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NieR Automata 'The children of ice' by Natemasta57
NieR Automata 'The children of ice'by Natemasta57
Hundreds of years ago humanity was faced with an extinction-level event when a deadly virus began to wipe humans out, eventually, they turned to something known as Proje...
The Last Spartan  by FadedPhantomz
The Last Spartan by ShadowRogue
Separate Story and not connected to the Deliver Hope series. Thousands of years ago alien have invaded Earth and atwo military groups known as the UNSC and Yorha forces...
Ultimate Automata (Nier Automata X Ultimatrix Male Wielder) (Discontinued) by Roxasfan58
Ultimate Automata (Nier Automata X...by Roxas25
My second story: #1) 30/11/2022: Drakengard and 9s
The Unknown World (NieR: Automata x Male Reader) by blaszczu2500
The Unknown World (NieR: Automata...by blaszczu2500
What would you do if you woke up in a world that is in the middle of a war between machines and androids, having no knowledge about this world or how you ended up there...
Deliver Hope (nier automata x male reader) by FadedPhantomz
Deliver Hope (nier automata x male...by ShadowRogue
First fanfiction story I made. Thousands of years ago aliens invaded planet Earth and humans were forced to leave home and move to the Earth. To this day humanity fights...
Everdistant Utopia [NieR: Automata] [Fate] by Just_Manny
Everdistant Utopia [NieR: Automata...by Manny
"Your endurance is worth praising. You've come a long way, but know this, your journey is not over yet... Please bear with it for a little longer. Your hardships wi...
Nier Automata: Human (Nier Automata x Reader) by rg808guy
Nier Automata: Human (Nier Automat...by Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: This is a girls of Nier Automata x male reader Description/Summery (Y/n) (L/n) is a Human with a microcomputer that was implanted inside his head in the latest yea...
Nier Automata: Journeys in the 12th Millennium by VonLeporace
Nier Automata: Journeys in the 12t...by VonLeporace
Japan, Shinjuku, 2003. The sky opened and two monstrous beings came out of nowhere. At the end of the conflict between the two, a man named Alan is sent to the distant f...
NieR Automata: A2 x Human by soboshi
NieR Automata: A2 x Humanby soboshi
Ever since NieR:Automata came out I've completely fallen in love with the game and its characters. I thought 2B was going to be my favorite through thick and thin but A2...
All In The Name Of Living (NieR: Automata X Reader) by Moonshinewhispers456
All In The Name Of Living (NieR: A...by Moonshine whispers
When 2B and 9S find a human woman wandering around the city ruins it was certainly surprising enough but when they eventually find her connections to a project that fail...
[P]arallel Worlds [PGR] [NieR: Automata] by Just_Manny
[P]arallel Worlds [PGR] [NieR: Aut...by Manny
In Babylonia, an unknown energy source has been located on the surface of the Earth in City 019. Not knowing the reason for the energy source, the Babylonia Council has...
Nier Automata Hidden Secrets That Everyone Should KNOW! by account_is_gone_uwu
Nier Automata Hidden Secrets That...by Abandon Account
Well if you play the game or not, there are lots of random secrets and other stuff about this game that we loved about how Yoko Taro did this! 03/17/2019 UPDATE: Just re...
Mentally Challenged (Nier: Automata x TF2 Crossover) by EndermanAuthor
Mentally Challenged (Nier: Automat...by EndermanAuthor
Summary "Sir, if it's too much to ask... what's your problem sir? What do you have against the YorHa?" The Pod-076 ask his human. "I'm not the one with th...
Nier Chibi by FadedPhantomz
Nier Chibiby ShadowRogue
Random episodes of our characters doing whatever. Includes characters from Nier Replicant, Drakensgard and Deliver Hope. (And maybe from other animes)
DrakenNeir by Berserkerarmor
DrakenNeirby SAIL!
Hesh: I fought the bitch who was in control of the flower. Luck: Me and my bro killed the shadow lord. S12: I help saved Humanity's data. Satoshi: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!
NieR: Resurrection  by little-too-late
NieR: Resurrection by unknown
↳ 𝐍𝐈𝐄𝐑: 𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐀 𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒 ⇢ x reader; gender neutral unless stated otherwise; requests will remain closed until further ...
Nier Automata: Race Against Time by FadedPhantomz
Nier Automata: Race Against Timeby ShadowRogue
This is part 2 of Deliver Hope! After the death of Adam and defeat of Eve the UNSC and Special Units Yorha have now made Skynet their next target. However, it seems ONI...
Last [E]xecution by TheElfLord123
Last [E]xecutionby TheElfLord123
2B is trapped. Trapped in a never ending cycle of executing 9S. But one day that changes. She executes 9S one last time and never has to execute him again. But her last...
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Reload [Nier: Automata Fanfic] by Seen-Zoned
Reload [Nier: Automata Fanfic]by Tenshi~!
A save file that's a little bit kinder. Or: A world in which humanity is not extinct, Machine/Android life do not rule and everyone is happy. Or as happy as one can be w...
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Strážce Subjektu A7 by smudlinka18
Strážce Subjektu A7by smudlinka18
,, Proč si sem chtěla doopravdy?" ,, Něco mě sem táhlo." ,, Co?" ,, Vzpomínky." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ,, Pro koho si pracovala...