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Splatoon: 38 The Child of Agent 3 & Agent 8 by Chirpx
Splatoon: 38 The Child of Agent 🌺🌸
Ok before you read this you must read my Agent 3 X Agent 8 book so I don't spoil it for you. But this will have some drama and way more drama than my other book. So I ho...
Splatoon X Male reader {Harem} by Ghostricks
Splatoon X Male reader {Harem}by Ghostricks
What happens when Y/N, a inkling who lives in the great city of inkopolis, meets the four most loved pop idols of the world? Callie, Marie, Pearl and Marina. His world w...
Splatoon: The Colors Of Life by JustABlueInkling
Splatoon: The Colors Of Lifeby Blue
Dear readers,this is my first time writing my own Splatoon Story and this story takes place in the Origin of the Splatoon game. After finishing the Story mode, there's m...
Anonymity by Shupdalup
Anonymityby Shupdalup
Agent 3 didn't really like the spotlight too much, He liked to have his privacy intact, but with a picture accidentally shared by Callie goes on her blog. He can kiss hi...
Last One Alive (Male Reader X Splatoon) by Choobai
Last One Alive (Male Reader X Chooba
The history of humanity has always been shrouded in mystery and speculation. there's been remains and technology found, but that only tells the species that replaced hum...
The Suckling by zelkova49
The Sucklingby zelkova49
Shiver and Agent 3 find themselves in a rather awkward situation after a taboo Octarian ritual known as the 'Suckling' makes love between the two more complicated than i...
Ink and Beats (Splatoon 2 x Male Reader) [Rewritten] by Mr_Man1ac
Ink and Beats (Splatoon 2 x Male Mr_Man1ac
*Cover Art is Not Mine* (Y/N) is new to Inkopolis, has no money, no home, or no job. Him and his old friends had a band together and it was going well until something ha...
Adjust (Agent 3 x Agent 8) by GoingDark_
Adjust (Agent 3 x Agent 8)by GoingDark
After facing the struggles the Deepsea Metro, Nova now found himself on the surface. More specifically, Inkopolis. With Agent 3 making the decision of taking 8 under her...
Octo Clumsy & Squid Dork Agent 3 X Agent 8 by Chirpx
Octo Clumsy & Squid Dork Agent 3 🌺🌸
Octo expansion spoilers!!! Agent being a clumsy octoling bumps into Agent 3 who is not in the mood for her energetic and happy attitude. Soon Agent 8 finds out of how m...
Splatoon....SHUT UP! by TheUltimatePotatoboi
Splatoon....SHUT UP!by Jose kinda nervous about this so this is my First time making an a original story so if you hate it I understand if you like it thank you. By the way each story resem...
Splatoon x Male Reader by DForrester
Splatoon x Male Readerby DForrester
You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. This story begins in Splatoon 2, but I will mark in the chap...
haIKAra walker (Splatoon 3 x Male Reader) by chromehearts0
haIKAra walker (Splatoon 3 x chromehearts0
Engage in a unique take on the world of Splatoon where boundaries blur and ink becomes a gateway between realities. "This is some Tron type stuff" After find...
Forbidden Love (Agent 8 X Agent 3) [Sequel Out!] by FanGamer101
Forbidden Love (Agent 8 X Agent 3) FanGamer101
After going through the grueling missions in the Deepsea Metro, Agent 8 (Mike) finally makes it to the "Promised Land." He then finds himself facing discrimina...
+~ Heart Colored Ink ~+ (LMK x Agent8!Reader) by BBLovesEevees
+~ Heart Colored Ink ~+ (LMK x BBlovesEevees
(My first story! LETS GO!) +~~~~~~~~+ Pale summer moonlight shimmers on the seafloor. An octopus, unaware that dawn will bring capture, Rests within a trap, dreaming fl...
Splatoon Fanfic: Like No Other (Fem!Agent 3 x Male!Reader) by SaviourAgt
Splatoon Fanfic: Like No Other ( SaviourAgt
Once a bitter beginning, it turned into a warm relationship. 3 doesn't like the idea of being replaced by you, so none of you get along well. Not for too long anyways Ma...
Brainwashed (Agent 8 x Agent 3) [2] [COMPLETED] by FanGamer101
Brainwashed (Agent 8 x Agent 3) [ FanGamer101
Mike (Agent 8) has finally got used to life up on the surface. Alongside with his girlfriend and best friend in one, Sarah (Agent 3), he feels like he can overcome any...
||True Colors | Splatoon Fanfiction | Agent 3 x Agent 8 || by ZaitheColorful
||True Colors | Splatoon LostAstrologer101
Inkopolis has just been saved once again by the Squid Beak Splatoon. Agent 3 feels suspicious about the new agent, agent 8, an Octoling. Being on many missions herself...
Bleached Of The Curse (Splatoon x Male reader) by yangg1no
Bleached Of The Curse (Splatoon [Yang]gino
(Y/N), test subject 054 finds himself trapped in a nightmarish experiment on an island near Inkopolis. The experiment's objective was to create an Inkling resistant to i...
I'm a squid now? by SunWukong3
I'm a squid now?by Sun Wukong
Y/n L/n a young impressionable teenager bites the dust earlier than intended, so God being the g.o.a.t that he is gives Y/n a second chance. Y/n gets reincarnated into t...
Splatoon: Agent 8 x Agent 3 by Potato_Universe
Splatoon: Agent 8 x Agent 3by Ramenbroth
Male Agent 8 x Female Agent 3 After the Tartar's disastrous attempt to destroy Inkopolis Square and the remaining species on earth, Agent 8 finally arrives on the sur...