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Hydra's Mermaid (Completed)( Under Heavy Eddit) by Lirix123
Hydra's Mermaid (Completed)( Lirix
After waking up in a lab an experment from the lab quickly gets free before they come back then gets chased down in New York City. due to the loud sounds and fear of goi...
The Coffee Shop by toribarnes1
The Coffee Shopby toribarnes1
Tory is a young girl, who grew up in HYDRA, and the Red Room. when she finally escapes she goes to New York, she finds an old shop buys it with the little money that sh...
Percy Jackson and The Avengers by RissFalling
Percy Jackson and The Avengersby RissFalling
Percy was going to propose to Annabeth Avengers was going to capture a terrorist, Percy Jackson Nick Fury needed a hitman Neither of them saw the new threat coming DISC...
!marvel smut! by solarmooncat
!marvel smut!by solarmooncat
just smut bitches!!! your wish is my comand you hoe. I vow to be your fairy-whore-mother
The Black Rose Project (Complete) by Lirix123
The Black Rose Project (Complete)by Lirix
Hydra unleashes the most deadly agent they have to kill and distroy everyone in sheild. But little does hydra know she isnt as broken as they think she is after expermen...
Forever and Always by SimpforNat
Forever and Alwaysby Dumb Bxtch
Ashton is HYDRA's most powerful experiment. She has always been told that she was a monster. So she started to believe it. However, she didn't want to be. So she has a d...
SilverSpider|| SUPERFAMILY (BOOK 1) by cannibvlistic
SilverSpider|| SUPERFAMILY (BOOK 1)by Lucifer
This is a ship story of Peter Parker (Spider-man) and Pietro Maximoff and tony jr getting in the way of pietros strong friendship/relationship with peter.
Harry James Stark by Spook1970
Harry James Starkby Spook
Harry had just finished his fifth year at Hogwarts when his Uncle picks him up from the train station, forces him into the car, drives to the airport, and gets on a plan...
Spideychelle Instagram by rachelscoconutwater
Spideychelle Instagramby Rachel
I love these stories so I decided to try to write one😊 ❎DISCLAIMER❎ I do not own any of the characters. Please vote my story and read my other stories😄
Teen hero's: a miraculous and marvel crossover by MarvelousPeterParker
Teen hero's: a miraculous and Peter
You like marvel? Ironman and Thor, black widow and the Hulk. You know, and all the avengers? What about miraculous. Well of course you like miraculous, why am I even ask...
Unknown Solider :: Stiles x Avengers by izukukugo
Unknown Solider :: Stiles x ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ֆȶǟʀ ɮօʏ ˚...
Stiles leaves Beacon hills to get away from the chaos, but where he goes chaos will always follow. He goes to live with his Uncle Phil in New York, and finds that his un...
Thorki by Insidious_Z
Thorkiby Z
Loki and Thor are Engaged but Thor didn't take it well at first, what will happen on this adventure, tune in to find out Don't own the characters
Project Hurricane (Percy Jackson And the Avengers) by Percy_Potter101
Project Hurricane (Percy Jackson Legolas Potter
After the war I went back to New York. Just in time for people to change my life, They called themselves the Advengers... And they messed up my date.Little was I to kno...
Natasha one shots by SimpforNat
Natasha one shotsby Dumb Bxtch
Will mainly be about Natasha. Might add other marvel character one shots if I feel like it. I WILL BE TAKING REQUESTS!
Q U E E N ( Tchalla Love Story )  by tupaclover1
Q U E E N ( Tchalla Love Story ) by Nia
"Please I can't! P-p-please I can't do this Okoye" I exclaimed, as my breath and heart quickened. I felt sick to my stomach about the news that I just received...
~secrets~ (loki and the Avengers story) Discontinued by little_pupcup
~secrets~ (loki and the Avengers pearce
Hello.. this story is inspired by other peoples so credit to them as well ^^ but anyway it's about loki staying with the Avengers (mostly thor, tony, Steve and Bucky) be...
The Goddess Of Magic, Fanasty Creatures, Music, And Intelligence by LanceFandoms123
The Goddess Of Magic, Fanasty Lance White
Raven Odindottir is the younger sister to Thor Odinson and Loki Laufeyson. Raven is visiting her brothers on Earth. Raven likes music and writing songs, and reading. Ra...
Fate is Blind by Riamaas
Fate is Blindby Laerliw
Alone. Left for dead. An ungranted wish for the end. The betrayed hero. A team of mortals. Two gods. An unlikely solution. An unlikely family.