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Renga Fluff But I Hit You In The Head With The Skateboard Of Angst by emo_the_emu
Renga Fluff But I Hit You In The H...by emu
Reki is outed in a very Christian town. His life quickly takes several turns for the worse. But he meets new people, kind people, like Langa, Joe, Cherry, Miya, and Sh...
My Majesty. (𝚉𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚒 𝙵𝙵)  by c4ssperr
My Majesty. (𝚉𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚒 𝙵𝙵) by Casper
Story is about a Cold CEO named Sean Xiao, very hot tempered and doesn't leave his own family, maybe loves them very much but doesn't care to show them, except for one p...
problems and soloutions by chickennoodelsoupily
problems and soloutionsby ;)ColourfulReader<33
human AU the jade winglet are at bording school together all around the ages of 15/16 in the modern world
bruised love by Holland_Rdj
bruised loveby Starker's Girl
Jack styles is a young handsome lad who has an abusive family,he is actually an openly gay on his school that's why he gets bullied, but he has a protector who named Sea...
The Third Flame (A TDBKDK FANFIC) by nightingale_of_moon
The Third Flame (A TDBKDK FANFIC)by Eclipse
This is a story set in a universe where every soul has a twin flame. "One shall identify their twin flame, their true mate, with marks of cosmos embedded on their s...
The World of the Unknown Twins by yuutsuboi
The World of the Unknown Twinsby Vennisse Daniella Tilan
It's about an identical twins, they are seperated since birth and don't know that they have a twin, Each have different worlds and life.. Isabella was adopted by a rich...
THE SLEEPY DEVIL by izukuMadarauchiha
THE SLEEPY DEVILby izuku....uchiha...
what if deku had a quirk something demonic over powered.. ....but he is just really tired and lazy to unleash his wrath on people his eyebags are somehow shockingly simi...
Sonic's Life (REWRITTEN) by TheresaMoyers
Sonic's Life (REWRITTEN)by TheresaMoyers
I'm pretty sure you all know who I am~! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, Fastest Thing Alive, the Blue Blur, I travel with my best buds Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna and Am...
Hidden love  by Moonlight_Multi_mez
Hidden love by Moonlight the bloodHound
Soo I'mma try to do some Naruto ships cuz why not soo cuz why not this is a high school AU where Naruto is mute (I got the Idea from Jn R King on YouTube check him out)...
The Hidden Truth (RWBY characters X Abused! Reader) [DISCONTINUED]  by Scizeel_chiee
The Hidden Truth (RWBY characters...by Chieezelin
[DISCONTINUED] (Y/N) was adopted by the Rose/Xiao Long/Branwen when she was a baby. But when she turns 6, the abusing starts till 9. Everyone abuse her except her uncle...
The possessed Saintess by imse101
The possessed Saintessby imse101
Cover by @Annoyingbucket In the gripping tale of "A Pact with Shadows," Alya, a betrayed saintess, forges an unholy alliance with the demon Gwisin to seek reve...
My Abusive Brothers by SamTheStenographer
My Abusive Brothersby SamTheStenographer
This is going to be different than other abusive siblings story's you may have read...I hope My name is Renae Thomas Im 16 and I have three brothers. Something horrible...
Always Her Protector by Hate_You__Love_You
Always Her Protectorby C
(Sequel to My Protector) Catie and Kate continue their journey through life together, but this time it is not like it was before. Much different actually. It went from...
vinyls - tracob  by miserableroses
vinyls - tracob by lake♡
where jacob works in a music store and troye gets abused sometimes. dom!jacob fem!troye
Adopted By Elizabeth Olsen by wandanatlizzie
Adopted By Elizabeth Olsenby wandanat
TRIGGER WARNING y/n is 5 years old and live in a abusive foster home in new york. one day she run away because she couldn't take the pain of her foster parents. when E...
One big mistake (on-hold) by savage-nerd
One big mistake (on-hold)by Savage-Nerd
When Samantha goes to the wrong house her life changes for ever, instead of going to an old lady's house she goes to a house full of gang members. Oops?..... She is stil...
The Prince by oliversaysstuff
The Princeby eddie
Written by: Oliver Any Illustrations by: Oliver or Mocha(@M0cha_Mia) This story is a Butterfly Reign(DSMP Fanfic) inspired story. It showcases the life of a prince that...
I'm sorry (shinkami) by River0is0gay
I'm sorry (shinkami)by River Rosbotham
REALLY SLOW UPDATES SORRYYY denki kaminari is the happy kid in class 1-A with a dark secret when a purple haired insomniac joins his class will his secret be exposed or...