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Pied Piper | {K.NJ} by KabyHsu
Pied Piper | {K.NJ}by 👵🏻
Everything was normal. You are a normal student, living a normal life. You live with your brother, who had been raising you his entire life as your parents had passed aw...
Fairly Insane | {K.SJ} by KabyHsu
Fairly Insane | {K.SJ}by 👵🏻
The Wonderland Kingdom was burnt down into ashes. The only survivor was the King who managed to escape the retaliation by the humans. The people who lived in Wonderland...
Find Me (Jimin X Reader) || Completed || by J1minie
Find Me (Jimin X Reader) || Comple...by J1minie
Y/n had a dream of a beautiful, handsome young man, Jimin. While, Jimin had a dream of a beautiful young lady, y/n. What happens when both, y/n and Jimin, believe that t...
Beneath The Surface by CGV_taetae
Beneath The Surfaceby LilLoki
Will Taehyung's battle for the members returned affection be won or will he only succeed in pushing himself further beneath the surface of his mind revealing......what? ...
We Promised | K.TH (on hold) by CREAMGGUK
We Promised | K.TH (on hold)by 𝓴
"We promised to stay together, Taehyung!" She cried. "Please leave, Evie!" And he went inside the room leaving her alone. Four years together and in...
On My Mind //RM by joliaff
On My Mind //RMby Jolia
"I wonder if he does have a girlfriend. Like.. its not like I want to be his girlfriend... iam just curious." -Jo
But I Didn't ( Park Jimin ) 1/2 by beachesandchim
But I Didn't ( Park Jimin ) 1/2by beachesandchim
I should have done it before. "You're my could've been. shoul've been. But never was, And never will be." © /Short chapters /17112017
Classmates || BTS KTH & KNJ ✔  by AuthorVc
Classmates || BTS KTH & KNJ ✔ by >.<
Song Somin is an undaunted girl, she doesn't care what world thinks about her. She is happy in her own world. But her life is not easy, she is ravelled between two guys...
In Love With My Lost Friend by BTS4life96
In Love With My Lost Friendby Park Areum
Cover by: @cheruby27 You're Park Areum. You are a k-pop idol known as Arri, you have to transfer to a new school in disguise. But why happens when you find out the affec...
#1 FOUND | j.hs (editing) by PrinceSeokgene
#1 FOUND | j.hs (editing)by Rosy Latte 💕
I woke up jerking, my hands clutching the blanket. The same dream all over again! it's been a month since I last dreamt about it. The girl. Kerria H. Who is she? I remem...
cold ; park jimin ✔ by MINTGGUX
cold ; park jimin ✔by — joy
"you're like snow, beautiful but cold." will you ever sacrifice your time for someone you love?