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the secrets we keep [camren] by kcxbello
the secrets we keep [camren]by kcxbello
Lauren Jauregui; Captain of the softball team. Most popular girl in school. Every girls hero and every guys dream. She's dating the most popular girl in school; Kendall...
shots of camren (camren) by kcxbello
shots of camren (camren)by kcxbello
Oneshots of Camila and Lauren from Fifth Harmony. Some AU, some NON AU. Also posted on 5hfanfiction on tumblr :) these are 100% mine.
Jammed (Camren) by kcxbello
Jammed (Camren)by kcxbello
Remember the Tom Hanks movie, Castaway, where he's the only survivor of a plane crash and ends up on the desert island for years? Good. Now, imagine no Tom Hanks, no vol...
[Camren]My Love Is A Badass by SpriteTrap
[Camren]My Love Is A Badassby Leo
Atty. Karla Camila Cabello, best defense lawyer in town. Having a threat from her own client while getting closer to a certain detective. Will she be safe or will she fe...
OG Fifth Harmony Memes  by SAdB0iiz
OG Fifth Harmony Memes by Cup Of Coffee
This is honestly just so I can save memes without burning up my storage on my phone loll
Lightning (Camren) by directionizer
Lightning (Camren)by Krista
❝All of my life I've wanted to see lightning, [...]. Lauren, can you show me lightning?❞ Camila Cabello is a beautiful girl who was born blind, and has always hated rece...
I Don't Want to Remember by beeventful
I Don't Want to Rememberby anonymous
Camilla has been Lauren's tormentor for the last 3 years of their High school Life. What will happen if Destiny and Love decided to interfere? A Camren Fanfic. ;) ...
Breathe Me. (BWWM) by teenydork
Breathe Me. (BWWM)by NSFW !
same love, different people warning; daddy kink read at your own risk.
Beyond The Stage ● Lauren/OC by ChiT00
Beyond The Stage ● Lauren/OCby ChiT00
When Brandon Roberts auditioned for the X-Factor, he didn't expect much. But maybe he should have expected more. He certainly didn't expect to meet seven new brothers an...
Lost (Camren) by thesecretunknown
Lost (Camren)by thesecretunknown
Bad girl Jauregui starts to fall for innocent Camz? Could this be love? I never expected to fall in love with.. you.. No why am I even falling for her? "I love yo...
New Teacher by 5h5h5h5h5h
New Teacherby 5h5h5h5h5h
Camila Cabello starts off her senior year of high school with a new teacher.
Connection {Larry, Jerrie, Camren, Ziam}  Book 1 by ziamzouis
Connection {Larry, Jerrie, Camren...by Alyssa
Highest ranking- #200 mystery/thriller 8 teenagers form a special and strange connection. They decide to solve the mystery of how their principal got kidnapped only to d...
Complicated (Camren) by LucKy17x
Complicated (Camren)by LucKy17x
Converted Story All Rights Go To The Original Author Camila the no one. Lauren the popular cheerleader. will popularity get in the way or will love find a way? give it...
Lauren Jauregui Imagines by steinfeldjauregui
Lauren Jauregui Imaginesby steinfeldjauregui
random short & long imagines/story's of you + lauren💓
Camila Cabello Imagines by LesbianNails
Camila Cabello Imaginesby 👑My Queen👑
{Contains Gifs} A series of oneshots/imagines of the greatest singer out there, Camila Cabello!
Grumpy (5H Ageplay) by cosmic-joke
Grumpy (5H Ageplay)by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Not my story! Converted from: https://archiveofourown.org/works/2519558 Enjoy, cuties! Little!Ally/Mommy!Dinah
[Camren]Coffee by SpriteTrap
[Camren]Coffeeby Leo
One-shot - It started with a cup of coffee
Adopted by fifth harmony by Kelfanfiction
Adopted by fifth harmonyby #BLM
9(updated)year old Madison Davis is adopted by fifth harmony and taken into their care. She was shy but then she learned how to fly and let her colors shine. If you love...
Celebrity Burn Book by burnbookqueen
Celebrity Burn Bookby Gotta Blast
The coolest burn book in town (Highest ranking #1 in random)
I Am Trouble - Liam Payne Fanfiction (COMPLETED) by raizastyles2601
I Am Trouble - Liam Payne Fanficti...by Jimin-ie Pabo
Victoria, born but raised by her brother. She is said to be intolerant. She doesn't have friends. She is a mistake making person. Being on the dark side is her passion...