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Some Sokeefe for the Shipping Soul by Sokeefe_plsssss
Some Sokeefe for the Shipping Soulby Sofia Odelowo
A collection of sokeefe oneshots and other sokeefe randomness that comes from one who thinks the sokeefe section of Wattpad is a Lil' sparse....(if you couldn't tell by...
The Squad Secret by LGamer1
The Squad Secretby LGamer1
Zack is in "The Squad" with his friends but after exploring he finds out a terrible secret that threatens him and his friends.
Jade by Cityofokays
Jadeby Cityofokays
My next story, still deciding the title. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS APPRECIATED.
The History Of Disney Channel by mj2005
The History Of Disney Channelby M.J Musa
If You Like DC Then You Should Tune In For This Book And Thanks For Reading It!
Rosy Moonlight by MichelleMcGinnis
Rosy Moonlightby Michelle L. McGinnis
A small girl who was lived in a orphanage for her whole life, finally runs away. She was done with that place. Her running away helps her find a family of a mother name...
Hampter The Saga by hampterlover46721
Hampter The Sagaby andrew skoog
lesss go da saga is here
Beyond what the eyes can see by swanshyne
Beyond what the eyes can seeby God's faithfulness
This is a christian book of a teenage blind girl from birth or was she just lied to. Can it be ever true she had ever seen a ray of light or it might just be best to bla...
France in the Spring by 03ab02az02an
France in the Springby Bella
After having to start her life over Amber will have to learn that a past doesn't have to define someone.
Something Real (A Shawn Mendes Fanfiction) by Little_Apple05
Something Real (A Shawn Mendes Little_Apple05
Lexi arrived at Pine Ridge not too long after the famous Shawn Mendes left. She never fangirled over him or even intended to meet him like all of the other girls. What w...
Hope & Determination by Alexis_Ruby
Hope & Determinationby Alexis_Ruby
My name is Kendra and I am a freshmen. There is a really cute boy named Quinn. He has a girlfriend but that might change.
I thought he loved me ❤ G.B.D by GraysonMendes101
I thought he loved me ❤ G.B.Dby GraysonMendes101
This is about a relationship between y/n and your boyfriend Harvey but he's isn't the nicest person until one day you meet someone else. But is he better or worst ?
Captive Oceans by glaldaya
Captive Oceansby Gracen
An English maid, burdened with a tortured conscious, struggles to cope with the haunting event which occurred on her 16th birthday. It was the reason her family fled and...
A Lillie Story (on hold) by _catzforlyfe_
A Lillie Story (on hold)by Grandpa’s clock
Lillie is a young girl who has recently moved back to Kanto, but she realises that it is not what she used to know. That's when she meets Crystal, the current pokemon ch...
The Dropout by Paperbackwriter22
The Dropoutby Hannah Ruth
From a concert, to backstage, to a plethora of hotel rooms, Marley ironically despises groupies. Stuck on her teachings, she won't let anything, or anyone lead her astra...