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နေမြဲကြာကြာ by ANyo_097
နေမြဲကြာကြာby အညို
ချစ်ခြင်းမေတ္တာဟာ အဝါရောင်တွေလည်း ဖြစ်နိုင်ပါသေး၏။
စိန်ပန်း‌ပွင့်တွေ နီစေလို by ANyo_097
စိန်ပန်း‌ပွင့်တွေ နီစေလိုby အညို
" အမောင် " ဝတ္ထုရဲ့ အခွဲလေးပါ။ အဲ့တာကြောင့်မို့ ဒါလေးမဖတ်ခင် အမောင်ကို အရင်ဦးစွာ ဖတ်စေချင်ပါတယ်။
Bestowing Pride with Forgetting Prejudice by AlexBarth
Bestowing Pride with Forgetting Pr...by AlexBarth
I came back to my home, I was welcomed with a ball. I have missed my sisters and father dearly, I walked through the ballroom doors and caught sight of a man I've never...
Forcibly married to the person whom rejected me by SherlockNholmes
Forcibly married to the person who...by Gucci
Elizabeth Connor, A former citizen of the village that despise her poor family. She's bright and shy, just like any other girl at her century. She had a crush on the pri...
ချစ်သောကံ့ကော်မြေ by ANyo_097
ချစ်သောကံ့ကော်မြေby အညို
နွေဦးမှာ နွေဦးရဝေဆိုတဲ့ အမျိုးသမီးလေးနဲ့ ဆုံတွေ့ခဲ့တယ်
မူပိုင် by ANyo_097
မူပိုင်by အညို
⁽⁠⁽ ရိုင်းတယ်ထင်ရင် ပြန်ချစ်လိုက် ကျုပ်လိမ္မာ‌ပေးနိုင်တယ် ဒေါ်ဒေါ် ⁾⁠⁾
Yearning for Felicity | A BRIDGERTON Fanfic by FatedWrightsS
Yearning for Felicity | A BRIDGERT...by fueled by delusions
Felicity Featherington was a changeling. At least that was what everyone whispered behind their gloved hands and laced fans. She was beautiful, graceful, skillful, and i...
Silent Tear by Octavia_b
Silent Tearby Octavia
You and Ichabod are solving case but he been staying in the room for to long what us he doing up there?.
Flowers of Florence by Fa_username
Flowers of Florenceby Fa (he/they)
William Dalton, an aspiring writer, moved from Manchester to London to find inspiration for his first novel. He meets Michael Eaton, a fashion designer who takes pity on...
Telepathic Obscurial by Angelodude
Telepathic Obscurialby Nico
"Before wizards went underground, when we were still being hunted by muggles, young wizards and witches sometimes tried to suppress their magic to avoid persecution...
Bougainvillea Tears by Vi_Atwood23
Bougainvillea Tearsby Vi_Atwood23
Victorian England. By a lucky coincidence, the orphan Hartley is accepted into a wealthy family, but this does not cease to haunt her: a dispute with her newly-made cou...
Ladders of love  by unknownwr1tter
Ladders of love by unknownwr1tter
Rural England,19th century...one poor family and one rich,will opposites and differences attract or repel?
Her  by l4yla1ee
Her by ily1ayla
A young woman in the 1860s narrates the story of her admiring another woman. however considering the era, homosexuality is punishable.
Our Existence Together, In 19th Century. by MadamDaeyCee
Our Existence Together, In 19th Ce...by DC.Meala
--- Filipinas, Year 1885. Oriol Montero, Rodriguez. is a young gentleman who lived in hardship, but because of his hard work, being kindness, mischievousness and cheerfu...
Affinity with Despair by elizabethfantasy
Affinity with Despairby mary ann
With its fruitful dialogue and intriguing book based on the 19th century. Ethyl White runs away from home with astonishment in the many discoveries as she adventure. Eth...
Beauty and the Beast version Phantom of the Opera by phantom1800
Beauty and the Beast version Phant...by phantom1800
Hi, this is Beauty and the Beast in version of the Phantom of the Opera I hope you will enjoy my story :) (the description of the story will come later)
wind embraces| reddie by reddiesbananas
wind embraces| reddieby let it be
it's the end of 1880's and a village boy, richie tozier becomes friends with a boy quite opposite of him. a boy who works in the post office, a boy no other than eddie...
Vampires & Hunters. Beginning by MylaLastivka
Vampires & Hunters. Beginningby Myla.Lastivka
This is the world where vampires aren't that cruel creatures as humans think. The heart is beating in their chest, they breathe the same air as humans, they aren't devoi...
TODD Rock Musical (Spotify version) by lovemenormally
TODD Rock Musical (Spotify version)by Dr Sunshine
Full translation from Russian. Feel free to listen to the songs for the full experience. In memory of Mikhail Gorshenev, the author of the musical and the first actor of...
Lost In The Past by Veni135789
Lost In The Pastby Veni135789
Azure Bennett's parents were shot by the British mafia... and now she out for revenge.