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Broken (An Ace Merrill/Stand By Me Fanfiction) by auroraswords
Broken (An Ace Merrill/Stand By aurora j.h.
Castle Rock is Ace Merrill's personal kingdom: he leads his faithful Cobras, smokes his pack a day, and doesn't care about anything. Or anyone. Until he lays eyes on the...
The Tessio girl~Eyeball Chambers by 80xhearthrobsx90
The Tessio girl~Eyeball Chambersby 80xhearthrobsx90
Vern's older sister and Billy's younger sister moves back to castle rock after a huge break up she had with her boyfriend. When Billy makes her come with him to meet the...
stand by me imagines n preferences by xSofia_Rosex
stand by me imagines n preferencesby ⋆Sofia⋆
this book will contain imagines and preferences of the boys and the cobras from the very lovely film stand by me. requests are not open anymore i am afraid! pretty much...
Nonofficial Love - Ace Merrill (Stand By Me) (New Version) by thegoofycat
Nonofficial Love - Ace Merrill ( TheGoofyCat
Every guy in Castle Rock knows that Rebecca Chambers is far more hassle than she's worth, but with a pretty face it's not hard for her to catch the new guy's eye, howeve...
SEA OF LOVE ☀︎︎ C. Chambers ✔︎ by meowhiss_
SEA OF LOVE ☀︎︎ C. Chambers ✔︎by mx. s@pp4wh0r3
Marian Duchamp was nothing but the looney's daughter with a nut for a younger brother to the small town of Castle Rock. However, to her friend, Chris Chambers, she was t...
Sunflower //Chris Chambers  by abbyyfritz
Sunflower //Chris Chambers by 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘳.
"Don't worry sunshine I'll protect you I'm right here." He said to me as I cried into his chest. - (Chris Chambers x oc) - (stand by me) *duh*
stand by me ➳ C.C // SLOW UPDATES by redlikearubyyy
stand by me ➳ C.C // SLOW UPDATESby rubay-lou
Teddy Duchamp was your average dickhead. Verno made me laugh. Gordie was a shoulder to cry on. And Chris Chambers was the good guys, even when people didn't see it. He a...
Stand By Me Imagines and Preferences by hey-river
Stand By Me Imagines and MARIAH
Imagine and preferences for four adventurous boys and a couple other jerks. Requests closed.
Pinky Swear: Gordie Lachance  by thecoolmuggle
Pinky Swear: Gordie Lachance by ℹ️
Pinky swears are taken very seriously within their group; They're never to be broken. Although, maybe there's an exception for when you're in love. WARNINGS: language...
Stand by me: the cobras imagines and preferences! by m_mariiie
Stand by me: the cobras imagines m_mariiie
Just some imagines and preferences about The Cobras from the movie stand by me! **currently editing!*** ***english is not my native language***
Dancing in the dark  by Akam67809
Dancing in the dark by Akam67809
A new girl moves to castle rock during the summer of 1959. She meets a group of boys that will change her life forever.
Yours and Mine // Ace Merrill  by RachelLGumbeer
Yours and Mine // Ace Merrill by 😎
Emily moves to Castle Rock and meets Ace Merrill, leader of the Cobras gang however he becomes more intrigued with her and develops feelings and so does she. Find out wh...
The Other Merrill  by voidbxby
The Other Merrill by "You cool,man?"
This story will go in the order just like the movie (but instead of the characters being 12 going on 13 and entering middle school they will me 14 going into high school...
1959- Eyeball Chambers  by kalixo19
1959- Eyeball Chambers by kalixo19
Story about Teddy Duchamp sister Debra Duchamp coming back home from being gone for two months and you will just have to read the rest . "I can't get you out of my...
playing dangerous (E.C.)  by metalxo
playing dangerous (E.C.) by metalxo
Layla Lachance comes back home from boarding school and Eyeball Chambers has his eyes set on her. (Bad joke, sorry)
Stand by Me Imagines by un-predictable
Stand by Me Imaginesby ♡
Title says all (: DISCONTINUED JULY 10, 2016
Stand By Me One Shots by AbbieC20
Stand By Me One Shotsby A. Campbell
A book of one shots dedicated to Stand By Me. All rights to the extremely talented Stephen King. This book will contain preferences for ~ Ace Eyeball Chris Gordie Teddy...
Two For Flinching. 🌼 Stand By Me + The Body by itsannabellie
Two For Flinching. 🌼 Stand By Annabella
🌼Imagine one of your junior high classmates has gone missing for 3 days. But you, and your buddies, know exactly where to find the body. Join Annie Belcastro, Gordie La...
Damn Good Reasons (Ace Merrill/Stand By Me) by Entangler
Damn Good Reasons (Ace Merrill/ PumpkinsChick
***UPDATED MAY 2021*** Drug dealing, car conversion, money laundering are just part of Ace's everyday life. As far as he's concerned, he's gonna make the big-time, baby...