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Connected; sequel to baby, please. by whorec
Connected; sequel to baby, please.by no
Angelina left with her babies before Grayson ever got to meet them. As time went on, her twins got more curious about their father. Angelina and her daughters were all...
Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinsky by SimplyJodi
Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinskyby ☆ jodi ☆
@JackGilinsky followed you
Baby, please.  by whorec
Baby, please. by no
a man cheats on a woman stupidly blinded by love. *Under editing
Texting Magcon by SavageQueenXx
Texting Magconby Queen
Book 1 of 2 ~ You have been added to a groupchat! ~•~ SEQUEL IS OUT NOW ; THE END RESULTS ~•~ Date published: September 20, 2016 Date completed: May 2, 2017 //Some matu...
Bought by the Magcon boys  by toyboylesbian
Bought by the Magcon boys by Bisexual fanfic
River was a normal girl living a normal life (well it was normal to her) She lived with her alcoholic, gambling father and her older brother but he's just the same Her...
Pregnant With A Dallas by um_hi_questionmark
Pregnant With A Dallasby um_hi_questionmark
Amber has had a hard life, and to top it all off, she gets pregnant at 15...by the one and only Cameron Dallas. too bad he has no idea, he moved away before she gets the...
Touring With Magcon (H.G) by HighWithHazza
Touring With Magcon (H.G)by HighWithHazza
Ariana Mendes is the younger sibling of Shawn Mendes. Although they're relationship isn't the best, Shawn will try to gain his sisters trust back. Magcon will be touring...
Shawn's assistant | ✔️ by svdsouls
Shawn's assistant | ✔️by mk
When she is hired to be shawn mendes assistant She leaves her family to go on tour with him Share the same room She sticks my his side and want the best for him Will t...
Sweatshirt- A Grayson Dolan Fanfic by mackandcheese24
Sweatshirt- A Grayson Dolan Fanficby J A L Y N N
"I hated him with deep passion, but now I can't get him out my mind..." Meadow Clark has always had a relationship with Grayson Dolan. Just... never a good one...
Til The Day I Die ≫ Cameron Dallas by helldallas
Til The Day I Die ≫ Cameron Dallasby KMA
Kiara and Cameron's relationship was like a roler coaster, it went up and down. But will their love last until the day they die? *Currently being edited* 2014-2015 helld...
ᴄʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ ᴍɪɴᴅꜱ ✩ ᴇᴅ by fuckedolans
ᴄʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ ᴍɪɴᴅꜱ ✩ ᴇᴅby fuckedolans
"partners in crime, baby doll." "partners in crime, gorgeous." all rights reserved fuckedolans 2015© BOOK #1 IN THE PARTNERS IN CRIME SERIES
Adopted by magcon? by lovingshawnnm
Adopted by magcon?by lovingshawnnm
Annabelle was an orphan since she was born. When she turns 3 a group of 10 boys come and adopt her. She's shy but once she gets to know you she's a happy little girl. Bu...
Evanescent (Sequel) by Sammyiams
Evanescent (Sequel)by Samantha Webb
Sequel to 'Incipient' *Two and a half years later* Riley B-G Mendes also known as Dèsiree, is finishing up her world tour. She returns to the U.S to be greeted by... J...
Hayes Grier twin sister 2 by hayesgrier_260
Hayes Grier twin sister 2by hayesgrier_260
this is the sequel to Hayes Grier twin sister, read the first book first. read this sequel to find out what happens next in Maura's life. read to see what happens when s...
If you loved me, why'd you break me? by authenticmiya
If you loved me, why'd you break m...by Imagines❄️
Y/N lived in New York City with her best friend Christina Marie (also known as beautychickee). They both attended FIT university. However, to get there, Y/N had to leave...
Kidnapped by Magcon by KissMyAs_pinosa
Kidnapped by Magconby Alexis Carpenter
Alexis was never happy at home. A step-dad that never did anything but drink and make her feel like shit. A mom that never said anything to her husband about the constan...
Bullied By Magcon Boys by Depressed_Unicorn_
Bullied By Magcon Boysby Charm
Destiny Palmer...she seems like your normal teenage girl, but she's far from that. Now that's because she gets bullied, by some of the Magcon boys. And if that isn't eno...
Magcon Imagines & Preferences by mesmerizeddd
Magcon Imagines & Preferencesby mesmerizeddd
Magcon Imagines & Preferences, all written by me. Hope you enjoy! x
Magcon imagines <3 by sleep_eat_write
Magcon imagines <3by 😊
Magcon imagines here! Jack G Jack J Matthew Cameron Aaron Shawn Sammy Yes I know this isn't all of them, please do not hate. {completed} * This was written many years ag...
Little Brother by SmolBeanAnix
Little Brotherby SmolBeanAnix
Nicholas Grier..... he is the little brother to Nash and Hayes Grier. When Nash and Hayes need to go on tour, they want to take Nick with them. What happens when he meet...