power. (Y/N) has yet to give up her heart unlike her sister Ismen who has given in to Bakura. When they all go on a missi...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monster's
    19.9K 472 44

    A cat that is really a human goes to duelist kingdom to meet a duelist who is on a quest to rescue his grandpa. When they notice about the mysterious life source they have. Yugi and the other's wonder how capable the cat is attach to the millennium items years ago and was reborn to actually be Pharaoh's guardian.

  • Yugioh Yami Yugi X Oc Reader: The African Queen
    48.6K 723 35

    Ever since Yami has his own body, Yugi's friends started to hang more around him leaving Yugi behind all alone and cold. Until a dueling champ from Africa comes into his life and they became best friends ,also making him known and popular ... but how will Yami react when he finds out that she is his long lost queen an...

  • Matter of Time
    2.5K 53 7

    It all started when a new girl appeared in their school. She comes from America, a long way from Japan but she becomes the most special person for two boys: Yugi and Yami (Yugi's dark self). Takes place within season 0 which is based off the Yu-gi-oh! manga. (Yami x Oc x Yugi) (Also Seto Kaiba x Oc).

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Phoenix Goddess (Atem x OC)
    33.1K 607 82

    While Yugi and the gang are trying to restore the Pharaoh's memories a new person joins their group, Ruby Kaiba, Seto's sibling, but they start questioning that story when Seto claims he only knows her for a few years. After some questioning they find out she is telling the truth, but something is still off, especiall...

  • Sands of Time (Complete)
    12.2K 680 21

    I am moving my fanfics over from QuoteV so you might have read this already =P For those of you who haven't please enjoy! A young girl and her family is lost in the desert of Ancient Egypt after thieves have come and destroyed their village. They are the sole survivors. When it feels like all hope is lost, soldiers sp...

  • Lion's Mouth: Part 2 (Yu-Gi-Oh)
    9.1K 289 14

    While trying to figure out her friendship with Bakura and her strange connection to Yami, the empath Samia decide who's side she's on after realizing her childhood friend is her newest enemy.

  • Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games
    133K 3.1K 102

    Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to Domino City to help with the preparation and execution of the Battle City Tournament- but she's getting far more than she signed for on the contract...

  • Reanimation...a Yugioh Fan Fiction
    64.8K 1.8K 51

    The Pharoah is gone peace within the spirit world, but that does not keep the world alone peaceful. Yugi is learning how to fend for himself, becoming a little more like the Pharoah each day. The group Oracalcos returns, bringing back a vicious new leader, attempting to take down Kaiba Corporation and gain mo...

  • Power of the Heart Season 1 ~Yami Yugi ~ Yugioh Love Story~
    186K 3.4K 27

    Everyone, meet Sera Kaiba, Seto's twin sister and Mokuba's older sister. She loves her brothers more than anything. For the past year, she's been in Egypt where she found a special item. The Millennium Crystal that once belonged to a Queen. When Seto leaves, Sera is asked to join a tournament where she meets Yugi and...