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After Ever After by Figuei_T
After Ever Afterby Figuei_T
With America and Maxon finally married they can start a life together, the Southern rebels have taken a break from attacking the new King and Queen of Illea. Kriss is b...
The Life by OfficialFrank
The Lifeby Franky Ruiz
The Life is a short motivational story that i will help those to understand the meaning of life and how you can achieve success.
Book of Poems by xXMisguidedGhostsXx
Book of Poemsby xXMisguidedGhostsXx
I am going to try and upload a poem a day.
The carrie diaries by PoetryMusings12
The carrie diariesby PoetryMusings12
My own take on the iconic "carrie Bradshaw"
Overachieving equals success but can also lead to self destruction by answeringthecall
Overachieving equals success but Inspiringminds
This book takes a look at how I faced the challenges of being an over achiever through my successes and my failures.
SUCCESS QUOTES by selfiesonaly143
SUCCESS QUOTESby Nivetha Sonaly
"Success isn't just about what you, Accomplish in your life, it's about what You Inspire others to Do" Never Give Up Keep moving Keep Trying To achieve the G...
Angel's Mission |Completed| by cookiesncreamii
Angel's Mission |Completed|by somwi
A spoiled brat girl who treats herself as a living princess met her own guardian angel. Little did she know that they already met eighteen years ago when she was born an...
SSO Dressage by FizYeeto
SSO Dressageby Ivy DawnClover
Hi! I'm Ivy Dawnclover and I am writing this book to help anyone interested in Star Stable Dressage. This may miss out any bit you think are relevant so if that is the c...
Who Am I, What Can I Do, and Who I Can Be by MissDaintyZy
Who Am I, What Can I Do, and Who MDZ
Hi there, my name is MissDaintyZy, and I'm glad that you're here reading my story. This is a work of fiction. Any names that are in this book are all fictitious. It wasn...
Don't Settle by Carmieee_24
Don't Settleby Carmieee_24
Stories came with a title. They don't let you indulge on the road that seems no direction at all. To continue, you have to be precise to where you should be going in the...
David Luong 5 Essential tips helpful to becoming a multitasking personality by davidthienanhluong
David Luong 5 Essential tips David Thien Anh Luong
Multitasking is necessary, which everyone needs to have in their handling working in the professional sector. It is efficient to handle cognitive thinking and all the ta...
A Collection Of Short Stories  by ChintooAgl
A Collection Of Short Stories by Chintoo Agl
A Glimpse Of Incidents From Everyday Life
Manifesting Powers As A Lifestyle  by KUNYogicSciences
Manifesting Powers As A Lifestyle by KAILASA's SKUN for Yogic Scie...
Spiritual Science of Manifesting Powers as per Hinduism
Money by on_my_own
Moneyby on_my_own
Hey:) what do you think of money? Is it useless or useful.... You might want to read this poem! This is a poem about "Money" I hope you all read it!!! I would...
Do I listen to them? by SimplyNishi
Do I listen to them?by SimplyNishi
This is a story about a young girl called Tamzy who is in year 7 and is getting bullied, but no one know. She thinks she knows the right thing to do, but in reality, is...
Crazy little thing called... FOOD! by iamawesome_
Crazy little thing called... FOOD!by iamawesome_
A nonsense annoying-irritating story of Tho. A food lover, food blogger, and a frustrated Cook. Find out what happens to him.