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Where there's a Will, there's a Tiara | Complete (ONC 2021 Longlister) by authorelizasolares
Where there's a Will, there's a Ti...by Eliza Solares
When her parents die in an accident, 27-year-old party girl, Adelaide Becker, sets her sights on inheriting the family fortune. But when the will is read, she is not sur...
Clove's Edition by heyyitsmalp
Clove's Editionby heyyitsmalp
This is the 74th Hunger Games from Clove's point of view.
When We Were Young by MerBearStories
When We Were Youngby MerBearStories
~A CLATO FANFIC~ This story is abot cato and clove meeting when they were eight and seven. then the story travels onto them in training for the games.
Mime Time by mimetime90909090
Mime Timeby mimetime90909090
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74 Lane by MaraMarques2003
74 Laneby MaraMarques2003
A town stricken by the worst news possible, a group of friends : Janice , Harry and victor , turned into investigators after the fourth member of there group Linda goes...
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Case 74 : Dangerous love by y_yyejjjii
Case 74 : Dangerous loveby hyacinieex
two person different life different feelings but have a one goal have a hidden personalities but will they have a same heart beat? everything fall down when love came...