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Two Rungs Below by humanmetrics
Two Rungs Belowby Left Shark
"I killed Lila Keen." Those were the words Oliver woke up too Thursday morning. And it was those same words that would drive him to the brink of insanity, beca...
-OH HOLD/HIATUS- A kiss from my crush by EverTheOptimist
-OH HOLD/HIATUS- A kiss from my Smol Bean!
-ON HOLD/HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, SORRY EVERYONE- Ingrid has a massive crush on the most popular guy in her grade. What she doesn't know is that he likes her back. S...
i hope you know by therealmessenger2
i hope you knowby Daniele
1D moved in and hoped a girl they like will love them , what happens when they love the same girl Harry x Zane may be lemon
Well... There Goes The 4th Wall by ManyFandomsOneWolf
Well... There Goes The 4th Wallby ThatFangirlScreaming
Kayla woke up knowing she was in a book. She didn't know how, or why, but she just KNEW. Nothing would make her think she wasn't in a book, because she WAS. So when stra...
Love Triangle by Heart_Of_Stone__
Love Triangleby Stephanie
Already Dead by AbsenceOfTheMind
Already Deadby Absence
There are so many ways a world can come toppling down. I always knew it could happen, but I never expected it to happen like this. I never expected to die like this. #St...
Rock, Paper, Scissors by farawayshores
Rock, Paper, Scissorsby sav
Rock, paper, or scissors. Which one will you choose? #StopSummersberry
Leave it All by Oakie-Dokie
Leave it Allby Samuel M.
Logan has it all: a stable job as an English teacher, a gorgeous boyfriend, a brand new car, a nice suburban house... But a constant sense of Anxiety and Dread follows h...
How I Tamed The Bad Boy - stop summersberry by EternalCheesecake
How I Tamed The Bad Boy - stop Mrs Styles
He looked at me for a second, and I fell in love. He smoked cigarettes and rode a motorcycle, but I only fell for him deeper. We had never actually had a conversation...
The Ability To Even (Collegiate Chronicles) by chikamma_
The Ability To Even (Collegiate KC Oparaugo
Not everything goes according to plans. Lessons and family and life teach you so much as it all swings about. I'm just trying to figure this all out. Join me?
Hey I'm Satan! by awesomeninjasauce
Hey I'm Satan!by ThatCat
So. This is my diary. Satan's diary, to be precise. No, not that Satan. However awesome that would be (having control over the devils? Yes please!) I am, sadly, not he...
The Trail (MAJOR EDITING IN Hannah
The supernatural has fascinated us for centuries. This was very true of seventeen-year-old Lucy, who dreamed of having a vibrant relationship with her atheistic boyfrien...
Worst Paranormal Romance Ever by lesley0james
Worst Paranormal Romance Everby lesley0james
Warning: This is a satire. It is not recommended for fans of Twilight and other paranormal romances. The heroine does not immediately fall in love with the gorgeous, mys...
Thank You - Essays to Ponder [ONGOING] by Laxyak_Hyrule
Thank You - Essays to Ponder [ Laxyak Loves LoZ
As a reader and a writer, I have some concerns regarding my own writing and others'. I encourage everyone to read the essays with stars (*) in the title, including the f...
Damsels in Distress by dobrienly
Damsels in Distressby - ̗̀ cepara ̖́-
in which maisie tran [potential editor in chief of the wildwood high gazette] winds up on a competition team along with four other girls for the annual battle of the sex...