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8-Chapter Challenge by justwriteit
8-Chapter Challengeby Just Write It | Ambassadors
Do you have a great story concept lurking in a corner? The @justwriteit profile challenges you to take the plunge and write that story! This challenge is for writers w...
Rumor has it by saltoftheocean
Rumor has itby saltoftheocean
Weekly updates! Rumors around Scarlett High have always had a fire under the smoke and an attempted murder is not one that can be hidden behind any smoke. Especially not...
The Perfect Candy by ChristineAcedon
The Perfect Candyby Brittany Boose
The Perfect Candy is the first book in an all-new teen series from the world of Adam's High. Centering around the highly organized and perfectly put-together Candice Fit...
Jeene Lagi Hoon by Swaruwrites
Jeene Lagi Hoonby Swaru
She knew her life was not easy, but she choose to never give up and move ahead like a storm. "Sejal Malhotra" The girl who never sets fo...
Residential Drive by -Nat-Nat-
Residential Driveby Natalie Marie
13-year-old Lillian has just lost her father, and now she is placed into the hands of her 73-year-old grandma (Grams)while trying to deal with flashbacks of the car cras...
Romance on the Ice (gxg) by rose272054
Romance on the Ice (gxg)by rose272054
(8cc) It's her first senior-level international competition, and ever since arriving in the Paris, Sophia's anticipation for the Grand Prix Final has been building. The...
snowless by Born_to_be_sadistic
snowlessby winter_tuolis
Everything was going perfectly till two besties crashed at each other and got messed up in a scandal no one was ready to listen to her and her final option is now REVENG...
The sudden change of Aki Hartez by Jayme_star
The sudden change of Aki Hartezby Jayme
Aki Hartez is a respectful, straight A student who also has a special place for aviation and photography and is liked by all the teachers because of his cleverness. Howe...
Life on Moon  by Shambhavi27368
Life on Moon by Shambhavi
Fairies Portal Moon magic Nature Dark woods Deep ocean And an unexpected adventures life.. no one knows what comes next, it might be an Adventure starting with a car p...
Thoughts I Never Said. by ooof_gurl
Thoughts I Never Said.by nobody
Dear you, I wish I told you everything before you were taken from me. I wish I told you how I really felt or what I meant that night. I wish I had spoken up when you tol...
The Infierno by itsrobinsoto
The Infiernoby Robin Soto
Oscar discovered the meaning of life too late. On the brink of eternal peace, he escapes from a beast longing to devour his heart, offering his memories in exchange for...
AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE  by Noveluscious
AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE by lust for reading and love for...
𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗩𝗜𝗗𝗘𝗢 𝗛𝗔𝗦 𝗕𝗘𝗘�...by reynolds
What do you think would happen if you upload a video on the Internet? And another? And what would happen when hundred of people start to follow you? That was exactly wha...
To Lose Control by DavidBonsrah
To Lose Controlby David Abu Bonsrah
A cycle from Strangers to Lovers to Enemies When the Ampate family gets destroyed, Elena must adhere to the rules of the enemy to destroy him but can love change this p...
-Loyalty - The Heir Company by Neverland07112
-Loyalty - The Heir Companyby lost girl
- It's OK, I know it's a strange situation - he whispers in my ear - but we're together and that's all that matters! My name is Beatrix Bennet, I am almost seventeen ye...
What sleeps in the deep by Shhsneakykitty
What sleeps in the deepby Sneaky Kitty
A ship comes across a mysterious beast and now they are at question if they would ever be at peace in the ocean? Can they defeat this mysterious beast? Can they send the...
Escaping Ashley's Garden by Alexandria105
Escaping Ashley's Gardenby yomamapwussystank
We all have our own gardens. Some are easier to escape, some are harder to escape. Our "Gardens" can be anything. For some it's struggles with sobriety, anxi...
Project 100 by Acehoney2552
Project 100by Ayisha Mohammed
Detective Victor was on a mission to crack a tough case involving a mysterious murderer named Raven. With every lead he followed, things just seemed to get more confusin...
ACTION! by ambervioletwrites
ACTION!by amber violet
Two individuals, worlds apart. Christina Pembroke, 20 and power-hungry, has always feasted on her father's wealth and success. Her tricks threaten to unravel it all, lea...
Finals by lianaa3141
Finalsby Liana Xu
It's the year 3000, and Kalista Chu is about to have it all. After seven arduous years at the prestigious Central Academy, she is finally on the verge of graduation. All...