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A Different World by 277fragkiller
A Different Worldby 277fragkiller
Peter is sent to an alternate world. One thats unlike any he's seen before. Will he find a way back home or will he stay in and find a better life in this new world.
Chronicles of the Spider by AmanJerico
Chronicles of the Spiderby BuddyBoy27
After the Goblin War, Peter Parker's life is in the dumps. Abandoned by all of his allies, friends, and family, he faces a monster he's never seen with no back up. Howev...
Reacting To The Son Of Spider-Man X Arrowverse  by Spectre_SpiderMan
Reacting To The Son Of Spider-Man...by Lord Spider Knight
The Marvel 616 characters will react to the son of the one who left him to die
The Spider And The half Celestial  by MidnightMage3
The Spider And The half Celestial by Midnight Mage
This is the story of spiderman being betrayed you know the usual Disclaimer I don't own any of the characters in this story they belong to their respective owners and my...
The Son Of SpiderMan X Arrowverse  by Spectre_SpiderMan
The Son Of SpiderMan X Arrowverse by Lord Spider Knight
My Name Is Jacen Sablinova Parker I Am The Son Of Both Of The Greatest Parents Of All Time. To The Outside World I'm the prince of Symkaria And A Nerd Like My Father...
the witch and the Avengers  by no_one_i_am_no_one
the witch and the Avengers by no one
what if... a big question. but what if a witch was on the avengers' side from the very start? what if this witch was immortal? what if that witch was one of the reasons...
Wandavision (Wanevaeh)  by no_one_i_am_no_one
Wandavision (Wanevaeh) by no one
the story of Wanda and Nevaeh (and vision) in Westview
[Stony] Trả lại cho tôi !!! by YuiKatsuragi1
[Stony] Trả lại cho tôi !!!by Yui Katsuragi
fanfic Stony, cp Captain Hydra (Earth-616) x Tony Stark ( MCU) Sơ lược : Sau cú búng tay của Tony đã đem lại thắng lợi hoàn toàn, Tony may mắn không chết nhưng bị thương...
The Spider Spirit by elisancool
The Spider Spiritby
An adventure of a newborn son of the Spirit of Origin and Japan's famous idol. Where he'll have a journey ups and downs, good, bad, and weird bumps on the road. This tak...
La Trinidad del Multiverso  by Spider-Dark95
La Trinidad del Multiverso by Spider-Dark95
Synopsis ¿?: Alguna vez se han preguntado que es la humanidad? Lo que realmente significa el verdadero significado de esa palabra? Yo sí. Pero lamentablemente la realida...
Confiding In The Bottle by Depressinggreenie
Confiding In The Bottleby Depressinggreenie
After a particularly hard mission, Tony goes down to his lab and drinks. ____________________________ Code Name: Gauntlet Rating: Teen and up Characters: Tony Stark Pa...
TILL FOREVER FALLS APART » peter parker 3  by garfieldreams
𝅄᮫۪ TFFA જ 💢 and if the sky falls from heaven above, oh, i know i had the best time falling into love !! 🌹🕰 🍂 En donde...un herido peter parker aparece en la vi...
Lost in Time | Pietro Maximoff by random_shuck
Lost in Time | Pietro Maximoffby H.G
Whilst Steven Rogers was fixated on finding his best friend, he had overlooked the signs to find his sister. Amara had spent decades confined to darkness, lost in time...
DESPAIR by HidalgoHidalgo6
DESPAIRby Hidalgo Hidalgo
La Biblia muestra que incluso los siervos fieles de Dios no están exentos de las complicaciones y las presiones que conducen a la desesperación.En el caso de algunas per...
Ant-Man & Spider-Man: Earth's Mightiest Scientists by DominoSquire
Ant-Man & Spider-Man: Earth's Migh...by DominoSQ
What if Ant-Man had took Spider-Man under his wing? After Spider-Man's first confrontation with the Fantastic Four, what would happen had Hank Pym been the one person to...
Star-Spider by Spiderbeast32
Star-Spiderby Jai'on Rumph
Allison Parker is the bastard child of Peter Parker aka Spider-man and Kitty Pyrde. She was never raised right by her father (who was Doc.Ock in her dad's body at the ti...