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I Became The Youngest Member Of Top Idol by charlolia
I Became The Youngest Member Of charlolia
(Fixed/Fan-TL) Top idol group Stardust, whose members disappear like dust. The group that used to have seven members ends with four members... "Isn't the new mem...
TYPE ✔️ || H.Kai TXT  by avocadomix
TYPE ✔️ || H.Kai TXT by I'm Potato
"Your not my type sorry" "How can I not be your type? Look at me!" @avocadomix
Rotten Aegyo// txt choi beomgyu ff by teddybeom_
Rotten Aegyo// txt choi beomgyu ffby Erou
"Beomgyu oppa! I like you a lot! Can you do aegyo for me?" "Wtf. Stop. You're disgusting." "...disgusting?" Is the 19 year old boy in front...
cuz changbin is a baby boy 😤✨ A series of drabbles and fics/shots about Changbin. ~Book consist~ ✧BxB ✧Angst ✧fluff ✧smuts ✧bottom Seo Changbin x Top SKZ ✧mpreg ✧omega...
Breathe✔️ by tetetaelien
Breathe✔️by tete taelien
COMPLETE The news of the boy who murdered was all over the news. Some claimed he was framed. Others claimed his disorder was to blame. The only thing you claimed was f...
I'm Right Here | IzuOcha FanFiction by NOTKimchi_Iswear
I'm Right Here | IzuOcha FanFictionby Mama Inko
Izuku and Ochako both like each other but are too shy to admit, once they do It's all Love, Drama, and Mischief! What will happen when others start to have feelings for...
Marry the Hallyu Star//Lee Jong Suk [Fanfic] by BemusedQueen25
Marry the Hallyu Star//Lee Jong BemusedQueen25
A fangirl at heart, Abigail will do everything it takes to get close to Lee Jong Suk even if it means leaving her own country. And now in Seoul, she's finding it hard to...
〘 hint of mint 〙 by jinstaej
〘 hint of mint 〙by 『hiatus』
My book of life Well, my life Idk why you're still looking at this, just add this to your library and check out my actual book books
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The Love of Eunhae by XavierHazelwood
The Love of Eunhaeby Xavier Hazelwood
The love of Super Junior members will be tested. Will they manage, or will they crash and burn?
The Aegyo Princess And The Aegyo Player by MyPreciousSeoul
The Aegyo Princess And The Aegyo MyPreciousSeoul
[FANFIC] Yoon Bomi as Crowned as New Generation Ms. Aegyo Princess for her unending charms of cuteness! met her so called rival in the industry Jung Ilhoon her Hoobae wh...
To Where You Are [ONE SHOT] by MR7227
To Where You Are [ONE SHOT]by MR7227
because they deserve a happy ending • a Dangyo story •
《My Rules》TXT Choi Soobin by Mean_jae
《My Rules》TXT Choi Soobinby MinJae
I didn't know, until I'm the one who felt it. I didn't like him, but then I started to need him. I didn't love him, not until he show me love. A school boy who named Cho...
☻inside that counts☻ ~j.hsk (completed!) by hopeonthefloor
☻inside that counts☻ ~j.hsk ( ! ghetto superhero !
[lowercase intended] in the small city called haengbog, it was always raining. it was stereotypically seen as "gloomy" or "depressed". all junghee ha...
Who will win to both of them. kung ang isa ay galit sa mga LaLaki at ayaw nang umibig pang muli. Magiging masaya kaya sila sa bandang huli? Let's begin to see if they a...
Dangerous aegyo by LeeYuetSim
Dangerous aegyoby Lee Yuet Sim
??? : Did you know PARK JIMIN ? Soo young : most hated boy ??? : really ? Soo young : yes ! ??? : why ? Soo young : cause his arrogant attitude ??? : Jimin is not arro...
K-Pop Profiles! 💗💜💙 by ineedhelpppp
K-Pop Profiles! 💗💜💙by idontevenknow
I do detailed profiles for talented idols for fun :3. I take requests (idol or even full groups) and if you request one in a different language I'll gladly do that as we...
Wooyoungs kukukaka by yoongj123
Wooyoungs kukukakaby Felixeggs
Story takes place long ago please read and enjoy😉