The picture above represents me, Bre, and Logan
I love transformers,creepypasta, horror\scary stuff, anime, cartoons,fnaf, animals, my friends, my family, and when i grow up i want to become a veterinarian

Normal Girls Play Dress up

I Play Cosplay

Normal Girls Eat Ice Cream When Depressed

I Eat Cheesecake

Normal Girls Wouldn't Go In The Woods At Night

I Go Searching For Slenderman

Normal Girls Freak Out Over A Broken Nail

I Freak Out Over A Broken Knife

Normal Girls Wear Bows

I Wear Beanies

Normal Girls Say Weird

I Say Cool

Normal Girls Ask,"Why Did You Do That?"

I Say,"You Shouldn't Of Done That."

Normal Girls Say,"Go To Hell."


Normal Girls Say,"Link"

I Say,"BEN Drowned"

Normal Girls Think Jeff Is Ugly

I Think Jeff is Beautiful

Normal Girls Say,"Cannibal"

I Say,"Eyeless Jack"

Normal Girls Say,"Go Die In A Hole"

I Say,"You've Met With A Terrible Fate"

Normal Girls Fan Over Band Boys

I Fan Over Psycho Killers

Normal Girls Listen To Justin Beiber

I Listen To INSaNiTY

Normal Girls Say,"You Inspire My Inner Pop Star"

I Say," You Inspire My Inner Seriel Killer"

Normal Girls Play,'Just Dance'

I Play,'Majora's Mask'

Normal Girls Put On Lipstick For A Beautiful Smile

I Carve One

Normal Girls Wear Makeup

I Wear Masks

Normal Girls Think Smile Dog Is Scary

I Think He's Cute

Normal Girls Say,"Repost This"

I Say,"Spread The Word"

Normal Girls Say,"Stalker"

I Say,"Slenderman"

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