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BTS's Adopted Sister by yoontopiaa
BTS's Adopted Sisterby seokie 🦋
Min Ji was apart of an abusive family and got kicked out of her own home. With a little bit of wandering around, she stumbled soon an orphanage. Watch her life unravel a...
Adopted by BTS by Waste-It-On-Me
Adopted by BTSby Tae'sWife
See what happens when a 7-year-old girl is adopted by BTS, after living in an orphanage for most of her life. The little girl has selective mutism, see how everything pl...
7 Daddies, 1 Baby by _Squishy_ChimChim_
7 Daddies, 1 Babyby Squishy
What if BTS Adopted A Baby? What If That Baby Was You? How would they handle being a kpop Star and a part time dad? (💜Slow updates due to school💜) Trending Tags- #2-a...
ADOPTED BY BTS (HIATUS)  by KyutieXandra
Everything was normal until a cute 5 years old child named Park Naeun came and change their life into something new.... ps.The author is not that good in english and i d...
adopted by bts by bobajoon
adopted by btsby 𝓪𝓻𝓲 🌙
Y/N is a 14 year old girl who lived in an orphanage ever since her parents died in a car crash. She is a huge fan of BTS and has loved them ever since their debut. What...
Fate ||adopted by Bts by EmoForEmotional
Fate ||adopted by Btsby Zero
"It was by fate that we meet, but by choice that you saved me." ... Park Seo-jun is a young boy that's been growing up with a rough home life. This is the stor...
Adopted By BTS by NadyaLee4
Adopted By BTSby Nadya Lee
A story about a girl named Yuna being adopted by BTS!!!
Taehyung's Little Flower by CherryRingo
Taehyung's Little Flowerby CherryRingo
Taehyung adopts a little. These are their adventures. This is nonsexual age regression and is fiction just for fun. This is my first book, I hope you enjoy it. I will re...
𝐓𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐒 ✧ ADOPTED BY BTS | bts fanfic [discontinued] by jc-studio
[ discontinued ] "June! July! We've found track of your parents!" Jin informed gleefully. But the two little lost girls looked paler instead of relieved. "...
Adopted By Sope by Spacessed
Adopted By Sopeby 𝔸𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕒♡︎
''Dont Worry..There's No need to be afraid..'' ''We saved your life...'' ''And your not going back with her Anytime soon..'' 6/18/20-10/13/20 #22-Adoptedbybts (6-29-20) ...
Anpanman (Adopted by BTS) -On Hold- by ZIKKIS
Anpanman (Adopted by BTS) -On Hold-by Cayde Darling
After another hard day at school getting bullied, Y/n comes home to bad news. Her parents are moving, and putting her up for adoption. After a few weeks at the orphanage...
Adopted by bts~~~Jennie version (DISCONTINUED) by wonterland
Adopted by bts~~~Jennie version ( wonterland
Read the last chapter What happens when bts adopted a tennage girl and left her for a few years and came back to only know she became an idol in the group blackpink?? S...
Adopted by BTS: by jiminlove31
Adopted by BTS:by 솜틀 💞
You have had a tough life, and you just wanted someone to love you.... Each chapter, represents a different member, and how they would treat you after they adopted you. ...
The After Effects - An Adopted by BTS Story by UltraAlis101
The After Effects - An Adopted UltraAlis101
You have lived in an orphanage after orphanage most of your life, since you were 2 years old actually. The reason being that your parents got rid of you, threw you out...
Adopted by My Oppa's BTS~ by KimTaehyungieCutie
Adopted by My Oppa's BTS~by KimTaehyungieCutie
Hey y'all it's my first time writing a fanfic so I don't know how this will go so this story is going to be about a girl named (Y/N) and her being adopted at age of 5 by...
Adopted By Bts || First Fanfic!! by yxojins
Adopted By Bts || First Fanfic!!by Yxojins
BTS has gotten to the point where they need some new energy in the house.. could it be her?
Adopted by bts  by mayahart03
Adopted by bts by Piper
A girl from the age of 15 gets adopted by bts. But how will she feel about that.
A Different Kind Of Love by Trash_In_A_Trashbin
A Different Kind Of Loveby Yoongi's Earring
"Annyeonghaseyo Y/N, I'm Park Jimin, and I have the mos5 angelic voic e you have and will ever hear." Okay, maybe he didn't say the last part, but it was true ...
Saved by my idols by tinkiewinkie56
Saved by my idolsby The lonely army
It's a story about BTS saving an adopted little girl who gets abused by her adopted family and along the way they will have ups and downs but always come through in the...
Almost adopted |-BTS AU/BTS FF-| by AidanLee33x
Almost adopted |-BTS AU/BTS FF-|by Aidan-Lee Holland
When will this end? The pain of 9 years of being thrown around in the system, has caused my soul to be tattered by the wounds these people have given I and the wounds I...