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My Psycho Boyfriend by Marie_rocks
My Psycho Boyfriendby Glory Marie
I thought my life was the best life ever, until I found out what my boyfriend was hiding. He told me that if I ever told anyone like the police, he'd take it on my frien...
Granny's house of hell~A Granny horror game Fanfiction by angelsrxge
Granny's house of hell~A Granny ho...by Lucy Chandler
Based off the video game "Granny", this is a fan fiction about the game. Owen Reynolds, the grandson of Helen Reynolds (Granny) is visiting his Grandmothers ho...
Family Comes First by masonfitzzy
Family Comes Firstby Mason FitzGibbon
Juliet's parents died when she was young and she never got to experience having a family. She lived a miserable and lonely life. One night at work, she meets a strange m...
Gilgamesh and the city of Orario by Anos_Isekai_Fan
Gilgamesh and the city of Orarioby Anos_Isekai_Fan
Following the destruction of the holy grail after the 4th Fuyuki Holy Grail War Gilgamesh was transported to world of Danmachi. The story follows the exploits of Gilgame...
Perfect Psychopath's Romance by Zuleyma64
Perfect Psychopath's Romanceby Zuleyma EJ Castro
Elia Madison finally met her dream guy, he's perfect in everything. He could pass as a model, actor, but who could've imagined...a cold blooded, psychopathic murderer. A...
Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland X Fem! Reader by NOONA-SUNBAE
Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised...by ♡Kanao♡
(Wattpad cover credit goes to me) From the new anime The Promised Neverland is a show that takes place in 2045 in the Grace Field House, a small orphanage housing 37 ch...
The Cracks in the Labyrinth by ChristianNava0
The Cracks in the Labyrinthby Christian Nava
Evoking the paranoid tension of Rosemary's Baby and the unnerving atmosphere of the cult horror film Jacob's Ladder, The Cracks in the Labyrinth is a disturbing psycholo...
The Dark Rebirth: A FNAF Security Breach AU by rosescentedabyss
The Dark Rebirth: A FNAF Security...by Morgana Rose
After the events of Help Wanted, William (as Glitchtrap) decides to clone himself and transfer his soul into this new body since cloning is a form of technology availabl...
The Masked Murderer by KellyBlack_20
The Masked Murdererby Kelly_B
**Currently Extending** **2017 WATTY AWARD WINNER** Olivia Chastain's life was seemingly perfect until she was violently thrust into a nightmare that would haunt her for...
Reddit Horror Stories by iimiyu
Reddit Horror Storiesby ☆miyu☆
spine chilling horror stories. source: r/nosleep
Cursed ✔️ by NiveditasDiary
Cursed ✔️by Nivedita's Diary
Genre: Horror/Mystery 'Sometimes It's Better To Keep Things Untouched' A perfect beach trip. A mesmerising emerald stone. It looked so hypnotic and beautiful. It's jus...
Asian urban legends by _hyuckmin_
Asian urban legendsby 🖤just sad🖤
what am i doing with my life?
Capture the real Us (Assassin  Series #1) by Hanna_bluemaid
Capture the real Us (Assassin Ser...by Yankumi
My fifth book (on-going ) Sino ang pumatay? Kilala si killia o ang pamilya niya na wala ng ginawa kung hindi ang pumatay Ang pag patay ang tanging negosyo ng kanilang...
Kurt kunkle X author read by gothgirl2005
Kurt kunkle X author readby CLOE GREER
Kurt kunkle (spree driver) captures me and holds be captive and he won't let me go
The Back of The Mind: A Collection of Eerie Short Stories by DiDeWe
The Back of The Mind: A Collection...by DDW
A collection of eerie short stories. Some will be horrific. Some are just a bit uncomfortable to the mind. One thing is for certain; very few will have happy endings. Ho...
Scary Short Stories by -AcePoker-
Scary Short Storiesby 🔪PL4YH0US3⛓
Scary Short Stories To Tell In The Dark. You Have Been Warned.
True Horror Stories by saimcheeda
True Horror Storiesby saimcheeda
A collection of true terrifying horror stories (#1 in Creepy Stories, 08 November 2019) (#13 in Thriller, 21 July 2019)
Pyaar Prema Kadhal (High On Love) by Angelina_Ani
Pyaar Prema Kadhal (High On Love)by Angelina
Love is everything in life.... Love is when other persons' happiness is more important than yours... In this story, each and every person has their own kind of love for...
The Town Whispers: Season 1 by thetownwhispers
The Town Whispers: Season 1by Cole Weavers
Welcome to The Fort - where folk horrors and eldritch terrors meet! The Fort is a town like a thousand other small and stubborn settlements, put where it doesn't belong...