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Blood Wars by FatesBetween
Blood Warsby C. Nielsen
Lorelei Blaine is the only human to get reassigned to the famous Magical Crimes Investigative Service based in New York, it all seems to go well until she gets partnered...
Temporary Alliance by InvincibleBunny
Temporary Allianceby InvincibleBunny
They used to be inseparable as they grew up together. Now, she doesn't even want to look at his face, much less be in his presence. She had successfully avoided him for...
She'll Bring Honor To Us All (BWWM) ✓ by wambuimuiruriii
She'll Bring Honor To Us All ( Wambui Muiruri
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." -Mulan ••••••••••••...
"Love doesn't discriminate, between the sinners and the saints." Season One : Confirmed Season Two : TBA Started : 14th September 2021 Finished : TBA
The Descent by TechieInAK
The Descentby Mattias Ahlvin
After Denton foils a terrorist attack at an Intergalactic sporting event, he finds himself racing to save his homeworld from a plot of betrayal and revenge. ...
Criminal Minds Oneshots  by multipotter24
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Faith
These are y/n X reader oneshots of all the criminal minds men Requests are open ~Mature content in some of the oneshots~ Lots of Spencer Reid so don't worry Thank you f...
Scouts of Justice | BTS ✓ by oikism
Scouts of Justice | BTS ✓by vie
Cover Graphics by: @_jinniecutie "I'm not going to say that I will take a bullet for you because that's too cliche," he said while gazing deeply in her eyes...
AORA : His Little Liar by Sophie_Kvng
AORA : His Little Liarby SOPHIA
She's not your average girl. Tossed into the world of guns and death at a young age, She's already used to it all. Trained to become a cold-hearted killer. When she's g...
Blink: 3003 (Book 1) by words_are_weapons
Blink: 3003 (Book 1)by Jamie Harris
Amber Garrett, the newest BLINK agent, is forced to prove herself when her first mission involves an alien threat that could destroy all of humanity. ***** Amber Garre...
Naina (Al-Ameen Family #4) by shakethesphere
Naina (Al-Ameen Family #4)by @shakethesphere
She's a MI6 trained, current RAW agent. Her life is protecting the unstable peace between the nations of the world and she does it with finesse, grace, and unexceptional...
Imagines || BXB by ajshaweel
Imagines || BXBby ajshaweel
This definitely is fruity lol Requests are open Started: 17/09/23
FBI Agent by sakz15
FBI Agentby Sakz Hussain
Hunter, a street kid turned FBI agent, is ordered to befriend Calvin Black. But as they grow closer, she realizes Calvin cares more about her than the FBI. Hunter Ashley...
The Other Agent Hill by Ell0XX_
The Other Agent Hillby Ell0XX_
Y/n Hill, the young and snarky younger sister to Agent Maria Hill. Is consumed by the MCU, after becoming an Agent after fleeing her toxic home environment, only to beco...
Percy Jackson: Agent Of SHIELD, Part Time Avenger by JustAFandomLover
Percy Jackson: Agent Of SHIELD, Unoriginal Writer
Percy Jackson, after the war with Gaea, Percy has decided that he wanted a break from quests and wars. He leaves for the mortal world not wanting to come back until he f...
The Blonde Archer by petitefirecracker
The Blonde Archerby petitefirecracker
"Trust me babe you will love me."- Violet Mickelson ••••••••••••••••••• ""The gasp around the room was deadly. I stared at Ian who had on a surpris...
Mafia's Tale by PsycoSuki
Mafia's Taleby PsycoSuki
Lee Y/n is a girl with many secrets. Watch as her story goes and her secrets reveal Bangpink+Enhypen+Txt Ships #Liskook #Taennie #Jirose #Liskook W/Some swearing And I...
Sinner | Spencer Reid by Watttpadwhore
Sinner | Spencer Reidby Wattpadwhore
"He tends to ramble a lot," she says leaning in closer. "I don't mind it," I reply. "Actually, I think it's kind of cute." Jaella Fox, an F...
Beginner Spy by darkdiaries45
Beginner Spyby darkdiaries45
Aria is a normal girl. Or that's what she thinks. But when the MI6 kidnapps her claiming she is the only one that can help them with sometihing. Her world turns upside d...
Leon Kennedy Imagines (Resident Evil) by Hakuna_Fratata
Leon Kennedy Imagines (Resident Nunya
Just a bunch of imagines/one-shots and preferences. - I do take requests! These will be the Characters x Fem!Reader (sorry to the others) I post almost everyday! - Conte...
A Namesake Couple (Completed) by ra_shi10
A Namesake Couple (Completed)by metamorph
*************************************** He is cruel but he has a heart!! She is kind but misunderstood!! He is like fire!! She is like rain!! He is cold hearted!! She is...